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Be Lucky.

When I take a picture I name it something relevant to what it is so it’s easy to find again and I named this picture “SQUEEEEEEE”.

How freaking adorable! I’m knitting this sweater as I’m wearing it!  If my Lelutka head had a decent smile I would have used it lol.  As it happens in RL I’m grinning like a loon at this adorableness.

This, sorry, is a Gacha win and I’m breaking a rule here as the wins in this Gacha aren’t all the same but this totally adorable sweater/hand one is not a rare and at only 50Lds a try I just thought I’d do a quick post.

I’ve not had time, as I really do need to return to RL, to check out the …shop fully so I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the Gacha’s and of course see if there is any freebies.

PS.  The hands come with it so you have to remove your hands and Alpha your arms out and there is a skin hud for the hands.


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Get a little Gigi in your life.(Freebie)

A super cute bikini/mini skirt & top set.  Comes with a Hud which allows you to change the colour of the base and frills, in this picture I have the base fabric golden and the frills in the copper colour. I should have taken a behind shot as well but I didn’t notice till it was too late because the little skirt has a cut out with a frill and a bow which makes it both cute and sexy at the same time.

There is another gift set out for this free group which is a very similar pair of boots to my previous post.  I’m not a 100% sure as I try on so much, and bin so much I get confuddled, but I’m pretty sure this is the outfit that comes in so many sizes and even new ones I’ve never seen before. I could be wrong but for free it’s worth grabbing and seeing for yourself.

PS I think the LM won’t take you directly to the shop so when you TPin turn around and it’s behind you. Not really hard to find as the other shop is also Sevyn but thats empty and looks as though it’s gonna be filled with stock as some stage.


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I’m still in my Jim Jams.(Freebie).

Yes it’s 10.41am in the UK and I’m sat here in my saggy baggy flannel old man PJ pants and oversize, overstretched jumper and I had a big fat chocolate heart for breakfast, yum yum yum…did I happen to mention that chocolate is a laxative?  Something some of you may want to keep in mind when buying your loved one a gift esp if you have sexy plans for later.

Anyhow a simple and delightful little sleep set. Top n shorts.


TBH I have been trying to avoid anything very Valentine inspires esp in the clothes/lingerie dept but this top quality freebie from Fame Femme is brill.  Comes in just SLink and Maitreya mesh bods, but again you may find they fit your shape well or simply add an alpha from your invent.  They come as separates as well.  Gonna be a keeper.

PS It’s the poster on the wall to the left in the shop, it has a big bunch of balloons in front of it and so easy to find.

Just a reminder about my previous post, I’ll put the link to it at the bottom.  Don’t let the fact it’s a “poem” put you off listening to it I personally cannot stand poetry at best it goes right over my head and at worse it bores the T*Ts off me, trust me I’m just being more honest than most people.  I am an avid book reader so it’s not that I don’t enjoy the use of the written word but poetry, nope, but this one sings to my heart and everyone, even if they have a significant other should listen to it and take it to heart as you never know what your future holds for you but it’s ultimately better to be alone than be with someone and feel alone!

Fame Femme

How to be alone.

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I can do this!(Freebie).

I am fortunate in that I have a whole craft room to myself, ok the smallest box bedroom/closet lol and I paint, stamp, knit, crochet, sew etc and I do it very very BADLY! Anyone who looks at one of my creations and praises it is a friggin liar but OMG for some freaky reason I can actually embroider! Lots of things in my home have a little bit of embroidery on it but for repairing or upcycling old clothes it’s really invaluable in tarting something up and of course pretty unique. However my lack of skills in other artistic endeavours  doesn’t stop me from slapping paint onto paper or making family and friends suffer from home made cards that look like they’ve been made by an uninspired/bored 7-year-old because the one thing I always say I may be bad at it but I love it and find it very relaxing plus in life you have to keep on trying things until one day you will find that thing you’re good at.

All of that spam for a simple embroidered dress LOL.


This dress actually cost me a Linden because I was mooching in the Marketplace but I know you can get it from the main shop inworld for Free, just join the Insomnia group and grab.


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I’m boring! (Super 10Ld Bargains).

Honestly, I have about a Zillion Poses and Props in my invent and I hop from one pose to another and another and end up picking one of the simple ones because I’m basically a simple girl at heart.


I picked this up from the Marketplace from a shop I’m pretty sure used to be an inworld one but I could be wrong.


This dress comes with that mesh strappy thing which tbh doesn’t add to this dress but might go with another outfit you may have in your invent in anycase.

You will have to log into the N-Uno Marketplace shop but there is a selection of Dollarbies and 10Ld items.  Just in case you think you’re getting the whole colour palette you’re just getting 1 shade so if you want a particular colour ie pink, brown, blue, green etc you will have to make sure you select the right colour.  At 10Lds each you could pick quite a few and there is a rather nice looking skirt/coat combo and a sweet set of pastel coloured dresses.


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OH Babyyyyy (Freebie).

I’m think this is described as a dress but it’s so eye watering short I say it’s a top.  Called “Jelly Dress” from a shop called “Nightmare” and it sure as heck isn’t a nightmare it’s a cutie. It’s not that clear in this picture but the halter top has a touch of sheerness which allows a cheeky nip slip but not so much you will be banned from a mod sim lol.


And as soon as I put it on I knew exactly what I was going to team it up with and fortunately they’re still set out as a gift.  It’s a knicker/bra set which can be worn as separates or together.  They came out a couple of years ago but people are still TPing over to grab them because they’re quality and even if you already have a pair of jeans or shorts to go with this “dress” still pick up the Blueberry gift.  With the texturing and big colour hud a very handy item to keep in your invent. I still had this set in my invent but I TPed over to make sure they’re still there and I’m going to assume the Group is still free and there is also other GG’s but as far as I can see nothing new to me but if you remember from my an old post of mine there is a full house winter house set in its own sky bubble which was and still is an amazing freebie.

OK Nuff waffling, again.  Bye for now.



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Kisses for sale.

Mondays kiss is this sheer, and there is also a non sheer version, little dress from Una.  Love that ruffle down the side and ruffle flower on the shouler.  As I’ve said this comes with a non sheer version as well.  There seems to be a big discount sale going on at Una’s I think there is a bit of a clear out for hopefully NEW stuff.  Although I don’t blog Una items often if you were to ask me where to go for “silks, slavewear, veils, weapons, leather and lace then I would give them the LM for Una’s but even if this isn’t your sort of style don’t let that put you off as I’ve a

Una is well known for silks, slave wear, nip flashing, weapon wearing, fairies, fay folk etc but do not let that put you off if that’s not your style because there is something here for everyone.


When I went back to LM grab I decided to have another look out and discovered that if you go outside the 2 other Una shops just outside are also selling discounted items and lucky for me I played one of the 25Lds Gachas and won a great pair of glasses and I’m going to use them in my next picture as they look that good.

DOH sorry I forgot to point out that I am wearing a  lovely flower in my hair but at this angle you can’t see it and what I’m not wearing is the arm bracelets and matching choker that all come in the pack.  I would have needed to make the jewelry smaller for my skinny AV and there is instructions on how to do this but I just didn’t have the time to do that so they’re lovely little bonuses.


Una Outlet Shop