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Old School Vibes


Logged in this morning and it was sunset. I rarely these days take much time to survey my SL home – its always a rush of shopping and blogging. I stood in my bedroom and saw the sunset – wow flash backs to 2007, when sunsets were like “the best thing” ever and I took endless photos of them at the beach resorts I owned. I could never really seem to capture the beauty in those days – we didn’t have windlight in 2007 and my graphics card was pretty basic.

So I stood there for a few minutes and took it all in, thought about how fortunate I am to be part of this world, and to have such amazing surroundings to *live* in.

Happy Sunday – hope you find some joy today ❤

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Sunday new

Its Sunday, and I was trying to get in various shopping events, getting more and more frustrated with each attempted teleport. I wandered outside, and sat at my harp in the grounds of our home sim Dreamworks. As I sat there and the beautiful harp music surrounded me, I begun to relax, looked around our glorious home and sunk a little more softly into my chair. I think it’s so easy in Second Life to lose sight of what we already have, it’s always onto the next event, the latest sale etc. So today – Sunday – I am going to savour and enjoy what I have, the things that are in my Second Life, be that objects or friends. Try it  for yourself, you are always welcome at Dreamworks if you need a place for some peace & quiet. Landmark below ❤


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