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Christmas Expo

Sage Noel Dress -Ivory & Pink various colours - Christmas Expo ! Argrace hair NEW KOYOMI

Couple of items I plucked out of my inventory to share today, both on sale at The Christmas Expo. Above is the “Noel” slinky dinky sweater dress from Sage. Absolutely love this ! I’m wearing the cream & pink version, so the pattern of the snowflake is pretty subtle – other colours available which have more of a contrast. Dont forget 50% of each of these dress sales got To the Race For Life fund ! Newwww hair-do from Argrace which is dead cute called Koyomi. Tights are from Sweet Tea, these are my winter essentials. $100L a pack with several colours in each, traditional leg and applier versions included – brilliant!

The Dark Fae's Holiday gown 100 donation

You all know I’m not a gown kinda gal, but when I saw this from The Dark Fae – I felt all Chrismassy! Superb mesh dress, with a button up back detail and several colour options to choose from. I’m wearing it over my Slink mesh body, great fit too.

Second Life Christmas Expo blog

The Dark Fae


All jewellery by Eclectica


Sweet Tea

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Suited and Booted – Promo 99L !

Stars Fashion NEW 99L Promo

Stars Fashion has delivered another bundle of sooper releases for you – and all on promotion for just 99L for a few more days ! This complete outfit – that includes boots, tights, jacket and dress is called *Winter is not cold”.

Stars Fashion complete outfit with boots 99L !

What I really loved about it is you have the ability to wear the jacket and dress together, and also the dress on its own. Two versions of the jacket and dress are given in the box – so make sure you are wearing the correct one (unlike me – who wasnt initially DUH) The jacket is beautifully textures and has a great old leather look too it.


The dress stands on its own as a great piece . Fantastic woven leather belt wraps around your hips and a turtle neck top to the dress which is fab for this time of year. Only a few days left at the Promotion price of 99L so dashhhhh over and check out the other outfits included .

Stars Fashion

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Its Fate

FATEwear & ArisAris
I gave Player a giftcard for Christmas (boring, yes I know !) It was for Fatewear (not so boring now huh?!) We don’t get to go shopping together often, like once or twice a year. Off we went, and twenty minutes later I remembered WHY we don’t shop together often ! I think its easy to forget when you change clothes,shapes & skins many times a day that it can really be a minefield for those that are kinda new to the whole mesh revolution. Dont get me wrong, Player has worn mesh for over a year but he rarely buys a lot. Soooooo there we are, Player trying on demos and getting irritable about fitting it. I suggested he tweak his shape a teeny bit – WRONG thing to say to a guy.  Ohmaiii – you’d think I had suggested he invade Greece or something – so the moaning went on, I was close to logging out and leaving him too it – when I stepped back, bit my tongue and recalled my horror of changing my own shape for mesh gear. It seems a big ask – shapes are so personal, its YOU in SecondLife. Anywayyy cut a long story short – he tweaked his shape ever so slightly (so slightly I couldnt detect it to be honest) and voila! Most everything fitted. He bought heaps and heaps and even returned alone to buy MORE. His latest purchase was the Dave outfit above, I totally adore it, actually Baylen blogged it when it was released, both look gorgeous in it I have to say.

FATEwear mesh socks

I slipped into a new release from ArisAris, sweater dress with a big cable knit pattern down the front – tres chic! The socks are also from FATEwear, there is a longggg story about why we were both delighted that Player got these wooly socks, I wont bore you with it, as you REALLY had to be there ! (It involved a dodgy teleport on our sim and someone stuck on a sex bed wearing big wooly socks – nuff said) In the sock pack you get differing lengths, and they look SO realistic . We cried tears of laughter at being able to FINALLY recreate that teleport moment *winks*.

FATEwear inworld store

FATEwear market place store

ArisAris inworld store


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I met Father Christmas

Christmas Expo Citrus NEW!! Follow Us NEW!_005

I was wandering around The Christmas Expo (yes again) buying up yet more sparkly things, when I bumped right into a Jolly Gentleman all dressed in red. He had a sleigh full of gifts and made me feel extra cheerful. So I decided to stand close by and take a snap of the new dress by Citrus that’s on sale at the Expo. It’s a classic sweater dress in a  delicious berry shade. Super belt that’s tied loosely around your waist really sets it off. It seems this is only available at the Expo for now so head over and snaffle one up. I did notice at the main store there is a huge Xmas tree with lucky gifts around it – only set for a 5 minute turnover – and guys, there are some for you also !

Citrus store

The Christmas Expo

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Sweater girl with a vintage twist

Immerse NEW

Immerse has an exclusive for The upcoming Fashion Fair, it begins on the 30th November, one to look out for. The new dress is called “Sequoia”, lovely tight fitting sweater dress with a beautiful bow tied belt at the front. (thanks Lily <3)

Eclectica - NEW!

I wore it with my newwww super elegant Slink shoes from Eclectica (thanks Tiffy <3) These are the” bowed court shoe”s, the fabric is a rich brocade, so lush! Lots of other colours available (the silver and black are just yummy) and at 190L a pair – very affordable. These are also materials ready hoohah!


Fashion Fair (I will try to get a more direct LM from Lily when I see her online)

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Right on cue

coldLogic NEW! KoKoLoReS lipstick

Autumn in England is being really weird, one minute lashing down with rain, the next brilliant sunshine and I’m only strutting about in a t-shirt ! I dither each morning not really knowing what to wear, and right on cue along comes coldLogic with some ideal dresses ! Above is “durling”, plenty of choice on colours for this but I gravitated to the sultry staple of granite & black of course. The belt is a separate part and also comes in the full range of sizes – nice touch! YES, I’m still fooling about with the new KoKoLoReS lip colours, this is bright copper if memory serves me well (which it doesn’t often).

coldLogic NEW!

I took this photo, then noticed  how snooty I look ! I wasnt going for the sneer but more serene? Oh well, ignore me and soak up the frock. This is “zach” and wonderful collection of deep rich tones for it. The floral hem is so feminine and the draped sleeves add some extra glam appeal. This also comes in a plainer style called “royer”.

coldLogic NEW! KoKoLoReS lipstick & tote bag !

Last up is “zane”, the classic sweater dress with an add on belt (comes in brown and black for added versatility). This isn’t a chunky snuggly knit, more sleek and soft and clingy. You could get away with this on a night out avec some bling, or flats for the day, it’s a personal fav and will get a lotta wear from me through to next spring. Demos are free and all up on the market place to save your trotters. Thanks coldLogic team ❤

I’m also wearing the KoKoLoReS pumpkin bold version of the new lip creme andddddd my new KoKoLoReS stag bag , which I can’t seem to put down at the moment !

coldLogic mainstore

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog (for all info)

KoKoLoReS store

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Fringe benefits

MOLiCHiNO group gift LahLah mesh halter top

Yesterday I visited MOLiCHiNO for the first time to go buy the Fifty Linden Friday item…while I was there I noticed a special VIP members area with some totally gorgeous gifts. Have to say I’m very picky about joining groups these days, I never have enough slots ! Anywayyy, I decided to get in the groove and stumped up 150L to enter…totally worth it. This is the group gift lahlah mesh halter top goes so perfectly with the FLF skirt and the fit is exceptionally good, especially around the shoulders.

The MOLiCHiNO group gift relaxed tunic

I also nabbed this relaxed mesh tunic, great for slinging on over leggings or jeans…or perhaps alone like I have as a short casual dress…so like the rough knitted texture used for this.

MOLiCHiNO group gift Chrissy sweater dress

Last group gift I received is this bright and breezy Chrissy sweater dress, such a perfect colour for the warmer weather. Really lovely fit, I sometimes find with this style of item I get break throughs on the wrists and around the neckline…not so with this, like a glove ! Group is 150L to join, I don’t often join pay groups but given the quality of the items I wanted to keep up to date with this designer and the sweetener of the gifts was tooo hard to ignore !