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So much summer (Preview)

ArisAris NEW

A little sneak peek for you from The Summer Fashion Festival – this event kicks off on the 20th July on the ArisAris sim. Above is the “my moment” dress, pretty little thing with a row of flowers that circle your body and a lace self print all over. Different colours available ! A golden oldie necklace “loops & beads” from Krash that I can’t get enough of wearing, sooooo many options to change bead colours and metal textures, it will win a place in your closet forever.

ArisAris Diva Shoes for Slink high feet - with HUD - ZOZ nails NEW!

I’ve always loved the style of ArisAris shoes BUT, the big fantastico news is – these new ones are for Slink high feet, hurrah ! Since becoming a convert to Slink feet a while ago, I really can’t be bothered with anything non slink – I know I know I’m such a spoilt brat ! Anyhooo, these are maginifico, called “I feel Diva” and sooper gorgeous. Colour HUD for optional looks, great metal buckles down the front. Eight choice of colour for just 350L – I have a feeling this might be a promotional price – so grab your set fast. Btw Im really into the slink nail 0polishes by ZoZ lately – great prices and funky colours !

ArisAris market place

ArisAris store

ArisAris blog

Summer Fashion Festival – opens 20th July

Krash store

Krash market place

ZoZ market place store

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Summer Fashion Festival

Summer Festival - Aris Aris NEW!

The Summer Fashion Festival has begun hooohahhh! Love this event, its hosted by one of my fav designers ArisAris…and there are oooodles and gazillionsss of designers in it this year. All showing off their new sumer-tas-tic releases…PLUS…everyone has a freebie out for you ! Lets get the ball rolling with a new release from ArisAris…absolutely adore this two piece set. Lovely hessian effect fabric with big bold stitched on blossoms…one strap and a teeny bow to decorate.

Summer Festival - Aris Aris Mules - FREE!

ArisAris’s gift is a pair of their newly released mules yay! Such a cute colour and easy peasy to set up with your skin tone.

Summer Festival - wet cat prop(set of three) T- shirt FREE!

It’s not all about clothing & shoes , wetcat have a brilliant gift out for you to collect…three props …love love LOVE them ! I’m using the rubber ring one above , so cute. My tshirt is from Retro…kickin design, great to wear with shorts & jeans …

Summer Fashion Festival - CandyMetal gift mesh bikini FREE! (comes with long skirt)

CandyMetal are there yay! They have a superb gift out for you, this denim mesh kini, sooper summery and sweet…also in the gift is….

Summer Fashion Festival - CandyMetal gift FREE!

…this gorgy boho long mesh skirt. Bikini for the beach…slip into the skirt for a wander up to the cafe for icecreams huh?!

Summer Festival Fashion Fears Belle mesh dress FREE! - hat by Eclectica Flora

New designer to me next called Fashion Fears, wasnt sure what to expect but was impressed with their gift offering . The Belle mesh dress is beautiful, peachy cream bodice and a blue floral skirt, when I’ve got time I shall investigate their store. Gifts are a great way to try out a new store ! My hat is by Eclectica, it’s a new release and I’ve been playing with it for a few days now. It comes in two versions, with hair or without, the hair is colour change too. The hat itself is just adorable, and you can pretty much re-texture all parts of it via a simple dimple menu. It’s SO versatile, grab yourself one of these and you’ve got headwear for all occasions . I thought the white was just right for a beach stroll…but of course with the range of colour tones in the menu it will also work for evenings etc.

Summer Festival - Leri Miles Designs FREE!

Last up for today, is the gift from Leri Miles Designs…pretty little sheath of a frock in  a delightful china blue shade. Great fit, especially around the arm holes, which for some reason I tend to have probs with a lot.

Head over and have a mooch, theres SO much to see !

The Summer Fashion Festival

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Summer Bubblez

I was so chuffed to see one of my most favourite designers “Bubblez” at The Summer Fashion Festival…and they have such a lovely mesh outfit on offer..its PINK..and floaty…sweet camisole over a tight-fitting short skirt

The skirt is what my mother would call a “belt” ! A selection of sizes in the box, so you’re sure to be able to get a great fit…thanks milo ❤ My kite poses are by Lisp and are on offer at this months collabor88 event…gawd arent they cute? 10 poses, wearable with the animation built right in, and rezzable versions also..yay! Theres also some decorative sets to place on your wall etc..great stuff!

Summer Fashion Festival


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Summer Lovin and Festival

oh lala I’m  drowning in summer goodies to share with you ! I popped over to check out the Summer Fashion Festival thats on at the Arisaris sim..gawd…sooo many top notch gifts out for you…I thought id get the ball rolling with an outrageously good skin from WoW…its called iris and is sooper pretty…option of cleavage or not, plus a teeth tattoo…love it !

Take a closer look can you not go collect that baby? Thanks Wow ❤ My outfit is a gift from Sassy, also at the Summer Fashion Festival..camo shorts and tank…all non mesh for those of you who havent joined the mesh revolution !

I also went to the summer lovin hunt…and was so so delighted with these boots from DUH! I totally forgot to do the rest of the hunt …silly me ❤ I still have ooodles to show you…I think I collected about 20 gifts…zan also went over , so I’m pretty sure she will also have some finds to share later..

Summer Lovin Hunt

Summer Fashion Festival