Summer Nights for Men

I thought it was time for me to show some of the men’s items to be found on the awesome Summer Nights Hunt that Faith has been covering the last couple of days.

The gear I’ve got for you today is from two stores that I’d never been to before and definitely a couple worth visiting again. The first, shown in the picture above, is the ‘Gentle Man in Blue’ from Creative Muse Designs. It’s a lovely simple navy blue shirt which can be worn as shown or without the white undershirt. This is one of those ‘wear and go’ tops that have no prims that you need fiddle around with which is always a time saver. Coupled with the fact that it looks great as well, that makes it a winner.

The second thing I’ve got to show you is this outfit from Bleh. The picture speaks for itself on this one. The pink and light blue long-sleeved ‘Marco Polo’ is gorgeous, the colours and bright and it’s well made. This comes with the sculpted cuffs, collar and the bottom of the shirt (in two sizes) and they all fit really well. It also comes on multiple layers for different wearing options. As if the polo wasn’t enough, you also get the blue and white striped ‘Dweezle Shorts’. They come with the sculpted cuffs as well as the underwear layer. They look great worn with the top and yes indeed, these items look just as good worn by themselves.

As always when hunting, don’t forget to take a wander around these fabulous stores, who knows what else might turn up?

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: *Creative Muse Designs*
Picture #2: Bleh

You can also find a full list of stores, hunt updates and hints here: http://summernightshunt.wordpress.com/


A couple more for the road

Okie I’ve rustled through some more boxes and come up with a coupla more good’uns. Pompompom have this patchwork dress out as their gift for the Summer Nights Hunt…adorabubble huh? Layers of ruffliness, bright bright colours…sooper cute!

*squeal* and Designer Prims have set out this gorrrrjus beach hut…its seriously lovely, sunbeams from the windows..two comfy chairs with oodles of poses, shabby shelves complete with nic-nacs…

Just as detailed outside, you have a sweet beach chair,fire and potted plant…theres even a life preserver just in case aww..Its so beautiful I wanted to move right on it…you should really go see the main store, I did and there are soooo many homes I loved and wanted !

Get huntin: Pompompom        Designer prims    Hunt blog: http://summernightshunt.wordpress.com/