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Hair we go again (New Mina Hair & Lovely Freebie).

ARGH!!! Hairology again!  I’m not sure I can actually stand the temptation I have a SIM & Cats to support! Sadly for me and my Pussies this is one event I now don’t like to miss.  It has just about the right amount  of stalls  to have plenty of new designs but small enough that you’re not overwhelmed by whats there.  I’ve had a quick scan and lucky for me Mina always ticks all the boxes BUT because so many of the styles here are new and there is some quirkiness to them I’ve tagged another hair for me to go back to buy so even with a stuffed hair folder I still find it too tempting to resist.


I know this isn’t really a “hair shot” I’ll show you that better in the other picture, but this is a dress from Petit Morte. A peachy beige, lacy textured dress with that antique lace border, simple, sweet and of course Free.  Don’t panic if you’ve joined the group and no matter how many times you click on those bags on the reception desk they’re DECOYS! lol you will have to walk a little bit further into the shop and on an easel is a picture of this dress and it’s that you click once you’ve joined the group.

XXXCrossblueorton3I had a whale of a time collecting the Champagne bottles at the Dulcie hunt, check out my previous post, and then on my platform trying on all the skins, too lazy to try out the Mesh eyes so I’m not using them.  I as I said binned a lot of the skins but also made a neat folder full of the trans ones and all I need to do is hunt down a Noob who is willing to accept gifts from strangers which is pretty hard LOL.


I’ve always said that the red/ginger shades of Mina are the best in SL and in this untouched Nams setting you can see why I say that.  PS this is skin#5 from the hunt and it comes with SLink Appliers.

As always I’ve put the link to Mina’s mainshop as well because well basically I think you need to check out whats there before you make your mind up and even better she has not only the pictures and LMs for hairs which at this moment are only available at special events she has the Demos which means that you don’t have to struggle through a laggy sim to just be able to try the Demo before you decide if you’re going to buy.  Just try it on at Minas unlaggy shop have a good look at it and the colour palette Hud you get at your leisure.


Mina Mainshop

Petite Morte

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Boo Hoo (Freebies).

Payday has finally arrived so I’ve paid some bills bought some essentials and booked a mani, pedi and facial (a girls gotta have treats and it was a Groupon of course).  So yet again since I have plans which involve money I’m going to spend the next month grabbing as many cheapies and freebies that I find and if I am tempted to part with any Lindens it will only be because the items is really really worth is.

ice cream

Although I’ve seen this dress in other hunts and GG’s this is actually the first time I’ve gotten my SLink hands on one and it’s so sweet.  It’s almost like an apron thats been turned into a dress.  Now as it happens the one thing I did notice when trying out poses is you definately need undies/panties/knickers or if you’re really naughty you could go commando.


I had to pop this piccie in because it came this morning through one of my groups where they make fun n dumb stuff just for a laugh and it was too perfect for what I’ve just been talking about.  As it happens the worried look on my face is an emoter which I have and it’s free and not bad at all.  Can’t find the place I got it from but it’s free to copy and trans and for giving to friends so if you want a copy just send me a NOTE with your name and I’ll send you one in world.


Again yet another now standard SL dress but yet again it’s simple and sweet and free and not everyone has this dress. If I had had more time I should have added a lovely belt and necklace which would really have made it look extra special. This and the first dress both come from Peachy.  The first dress is the “We’re all mad here hunt” and the second is her free Group Gift.  Check the wall behind the reception desk for some pretty free SLink nails.  There is a board outside the front of the shop with the ongoing hunts and soon to be hunts.  I will be blogging Peachy very soon as this is a shop of odds n sods so some clothes, some SLink, some shoes etc and upstairs are some home and garden decor items which is what I will be blogging next as I bought some wall climbing plants..more about them later though.

The brolly was the first freebie I had grabbed this day.  I have a thing for umbrellas and parasols it must be because I live in the cold and rainy UK but I can never resist a brolly.  Comes from B!asta and it took a little hunting for this item but I did plonk myself in front of the Lucky Boards upstairs, grabbed the Cotton Candy Hunt item (very pink hair) and cammed around till I found it.  Make sure to slap the Sub board or join the Group as Bomboloni Freschi always has monthly group gifts, hunts and 60Ld items out in her shop.