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Tea time (freebies).

One of my RL treats is to go for afternoon tea with little cakes and sandwiches with the crust cut off and pretending I am a Lady (ignoring the fact I cannot stand tea) so when I say this sweet and so beautifully done hunt item I had to have it.


Sweet and simple poses, using one in this picture, and if you click on the tea-cup you get a cup to sip from and click the cookies for a treat.  Honestly I rezzed this sat down and only  took 1 picture and although I may have soften the focus a little bit this is just lovely and FREEEEEE.  Of course it’s this elegant because this is one of the (TBATH) The Breakfast At Tiffany Hunt.


To go with the tea time theme is this sweet floral dress.  Yet another great hunt which I have to confess I almost missed and I would have been annoyed if I had.  A perfect example of a perfect hunt.  A small and lovely well landscaped shopping area, not too big but big enough to offer plenty of small ramshackle shops, seating areas, meeting areas, water ways.  Some lovely and not overly priced shops to browse in and some gifts and the icing on the cake is a simple to follow hunt and you even have a board which shows you what the prizes are.  What you’re looking for it a small paper flower but if you click the hunt board which is in the area you TP into you get a hint list which makes it so easy I found everything and thoroughly enjoyed wandering around.

Peachy TBATH Tea Time

Nouveaux May Hunt