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Cheap enough even for me, and G*d knows I’m cheap. (Ricielli 10Ld & 15Ld).

I was on the Marketplace just looking for freebie/cheapies/promos etc which is where I found these 10Ld ankle boots from Ricielli.

You get a big fat hud of 20 colours and the ability to change the separate bits of it ie the straps, frill etc.  A shop quality gift/promo which can also be said with the inworld “hunt”.

I’ve been waiting for ages for the hunt board to finally change, I think it was Halloween themed, and now that it has changed to summery clothing and I have a legacy body it means so much more if not everything comes in that fit…but check the board for the details on the fits.

I bought the top, shorts and a dress and when I get back in there is a cheeky t-shirt with inbuilt nipple piercings which will get people zooming in on your chest.

If you’re ever in doubt about the fit/quality etc just walk around the Ricielli shop as a lot if not all of the hunt items are for sale at full price in the shop, obviously the hunt prizes come in just 1 colour, and you should be able to find the full-priced version and try the demo on. I have never been disappointed with any of my Ricielli purchases and I’ve never bothered trying a demo on.

Ricielli Marketplace. (Boots).

Ricielli Inworld. (Hunt).


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SL for Breakfast.(Freebie).

Yes, I actually logged in to SL while slurping my coffee and munching my toast but today is a “MEH!” day just one of those days where there is plenty for me to do but “MEH!” I’m not gonna do it.  I’m going to SL a bit, read a bit, potter in the garden a bit and eat a sh*t load of food.

A nice little find, simple cheeky shorts with a handy 10 texture hud.  Fits only SLink and Maitreya.  Free for all just click and buy for 0Lds and you will find it behind the reception desk.

Melis Crazy Shop 

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This girl CAN

New round of Uber and Neve has pretties at the event! The “Brant” top and “Watson” shorts are my favs – and boy-oh-boy they come in a mahoosive choice of patterns and colours! Each pack has a hud with four main colours, plus some nifty style choices. The top has four primary tones, then you can play around with the inner shirt, worn or not,differing colours from the jacket etc – verrrry clever!


Neve Blog for ALL options

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Hot & Cold. (MP, Dollarbies(Freebies)).

To kill time I popped onto the SL Marketplace, typed in gift and bought myself a shed load of freebies and dollarbies and binned away until I got to the 2 items I thought I wouldn’t even bother trying on and slap me for being so judgemental because so far they’re the best and non too shabby I have to say.

The jumper is that thick style I’m not a fan of BUT this has a fuzzy wuzzy texture to it, YES “wuzzy” is a word cos I made it.  This excellent choice of texturing changes the whole look from one of those not so good fitting jumpers so a snuggly wuggly one…yup that’s a real word cos I say so. LOL. It comes from the Insomnia shop and the MP shop does say it’s Free inworld. Faith and I know this shop as we have visited it many time but it’s been yonks since my last visit so I’ll be popping over there later to check it out.

The shorts are another Dollarbie from “Ibela” shop which is completely new to me SL or MP.  A couple of other nice cheapos in the MP shop but I will add this shop to my “must visit” list.

You might see more MP stuff because I’ve still got some to unpack and I have hopes that a couple of things will turn out to be equally as good and in anycase, it’s just fun.  I love filling my basket with stuff and then plonking myself down and unpacking etc etc

Insomnia MP Shop

Ibela MP Shop

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A mixed bag of spend some, save some, grab some.

This is a mixed bag post, a Freebie 2 Dollarbies and some SPEND SOME MONIES! LOL.

OK first the spending.


I’ve taken this in my Sims Nam setting so you can see exactly the texturing because it’s just so good.  A lovely old tatty tin bird house which I’ve shoved into the rafters of my garage but I only wish it was copyable as at a single prim I would love to have a load of these hanging from my tree branches.  I picked this pumpkin tin but there are other options available and each is 75 Lds.

From the same shop I also picked up this.


Again a single prim but again sadly non copy.  I have a potted plant addiction in SL and RL and so this feeds it perfectly.  Cost 49Lds.

To find these plants and other garden items you have to walk into the main Luxus shop and turn to the right and that takes you outside to the garden section.

Now for some Marketplace Dollarbies.


Honestly the more I gawk at these the more I’m sure I’ve shown you them before so if that’s the case, sorry, but never mind they’re just so handy to have.  SLink Hight Feet needed and of course a single Linden.


By the time I’d worked through all of the carp I’d managed to get from the Marketplace when I came across these I had lost all hope so yet again if you have seen these before sorry, but if not very nice and fun heels and these are Freebies but you will need SLink High Feet.

Last one and I know 100% for sure I’ve not posted these before.


Even if I had a top to show you I’d still just use this close up because at a distance these look like cute Kawaii shorts but it’s only when you get a close up view can you see those cute faces are not so cute LOL.  Other shorts on offer from the Marketplace and they’re a really good fit/texturing.  The picture on the MP is for 3 shorts but the Linden buys you this single pair but if you like the looks of the other 2 pairs they’re just 10Lds each.


Bella Shoes Marketplace (Chinese style)

VaVaVoom Shoes Marketplace (Polka Dot ones)

Dark Side Shorts Marketplace