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Cat & Mouse

Ahh one last blog before I jump on that plane and head to sunnier days..and what a perfect outfit to show you for a pre holiday morning . MIAO has this offering for The Moody Monday gig…its called “Summer Lovin” and comprises of a fahhhbulous pair of shorts and a halter top…teeeny tiny daisies dotted over the sash belt & tied halter…complimented by the scrummy tobacco brown shade of the fabric ,fitted me right-outta-the-box, but is mod for you to fiddle with to your heart’s content. The whole set is yours for just 55L  for Monday only. Dashhhhhhhhhhh and get it ! (Thankyou Kesseret xx)

While I was at MIAO, I noticed the skirt Id been coveting for a while was now just 25L *faints*, of course I snapped it up in a colour to go with my new summer loving halter..yummmi ! The skirt is called “Rosie” and is available in heapssss of tones! Notice my super sweet daisy necklace?… It’s from Dark Mouse and is the Moody Monday item for this week…just 55L…

Ohhh and umm…well this t-shirt just kinda popped into my hand as well…I just can’t resist them browwwwwns ! So shoot me but cmon..its gorgeous and only 75L (jacket and Shirt layers included) its kinda sparkly also…and has those beautifully well done creases that make it so strokabubble …lotsa other colours available too . ooOOoo don’t forget when you buy from MIAO look out for your scratch & win card, wear it while you’re in the store and see if you’re lucky today !

Go get summery: MIAO       Dark Mouse


Start your weekend right

Summer dress Lyly 0L

I always like to start my weekend with a pretty dress…Ruxy’s design has the Lyly as a gift currently yay! It’s a faded lilac shade and can be worn with the floaty skirt as I have above or a snug fitting prim skirt.

summer mini dress pink 0L

oh la la I also found this sassy little dress whilst I was mooching around, the summer mini comes in a rich dark pink, beautifully textured. The bracelet I’m wearing is actually from the Lyly dress, very lush .

Go get summery: Ruxy’s design

Credits: hair by lelutka subscribo gift , all poses by hate me eat me,jewelery in first pic by MIAO


Alexohol Mall Crawl

Alexohol Mall Crawl - Alexohol Shirt dress

I’ve been in Second Life for over 4 years now…and you know..I have never ever been on a “Mall crawl” ! Today I did and it was a whole lotta fun. Alexohol have just re-opened their sim, and along with ooodles of new releases, they have this crawl going down. Its pretty wander around the beautifully landscaped mall and collect cocktail glasses containing giftssss! Above was my favourite from Alexohol themselves, a shirt dress, marl grey top and a chocolate brown fluted skirt..beautiful.

Izzie's lace top & Indie rose shorts

Izzie’s had a really pretty set of lace tops to collect- four shades in the pack, lovely sculpted hem line and different lace edging on each. I also found three different versions of cut off shorts from  Indie Rose-loved these and will definitely be wearing them both for the long hot days of summer ahead .

Sassy Kitty Designs summer play bikini

Sassy Kitty joined in the fun and very generously had three gifts out for you to find. Above is the summer play bikini which comes in two colours, grey & pink.

Sassky Kitty draped summer top & Indie Rose shorts

The summer draped top is also from Sassy Kitty, and comes in four gorgeous tones inside your gift box, Ive teamed it up with one of the other colours of the rather fabulous Indie Rose shorts..

Alexohol passion mono kini

Theres squoodles of beach wear in this hunt and my personal fav was the Alexohol mono kini…classy with a subtle sheen to it. See the tray I’m holding? It’s the box that your gifts come in and is wearable…I lovvvvve wearables ! Excuse the weird line that appeared across my water in the photo blehhh…but I had to showwww this anyway cause its deelicious…

I also noticed that quite a few of the designers around the mall had special offers on, oh andddd there’s also 7seas fishing…gawd I adore doing that..dont forget to hunt around the sim & beach areas, not all the hunt gifts are inside the stores !

Go get crawling : Alexohol