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Its Moody Monday! Argyle Anon have some newness this week specially for it…*squee* adorb sport jeggings  plump pack of NINE colours for 55L..naturally I sifted through the ginormous selection of colours and dragged out the grey & pink version…slipped into my Eskimo boots and of COURSE the new group gifty sweatshirt ! Popped on a scarf for extra flounciness…the sweat shirt is ever-so-cute..baby pink with  a piggy motif on the back aww…free for the group hooray! thanks swanners xx

The new sweater comes in various other tones..I slipped the slinky velour looking grey one on over another pair of the sport leggings…snuggggggly. single shirts 69L, phat pack of five shades just 269L. Bargain! Oh and it doesn’t stop there…look out for the lace leggings also…gorg colours…a must have for the winter chills to ahead.

Leggings & sweaters: Argyle Anonymous


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Exclusive and Anonymous

Gawd..Im SO overly excited…why why why? Welll..I was wonderin the other day if one of my fav designers was gonna get around to making some wintery  baggy type sweaters…and well you know how sensitive those designer types are *winks* so I didn’t like to ask…or anything..and then todayyy…I had a message from Swan Ling saying not only had she made a new sweater but but but..its an EXCLUSIVE item only to be had from her lucky pouffe in that colour *dies*…and then there it was in my hot little paws hurrrah! And and and not only that but I was flapping about what to wear with it..and she made newwww jeggings..Im wearing them in grey on grey..fabbo marl texture really crisp and comfy..(jeggings aren’t on sale just yet but sure to be in a little while-just thought Id get your juices going !)

I love love love that I unpacked this ,tossed it on and didn’t have to edit a single thing..its just perfect, my first sweater for 2001 yay! Not sure how long this will be in the lucky pouffe (yes it’s not a chair or a board but a pouffe) so better head on over to avoid missing out..thanks swanners xx

Seasons sweater: Argyle Anonymous

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and we all got lucky !

I decided to stalk the lucky boards at Argyle Anonymous..so I could get my paws on this fabbo paint splatter version of their new cargo skirts..I just adore them BIG time..I waited and waited..(F isn’t a very lucky letter it seems) and then Z came up..I hollered for Zan and over she came to claim her prize..then she called her friend Hayley..and H came up yay! Next up was F yippeeeee, we all got soooper lucky..feeling rather chuffed with my lurking capabilities I recalled Swan had said that Tea Time had some lully flats out as a group gift , so I mooched on over, joined the group (only 10L) and snaffled them up..I love love love them, such pretty colours for the season..of course I had a wander about and noticed some freebies hanging up (previously blogged) and this stunning winter jacket which I’m gonna HAVE to go back for but couldn’t decide on the colour..the chevron sweater is an old fav of mine from Argyle Anon..and is currently priced at just 69L in the thrift store..steal!

Skirt: Argyle Anonymous main store

Sweater: Argyle Anonymous thrift store

Ballet pumps: Tea Time

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Are you a sad cactus?

I’m a word queen..I love words..especially descriptive ones..like..”sad cactus”..isnt that just a fab way to describe the colour green? Anywayyy Argyle Anonymous have some sweeter than sweet new skirts out…cargo ones ! Four deelicious shades…Above Im wearing the one called “Hay Ride”. Happy little pockets on the front and a texture change belt, buttoned alllll the way from waist to hem…gorjus!  At just 169L per shade, it’s a real keeper for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe…think wooly tights and boots as it gets colder…

I teamed the newness up with one of the crochet tanks…and a pair of the Mox shoes in vanilla bean…adorable ! (Both available instore for 169L – various shades)

Heres the aforementioned “sad cactus” colour..slung on a chunky sweater, snatched up my bag (from DUH only 20L !) anddd I’m good to go…thanks Swanners xx (Dont forget to stalk the lucky chairs while your there- there was a pair of the Mox shoes in it last time I visited!)

Cargo skirts,Mox shoes & crochet blouse: Argyle Anonymous

My tweet bag: DUH

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So…she said…and I laughed until I hurt

Do you ever wonder how a designer comes up with an idea? Yeah I do…I see things all the time and think to myself “wow..how did they dream that up?”…Sooo yesterday I was flapping my jaws with Swan Ling of Argyle Anonymous and she showed me the new owl vase she has out..I really loved the flowers in it and said so..so thennnn…she says “I made this flower that you wear ..have a look”, and I did…its super sweet and has squillions of colours for the petals and big fat juicy leaves that stick to your body..then I got to thinking how she had decided to make it. Apparently it was a “happy accident”, shed been making the flowers for the vase and this leeetle voice in her head whispered “put me on your head”..so she did…and voila ! Hoooray for the voices in swans head !

Also a new gift bag is out for a limited time..inside it are these adorabubble rolled leg jeans…two pairs of her neww fabbolicious socks ..and a pretty welcome mat for your sky home (seriously gorj) If you havent got into the new range of socks yet..go check them out…addictive and prittty! More news is Argyle Anon also now have a thrift store …prices range from 33L (the cupcake tee I’m wearing is there woot!)…if you wanted to stock up dash over and fill yer boots…thankyou swanners xx

Pretty flower & gift bag: Argyle Anonymous

cupcake tee: Argyle Anon thrift store

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Monday Mania goes Tartan

tra la la la right on the money is SF Design with their Monday Mania 25L  deal ! Tartan mini skirts…sooper cute. I choose to go down the classic lowtops,wrinkly socks with sneakers and pigtails route..however they would look equally as good with a sweater and knee-length boots…great colours..with options for taller av’s…(other colours also)

I’m adoring the bright wintery red tartan..not sure what clan it belongs too but I’m joining! Teamed it up with the SF Design fitted shirt, comes with the option of collar or collar with a cool colour change tie..bargain at 150L..my socks are from Argyle Anonymous..fat pack of four colours for just 99L! Dont forget the skirts are only 25L this Monday from the Monday Mania board just inside the chicks dept !

Tartan skirt & fitted shirt : SF Design

Socks: Argyle Anonymous

Sneakers: HOC

Poses: Glitterati

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Super Bargain Saturdayyyyy! (and big dose of awwww)

awwww looks like it time to climb up the wooden hill to sleepyland for me & Steve…we’re all ready for bu’byes in our sooper jammie sets from Argyle Anonymous. Steve is lookin resplendant (if a lil bit grumpy) in his boys set,complete with sheriffs badge on the tank & slippers…

anddd here I am not lookin remotely sleepy ! The girly set has two options on the tank, naughty or nice..naturally Im wearing the naughty nipply one hurrrah….this set is sooooooo dammed cute I wore it for 2 days solid,refusing to take it off and stomping about with my bunneh renting homes and blogging stuffage…comes with some strawberry slippers…and cupcake jammie pants…trust me…if you put these on…you wont wanna take them off…best part issss…they are part of the Super Bargain Saturday thinger…and will cost you just 60L per set *zoinkfaint*, don’t miss them…only this Saturday then they revert to full price …thanks swan xx

Go get snuggly: Argyle Anonymous