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Feeding the addiction!(Super Bargains).

One of our reg readers, ImproLibra, had popped over to our sim where Faith has set up this cute little cafe as our Landmark for any visitors and she dropped me a sweet note about our sim but also about this building which is from a shop called “Sweet Harmony”.  She said in the note that they seem to be an MP shop only now but since she knows of my building addiction, she has one herself, I might want to check out the MP shop for as they do have some pretty sweet bargains.

As it happens I have bought from this shop a long time ago and a quick invent search showed that I still have the build called “Colour Box” and when I rezzed it I forgot how good and interesting it is and EDITABLE lol.  So I started to rip it apart and I’ve put some of it into a folder called “backdrops” to use to add a bit of depth to my pictures and of course, I still have the original tucked away.

There is a couple of buildings in the Sweet Harmony shop for only 5Lds, the Colour Box one cost me 50LDs, and she pointed out there is box that has 4 buildings in it for just 49Lds but I was very good and resisted the temptation to buy any more but they’re so reasonably priced and I think you can see from the pictures the seller has used they’re really good bargain priced buys and although one or two of the buildings are showing their age most of them still hold their own and have their own unique style to them.

As always feel free to come to our sim, usual rules stay out of Faiths home, or her security orb will boot you and that’s it.  The rest of the sim, inc my home, is open to any and all.  No pressure to make small talk if you see one of us is inworld at the same time and we too won’t bother you.  Just chill and do your own thing.

PS.  I’ve just noticed Faith has placed a giant Dandelion seed outside of the welcome cafe and you can click and rezz a Dandelion and fly around.  It made me feel queasy but it’s a good giggle.

Sweet Harmony (Marketplace only)

Home Sweet Home (Our sim)

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed


As a blogger I click on everything that takes my fancy and I clicked on a house in SL and followed the link to  Sweet Harmony, the shop it comes from, but because this is a Marketplace shop I decided to hold off buying anything until I saw one of their examples inworld I thought it was pretty darn good and they’re so reasonably priced as well so I thought I’d buy one and check it out myself.

Again taken in my Nams setting however the dome doesn alter the colour somewhat but it’s pretty darn good texturing in all settings.


A simply build, 2 rooms and ooodles of windows.  Comes in a rezzer which is always appreciated although I’m not sure if anything in this build is unlinked.  The doors are set in the position of one closed and one ajar.


Glass roof, always feel like putting “doh” when I state the obvious LOL.


Looking from the inside out.


This is the second room and that earthy red partition is what separates the 2 rooms.

At 50Lds and only 20Prims a simple and rustic whatever! by that I mean a lovely little home, garden room, shed, cafe etc whatever you wish.

Slaps my forehead because when I grabbed the Link for the Sweet Harmony Marketplace shop I spotted the “5Lds my skyhouse” and remembered I did grab that and I rezzed it inworld last week.  A simple little single room on its own platform. Pretty handy for those who like to work in the sky or even as a small and very private home with a garden.  For only 5Lds it turned out to be a pretty sweet bargain I just forgot I had it.

Sweet Harmony