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Chrismassy !

It’s no secret that I get a bit overly festive between November to December 25th…and this year is no different. Second Life’s creators are feeding my frenzy of excitement with some amazing new releases in the decor department ! Cleo Design is participating in the “Home For Christmas Hunt” and above is the gift you can find . Its traditional and snuggly…with single poses and couples..the oversized chair is perfect for settling down beside the roaring fire in…touch the shadow underneath for some colour change choices too ! You also receive the little side table complete with steaming mugs of cocoa & biscuits..the lammp is soooo pretty, ohhh mustn’t forget the jolly wreath !

SUYS – Spruce Up Your Space…is in full swing and Cleo Design has this utterly to-die-for set out called “A Night In Paris”…I was so thrilled when I opened it all up. Not only is it the perfect colour for my new home but..its just absolutely stunning…the chaise has a faded design, old pictures of Paris on the cushions…I just adore the fat tassels on the arms that dangle down…and and and ohhhh the side table…with two glasses of wine..a single cigarette ([probably a Gauloise no?) burning in it…the lamp is made of rose petals. You also get the framed prints…the floor cushions…the pretty screen and the lilies in a vase…

I kicked my shoes off and had a lounge for a while (the shoes you see on the floor are included in the set btw…cool huh?!) Totally lovely…SO romantic…treat yourself…

One last bit of info…Cleo Design is also in the Royal Living Great outdoors Hunt…and there is a gorgeous Winter Garden up for grabs…its pretty big…so Im showing an interior shot on the lounger (there’s also two chairs), it’s a wintery greenhouse, stuffed with green plants…very pretty ! Btw..check out the two new gatha machines at the store …one is naughty, one is nice…and seriously…get the naughty one ! It made me laugh and laugh ! Thanks Cleom ❤

Cleo Design

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Cozy inside

ohmaigosh…its snowing here ! Great big fat flakes that are already forming a deep blanky…hope I can get out of my house tomorrow ! To make myself feel more cozy & snuggly..Im gonna show you the new TOSL item from Cleo Design..(TOSL= Taste of Secondlife).  For only 55L you will receive all the furniture in the photo plusss the dinky sweet ballerina shooz ! Adorable pouffe stuffed with some great poses…a rug, sideboard, wall decal and vase of flowers…I really love that you can use the pieces indvidually…if your prim limited (like me!) it’s so handy to be able to choose what you have out. Thought my group gift from CandyMetal went really nicely with the I slung it on too …superb little outfit of shorts, suspenders,socks and tee- thanks Emychan xx

For “Spruce up your space” Cleo Design have this incredible collection “sewing time”…you receive all that you see above for just 400L.

I can’t stress enough that you really should read the info note that comes in the box ! If you don’t, you will miss out on all the goodness that’s packed into this set..the wearable items, the colour change menus and more..when I first looked at this chair, my initial thought was that it might not fit into my colour scheme..BUT ! after reading the info note, I saw that its colour change hooray! Brilliant sewing animation in it with wearables …and a heap of other sits make this one versatile chair.


I totally fell in love with this sewing table and its dear vintage  machine, once again its got animations galore plus wearable items to make it just that much more realistic.

If you’re worrying that all this gear will break your prim limit, don’t ! I love that you can pick and choose what you use and have out, individual pieces aren’t that primmy either..and youre looking at some quality items with heaps of detail. I think I might even split this collection up around my home, use the study desk in my office..the comfy chairs etc in the den..and perhaps use the sewing table in my utility area. It’s such a flexible set of furniture !

Thanks Cleom xx

Heres the links:

Cleo Design for all furniture

CandyMetal for group gift outfit


Spruce up your space

First time I’ve ever covered a “SUYS” item (that’s “Spruce up your space”) and what a way to start…Cleom Bailey designer & owner of Cleo Design let me snoop over her set , I have to say I’m awed. Above I’m just doing a little bit of needle point in the rocking chair..(you can also knit or just laze around ) All props are given to you by the chair..and its stuffed with great animations,darling little needlework basket is also in the set, as is the rug…not only this butttt.

ALL of this too! Isnt that just fahhhbulous??? Such great details on everything, texturing is beautiful..and the poses in each piece are  plentiful & wonderful! The whole set is just 150L,certainly a great deal to spruce up your space…but that’s not no no I’m not done..

Cleom also sent out  her subscribo members this sooper gift ..the bench has both male & female poses (read the notecard that explains how to get them) There are two mugs with choccy eggs in…plusss..

This deeelightful eggy chair, squillions of poses and colour change for the seat pad,it comes with the sun flowers too! *phew*…theres always lots going on at Cleo Designs…head on over and take a stroll…there are special galore..Happy Easter Cleom & thank you! p.s If you want my Easter sneakers..get them here for 1L

Go spruce up: Cleo Design