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Group Gifts (Free)

Group gifts @ Seniha 2

Id forgotten about Seniha until I picked up their fatpack of gift shoes in the Access Event yesterday – great shoes btw! Headed over there this morning and oh-my-days the group gift wall seems to have grown a bit larger. Each pack has two versions inside and a lot of mesh body fits. The group is free to join.

Group gifts @ Seniha

All these beautiful summer dresses ! You could fill your wardrobe for free.

Grup gifts @ Seniha

I blogged a couple of group gifts a little while ago when we were in spring so perhaps these summery items didnt tickle my fancy ! You will find the group gifts behind the reception desk. Happy Shopping !


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Oh! Thats cheeky

I’ve got your new bikini all sorted – mmhmm – yes I do ! This release from Stars Fashion is gonna be SO handy this summer. Not only does it come with a massive Hud with ten colours for each piece but it’s also on offer for just $50L for a limited time!

Cheeky shot! Now this kini is a lil different, in that…well….the front is…oh go and look ! I totally love this nifty little teeny-weeny bit of fluff. A bikini for all occasions for sure.

That’s the Hud (obviously), as you can see options options options! I cant find this on the market place so I am assuming its an instore only offer . Mesh body fits: Slink Physique,Slink Hourglass,Maitreya,Isis,Venus & Freya.

Stars Fashion

Decor: Flamingo,Cards,Record player @ Fin

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Awash with excitement

coldLogic kylie top, byron pants NEW!-Petite Mort glasses 10L- ArisAris sandals NEW - Dark Mouse jewelry

Ohmaiii newness from coldLogic, ArisAris and a sale at The Wash – could my day get any better?! Well actually it did, but more about that later . So so so this is the “kylie” blouse top and “byron” dotty jeans from coldLogic. The blouse is a free-flowing design , the fabric is a brushed cotton effect. Dontcha just love the dotty jeans?! I do, but then I’m a dotty freak. Lots of colour choices for both and free demos instore and on the market place. I’m wearing the physique size of both items over my physique body – brilliant fit, it would also work with the Maitreya body – all standard mesh sizes also included as usual.

coldLogic NEW - Dark Mouse daisy necklace, earings & - ArisAris Sandals NEW! bracelets, Dark Mouse FREE hair - Petite Mort sunnies 10L

ArisAris have released a lovely pair of toe post sandals that paired up with the outfit perfectly. As is usual with ArisAris, you get a great HUD with SO many choices , makes these little beauties super flexible. Nowww, on to my GREAT news and scoop !! I used to buy and blog for a jewellery designer named Mouse Mimistrobell, her store name was Dark Mouse . The store closed inworld a while back but its open again !! This made me so happy, I popped over to scope out the new store which is ever so pretty, only went and won myself this hair-do on the lucky board too – result. it’s called “Alex” and is an up-do with a side bar of sweet flowers. The pack is HUGE, and contains all hair colours. I’m also wearing the daisy bracelet and necklace plus earrings, the necklace was always a favourite of mine from years ago, but I saw the matching bracelets in the new store and snapped them up. Welcome back Mouse ❤ Ohhh mustn’t forget my sunnies, these are by Petite Mort and at $10L a real bargain buy from the cart sale at The Wash.

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

ArisAris store

ArisAris market place

Dark Mouse new store location

The Wash cart sale

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Cooling down

ArisAris NEW! Unven mesh dress

I think I might self combust if this current heat wave doesn’t end soon. No pleasing us Brits huh? ! Just perfect to be fresh in is the newly released mesh dress by ArisAris called “uneven”. It’s primarily pure crisp cotton with a lovely floral  motif running across the body. Delicate touches of lace at the hemline and laced at the back like a corset, its certainly not going to cool the guys down ! Master stroke is the beautiful bow that settles above your derriere…LOVE!

ArisAris store

ArisAris market place store

ArisAris Blog

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Keep your cool

SF Design mesh feet & shoes

Ahhh yes, its burning hot here in England, and here Iam, once again searching out all my old pairs of sandals to keep my tootsies nice and cool. I dont have to search in my Second Life, especially when its SO affordabubble to grab some super new summer sandals ! Above is a new release from SF Design, say hello to the new mesh feet “jolis peids” ! Iam thrilled Swaffette decided to get into these, pretty toes, easy to skin match. You can buy the feet on their own and then later add some of the custom made shoes for them. Im wearing the feet and the kiya sandals together, at only $280L, they are a total steal.($200 for the feet alone) Since their release Swaffette has also been busy making up some gorjus new toenail colours in neat little HUDS, you also get bottles of the polish to decorate your boudoir with, love that.

SFD NEW! Wedge Sandals - HUD to give extra colour tones!

If you want to ring the changes (and I alwaysss do!) you can add other shoes to these delectabubble feet, such as these flower wedges. I lurve these ! Great fun and the handy dandy thing is…

Daisy Wedege sandals SF Design NEW!

They have a HUD, so you have the choice of six straight colurs orrrr mix n match them up into crazy combo’s!

SF Design - NEW! Summer sandal with HUD for extra colours!

Ohhhh and if youre not into daisies and prefer something a little more classic…these “X” sandals are just perfect for beach walking..the HUD has nine colours for you to choose from…yes NINE! These are not for the jolis pieds mesh feet, but they do have pretty toes built in with a nail polish selection to.die.for.

SFD NEW! Summer Sandals - make your own colour!


One last pair of summer lovelies to share and its these “Amy” wedge sandals. Brilliant style that will go with bikini’s,swimsuit,dresses,jeans..the list is endless.These are  made for the new mesh “jolis pieds” feet btw, and they do come with a HUD for skin matching , the HUD also allows to you to make up your very own custom colours for the straps …isnt that fahhhhbulous!

Pop over and take a look, the teleport board is right by the landing point so you dashhhh across to the shoe section. Thanks Swaffette ❤

SF Design

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My Indecision

coldLogic NEW!!! Hartzell to campbell shorts ebony

o.O gawd…I’m all sideswiped by the latest coldLogic release. SO many shorts, SO many styles, SO many fabrics, SO little time to wear them all ! As I’ve rifled my way through the new releases…I swear my neighbours will think I have enrolled in the Darth Vada school of breathing. I’ve been squealing and gasping at every new item…sooooo I think my new fav shorts might be the “campbell” ones…but there again ! I dunno Im a traditionalist, each summer in real life I dig out my old denim shorts…cause…well…for me they ARE summer?So I gravitate towards the denim ones…all shades..Im not fussy (although I do have a weakness for the old light blue ones like above) I’ve teamed the shorts with a doozy of a top…the “hartzell”, its got a fabbo diamond pattern on the front and a fancy smancy criss cross style strap thing going on at the back. You could wear this as part of a smart/posh outfit, its pretty flexible, gotta love that! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place store

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Summer time..makes me feel finnnnne

If we actually HAD some summmer in England…this is what Id be doing….however we’re not so I can only dream ~le-sigh~…freshhhhh from CandyMetal is this beachy mesh kaftan….wear it without without something on your leggies….its just perfect for mooching about in….lotsa colours available and some pretty detailing on the front and the back….thanks Emychan <3…Uhmm…I had another go on the gatcha machines…you knew I would huh? and this time scored with a hat from Lasaki in “Blurple”, it’s a rare one! I also got luckylucky on the DUH clogs gatcha and snapped up some in purple….have a feeling these nifty little babies are gonna be SO huge this summer …


Summer by the Sea gatcha event