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New Pool @ The Outlet $88L

Galland Homes Pool complete $88L !

I’ve been looking around for a new pool for a while – well ever since we got our first ray of sun in England. I’m a big fan of The Outlet @ Seraphim and usually pick up hair or clothing – but to my surprise I found a pool! If you haven’t been to The Outlet before (why not!) its a cool place to pick up a few bargains as they have SO many discounted items from top designers. Galland Homes are the makers of this fine pool, its just 33Li and will set you back only $88 of your Linden dollars – it sits so well in my garden I’m dead chuffed ! The little pool house is part of the package btw – I’ve placed a vintage bath inside but it would equally showcase a nice shower or patio table & chairs. You do need some basic land editing skills , i.e.: drop some land lower to accommodate the pool water – but it was dead simple to do.

The Outlet

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Oh yes – I hope you’re bikini ready – cause right here, right now in the U.K its SUMMERRRR! B.D.R are all roaring to go with a giant release of bikini’s – one pack patterned and one pack solids – $120L per pack – with 20 choices on the Hud – erm…$6L per bikini?! Blimey steal deal huh.

The totally cool thing is the Hud also allows you to decide whats on top and whats on the bottom – so you can play around with the colours yay!

Fits: Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass, Maitreya Lara, Belleza Venus, Isis, Freya, Tonic Fine & Curvy plusss standard sizes.

Heres the Hud for the pattern pack – as you can see plenty of flexibility. I’m also wearing one of my Argrace discounted hairs – the military cap and curly hair – you know these hair styles have really stood the test of time – at $50L a pop totally worth grabbing. All sorts of styles there – men and chicks !


Argrace Discounted hair 


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TCS – Picnic time !

Oh this is good – you and I neeed this in our soon-to-be summery lives! This is the “Ida picnic set” (food is not included but can be purchased in store). What a terrific idea to use industrial cable reels as tables – love it. Spread a pretty cloth et voila – they look grand. So so so, the hay bales have singles and couples poses and plenty of them. Stump and chair have 20 female/male poses each – plenty to get comfy with I’m sure. If, like me, you already own a million foody type decor items – play around with them and make a sweet tea party or picnic on the tables – or perhaps you’d like a more grown up gathering with drinks trays – coffee with friends – Ohhhh ice creams!

Dreamscape Art Gallery (Items are located inside the store)

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Nook for one or two

Chez Moi reading nook NEW

Lovely new release for the Tres Chic event from Chez Moi. This reading nook is available in two colours – Lolita (Lilac) or Youth (Green) in Adult or PG version. What I so enjoy about these sort of pieces from Chez Moi is that they don’t limit you to snuggle time, or just single pringle posing. I often cast about for something to lounge on when I’m alone in Second Life, and usually plonk myself down on a piece of furniture to find its couple poses only – this has something for every one, and some darn lovely props along for the ride!


Both of them have Adult (with 164 animations) and PG version (with 104 animations):

♥ Room for 1-2 people
♥ 64 single poses (female and male)

♥ 40 animations for couples in love (20 x 2)

♥ 60 sex animations for hot moments (30 x 2) – only in Adult version
♥ Several “wearable” props

♥ Menu Controlled
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ SWAP Functionality

Specifications and content:

♥ Reading Nook: 10 LI
♥ Frames Set: 1 LI each
♥ Rug: 2 LI

Tres Chic

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For all the family

Aphrodite Lakeside Family BBQ NEW!

A new release from Aphrodite Store arrived just as I was leaving for my holiday, I actually was pretty excited to play around with it when I got back. This is the “Lakeside Family BBQ set”, and it really is for ALL the family, complete with single, couples and child poses . If you’re never tried any of Aphrodite’s pieces you’re in for a real treat as this set shows off everything Marina does best. Brilliant poses, realistic décor and incredible mouthwatering food ! You get a rez box which is great as you can move the whole set around until your happy with its position. I placed mine on a pier that I bought off the market place by Shadowcry Designs for just 10L, it comes with rocks and water spray and is also colour change.

Aphrodite Lakeside Family BBQ Set

View of the whole set, its not as huge as it first appears and fitted easily on my deck. Plenty of seating with lovely eating,drinking and relaxing anmations. Three main areas, the dining table, BBQ, and prep/ washing up space. I really liked the little firebowl in the centre of the table, you even have options for how it burns ! What sets Aphrodite’s apart from others is the realism, the smallest details are included, and a real wealth of decor such as the spices, oven gloves and utensils and a whole heap of foodie related items.

Aphrodute Family BBQ Set - decor details

Its no secret that I love food items in SL, and Aphrodite’s food is SO special. It looks real ! The place mats are copyable and absolutely awesome to use. When you cook at the BBQ, select what you’d like to prepare, it cooks and then asks you to choose a place mat to serve it on. This means that everyone can have their favourite meal, served to them piping hot !

Aphrodite Lakeside Family BBQ Set NEW!

Dont leave it to mum to do all the cleaning up – there’s animations for stacking and emptying the dish washer plus of course good old fashioned washing up at the sink. There is a superb video HERE to watch that shows you how it all works ! WARNING THIS IS EVER SO CUTE AND YOU WILL WANT TO JOIN THE FAMILY IN THE VIDEO!

♥ Animated tall chairs for adults and kids 3LI. The seats includes a total of 11 animations to sit down, eat, eat with hand or silverware, eat dessert, drink, talk, conversation and many more. No poseballs, adjustable poses for everyone! Delivers props.

♥ Parasols with lighting system. Includes copyable umbrellas with animated lights to cook also at night.
MESH 7 LI each. On/off

♥ Drinks cooler (12 LI) delivers different drinks options on touch, all kinds of beer, wines of different varieties that lowers the liquid as you drink of the glass realistically, and non alcoholic drinks as well like sodas or juices. Opens and closes on touch.

♥ Kitchen utensils decorative 4 LI.

♥ Kitchen linen napkins, mitts and decos 2LI.

♥ Bread board with bread special knife 3LI.

♥ Asado meat board with meats knife 6 LI.

♥ Veggies board decorative 6LI.

♥ Sauces trios on stand 4 LI.

♥ Spices rack modern in silver 8 LI.

♥ Decorative flowers pots 5 LI.

♥ Includes 3 different MESH wearable aprons in all sizes as GIFT!

♥ Placemats (1 prim) you may rezz as many as you like form 1 to….as many as you like! for as many guests you have, once the meats are “grilled” and ready into the BBQ, the BBQ will serve on all the placemats you have rezzed the plate of food for your guest, temporarily for many minutes.

Aphrodite Store

Aphrodite Store marketplace

Shadowcry Designs for beach pier