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Ohmmmm – its Secret Sale Sundays

Secret Sale Sunday - Bunyi

I found these @ the Bunyi store – in fact there are a few styles of each with differing guided meditations & music that plays for you. Just touch them et voila! The kneeling figure plays meditation music but the elephant is an actual guided meditation – love those and have been using them to help me relax at bed time in real life! Just 1Li each, several choices included in the sale. $50L a pop – so thrilled with my two choices ❤


Secret Sale Sundays Gallery

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Secret Sale Sundays !

Love a bit of a Sunday sale – and Secret Sale Sundays has some really brill items on offer this week. I snapped up this outfit from Brii Underground, snuggly robe, groovy headband and ear muffs andddd for the finishing touch a comfy pair of slippers – all for just $50L ! I’m a sucker for a good cosy robe – actually there is a matching one for the guys ! Don’t think I’ll get Player near it though after yesterdays snazzy Christmas sweater I insisted he had to have ! Grab a Hud at the head office – it works for each week afterwards so no need to get another – Happy Sunday !

Secret Sale Sunday Head Office

Brii Underground

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Secret Sale Sunday – What did I buy?

Its time for a Sunday sale yippee! Great round this week with plenty for everyone (well ok maybe not if you’re a guy) Home decor, fashion, cosmetics all sorts ! Just get a Hud from the landmark below and you are good to go – the Hud updates each week so no need for a new one – easy peasy. I grabbed this whole set for $50Li from Bloom – everything you see is in the box – dead chuffed. Usually  this set is priced at $299 ! I have one little moan though – for those of us who want to know Li BEFORE purchasing – it would be SO lovely if the designers would show the Li – somewhere, anywhere !! I even trawled the market place to see if it was shown there – but no – so I had to buy on faith. (Ps. this pool from Fanatik is lovely BUT the side paving never ever rezzes? Any tips? Its not modify)

Hud for Secret Sale Sundays

Gallery for all items

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Its Secret Sale Sundays!

This week there were two items in The Secret Sale Sundays I wanted to look at – one I never found – but this one from Yugen I did ! Yugen is a relatively new store to me but its turned up some real gems that I’ve bought . The offering for Secret Sale Sundays this week is “shinobue clutter.” A wooden flute amidst petals, stars and leaves with two sheets of music. Beautifully marked with a coffee cup ring to give it some age – totally gorgeous and in my SL home already. At just 1Li its a winner and only $50L. This weeks items are a real mix of fashion, home & garden, beauty , clothing etc – check it out !

To grab your Secret Sale Sunday Hud go the HQ listed below, each week just wear it and it will update to show you the weeks items.

Easy Peasy.


Secret Sale Sundays HQ