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Im a lumber jack and I dont care…


SF Design NEW! Somnia NEW!

Theres something about plaid that always makes me smile.  I was a happy camper when I saw the new releases come through from SF Design & Somnia…plaid fesssst ! SF Design has these natty pants out available also in animal prints (rawwrrr). The nifty thing is you get a HUD, so you have ooodles of different colours in one single pair. I’m and chose the grey/black, love it . I teamed it up with a tied up blouse from Somnia, which also come sin a zillion colours in the one box – great value and so flexible .

Somnia NEW!

Another bundle of newness from Somnia that caught my eyes is the  cafios skirt . Its dead tight and sooper cute. I wore it in red with one of the lumber patch plaid shirts…so chic ! If you havent shopped at Somnia before, don’t forget to trot upstairs and slap those lucky boards, you will come away with a mahoosive haul of goodies and not old stuff, the boards are changed regularly to reflect new releases , PLUS…at the moment there is a huge sale on with 50%- 70% off nearly everything .

SF Design


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Snowflakes and free boots

SF Design - NEW mesh snowflake sweater

The weather has been really weird here in jolly old England the last few weeks. We’ve had the LOT…floods, snow, high winds, it’s no fun. However, I’m looking at it this way – more time to lollop around in my Wintery sweaters – hurrah! SF Design has these deelicious little mesh snowflake sweaters out at the moment, so so SO sweet ! Lots of scrummy colours available, the flakes are ever so delicately imprinted on the front, my absolute fav is this dainty silvery white shade.

SF Design NEW!

If you want more of a statement tone go for this very seasonal red !

FREE Boots ! Oh rats subway hunt

I was out and about last night doing the Oh Rats subway hunt, genius location and great fun ! Once you land look for the subway stairway and descend down onto the lines, careful though – those tube trains go fast! Youre looking for some little white rats, priced at 1L and unisex gifts. Found alllll sorts of prizes, from bookshelves to bracelets, and of course these rather fahhhbulous boots above. I think they might also fit the guys, as I could edit and stretch them very easily.


Oh Rats subway hunt start point

SF Design

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Early Bird.

Hat11Sadly it’s too early to use my Mistletoe but I finally found a beanie good enough to make me pull my finger out of my lazy ass and edit a hair to fit a beanie.

Hat222As you can see in this picture the fit is close to the head so you don’t get that “helmet” look.  You get a resizer version as well as the standard fit so you got a  big head NP you got pin head NP. Hat and snood are one purchase (150Lds for both) but each comes with its own 8 colour hud which means you can either make them match or have them 2 different colours.

SF Designs still caters mainly for the non mesh market but doesn’t lack in quality and styling for it and of course not everyone wants or can use Mesh, however swaffette Firefly is now creating her own mesh and this beanie and snood are prime examples of it and if you want to see more of her Mesh items then look higher on the walls.  This hat/snood set is in the main entrance but the other mesh items are higher on the walls with also hats and hair and other items.

There is what looks like a matching pair of gloves to go with the hat/snood but that’s a group gift. Not free to join (100Lds) but this is a group that doesn’t forget to put out monthly group gifts so you certainly get you’re moneys worth for it.

SF Design

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Biker Chic

SF Design - Biker Chic - inc. mesh boots,pants & jacket

I was sorting through my inventory yesterday and found something I hadn’t had time to blog from SF Design. Ever had one of those “whoa” moments? I knew I hadn’t tried this Biker outfit on, so thought I would and WOW… duckling to a swan, it transformed me into this über cool biker chic in a jiffy! The set comes in a variety of delish colours, I was going to go with the bright red, but SO loved this glam ivory creamy leather, I got hooked and went with it.

SF Design - Biker Chic inc mesh boots jacket & pants

In the set you get the boots (rigged and not) super tight luscious leather leggings that sit superbly inside the boots. Plus the simply gorgeous leather jacket, complete with heaps of zips & buckles…The fit is just SO good, I felt a million bucks ! Head on down to SF Design and take a gander – don’t forget to join the group (small fee) and pick up your mesh colour change gloves too !

SF Design store

SF Design market place store

SF Design blog

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Keep your puddies toasty (Freebies!)

SF Design Group gift mesh glove FREE! Sonia group gift mesh hoodie FREE!

I’ve got some lullies to share ! *sings* GOD I am insufferably excited about the Chrismassy period already ! I love Winter, and Christmas, I’ve been badgering Player about getting our Christmas tree out…Zan and I have already made our whole sim SNOWY ! I was dead chuffed to receive some Wintery attire this week, Somnia has sent out two gifts to her group (free to join currently – join, then check the past notices and grab them)) This adorbs hoodie in iced blue, with a tiny skull & crossbones detail on the pocket…and SFDesign has these fantabulous mesh gloves (or glubs as I prefer to call them) as a group gift too ! They come with a handydandy HUD and you get quite a few colour choices – yay!

SF Desing Group gift mesh glove FREE! Sonia group gift dress FREE!

Somnia also sent out this short-sleeved knitted dress, also a group gifty. Such a warm tone of plummy red. I think the group is free join – but don’t shoot the messenger if that’s changed !

Somnia owl sweater NEW!

I have a real craze about owls at the moment, and this new release from Somnia made me “ooOOooo & aaahhhh” a lot . Seriously cute and comes in a pack of EIGHT colours for just 200L !Frankly the most adorrrable thing I’ve seen for ages *squeeeeee*…o.O mustnt forget to add my beautiful scarf is a freebie from 1mm, it comes with a darling little basket bag – free join to the group and an abundance of gifts waiting at the desk for you .

SF Design



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Paris in the Winter time?

SFD Paris boots NEW

I have some super good news to share ! Swaffette Firefly is making her own mesh *insert mega sized squee here * !! Yes indeedy, she’s been beavering away into the early morning hours – and I’m SO excited to see what she comes up with next. SF Designs has been a favourite haunt of mine since 2007 – and as styles and methods of creating have changed, Swaffette has gone with it – big time ! Her latest addition are these deeelicious little Paris boots. So handy dandy as you can wear them under trousers (yes, I tried) and with jeggings, but also glam enough to wear whilst lounging about in your lingerie. Strut your stuff, lure him in (or her) then with a dainty flick of the foot – off they come and its time to frolic. When I saw them I just knew the perfect little something was this mesh set by FFS. It’s on special offer for just 60L this weekend, and includes the feather boa, mesh babydoll and cute little poodle print panties (no mesh) Sorry, the stockings are mine from yonks ago !

SFD Paris boots NEW! red

I really love the boots in this juicy Winter red, check out the lovely little details on the zipper and quality stitching at the ankle – tres chic ! You can grab this little darlings in a great stonking fat pack – seven pairs for 800L – thats uhm…*scratches head*…about 114L per pair, you get solid tones and some funky animal prints in the box. Also on sale in single colour tones.

SFD PaRis boots NEW! soft grey suede

My absolute fav is the soft slate grey though…

FFS fifi lingerie set (comes with shoes) 60L !

Closer shot of the lingerie and so you can perv my poodle knickers ! The set does also come with its own pair of high heels which is a bonus for the small price tag of 60L !

SF Design shoe & boot section


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Free & Promo’s

SF Design - new mesh Tshirt with colour change HUD ! Promo price 50L

Oh yes indeedy-do…I have some steals & deals for you to feast your peepers on. First up is this handy mesh Tee from SF Design. Not only is it a real looker but it comes with one of those colour changer HUD’s that means you get lotsa different shades for one price, gotta love that. Special offer for the first week, it will only cost 50L oot oot! I so loved this deep cerise shade and don’t forget to check out the back, its got a sweet v shape that carries on from the front, tres chic. (Guys one for you also, same deal, I will try to show it off later this week)

FLG FREE utfit ! Cleo Design Monthly gift !_001

Also new in and a free is this set from Cleo Design, it’s the group gift for October. You get two of the armchairs, and they are quite literally stuffed with poses for both males & females. (some even rez props) You also get the table and pitcher of flowers plusssss the funky suitcase shelving unit and rug ! My outfit and shoes are a new group gift from FLG, mesh jeans, mesh scaredycat tee and a pink pair of pumps….terrrrifico !

SF Design

Cleo Design