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Shiny Shabby & Group Freebies !

I went to Shiny Shabby today, primarily to demo a jacket I had seen by amias. Having never bought from this store before and wanting to make sure it would fit over my jeans etc I grabbed a demo – Fantastic fit , lovely jacket with a Hud to alter the scarf, the sweater, buttons and on and on and just $175L. Its sooo FURRRRY! Might have to go back for another

Popped over to the main store to see what else there might be and decided to join the group (free) There is a wall of really cool group gifts right by the group joiner. Loved this grey sweat top and cropped pants (two separate gifts) and the shades too.


Shiny Shabby

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

I Miss You

I had to take some photos in a warm place – I miss the sun ! Im wearing the new gear from Neve that’s available in the latest round of TLC.  Cute cropped sweater in various colours & logo’s plusss….

the sweetest sweats ever! Of course I choose the sweater that says “Player”, that’s my Sugahs name awwww. Mesh body fits and brilliant Huds in packs of four or a fat pack – Id go to this event now – its lovely and serene with no added lag hurrah! Thanks Neve Team ❤


Tip-toe sneakers by Reign

Hair by Magika