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I didn’t want to do it.(Freebies).

OK, it’s FREAKING FREEZING in RL. I just had to say it and now I feel better, just not any warmer, for saying it.

Don’t go to Smesh for this wet look barely there scrap of fabric, unless of course, you want it, go for the shoes right next to it.  I will leave them as a nice surprise for you.

This is the SL Frees and Offers gift in the Smesh shop, there are a couple of other freebie group gifts as well but I do believe the actual Smesh group does cost to join (yes it’s 100Lds).

PS. Yes, I have blurred my Foo Foo because it’s too damned early to cop an eyeful of that.

UPDATE.  Now I’m LM grabbing I can see there are 2 hunts going on as well…wish me luck.