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Cheap enough even for me, and G*d knows I’m cheap. (Ricielli 10Ld & 15Ld).

I was on the Marketplace just looking for freebie/cheapies/promos etc which is where I found these 10Ld ankle boots from Ricielli.

You get a big fat hud of 20 colours and the ability to change the separate bits of it ie the straps, frill etc.  A shop quality gift/promo which can also be said with the inworld “hunt”.

I’ve been waiting for ages for the hunt board to finally change, I think it was Halloween themed, and now that it has changed to summery clothing and I have a legacy body it means so much more if not everything comes in that fit…but check the board for the details on the fits.

I bought the top, shorts and a dress and when I get back in there is a cheeky t-shirt with inbuilt nipple piercings which will get people zooming in on your chest.

If you’re ever in doubt about the fit/quality etc just walk around the Ricielli shop as a lot if not all of the hunt items are for sale at full price in the shop, obviously the hunt prizes come in just 1 colour, and you should be able to find the full-priced version and try the demo on. I have never been disappointed with any of my Ricielli purchases and I’ve never bothered trying a demo on.

Ricielli Marketplace. (Boots).

Ricielli Inworld. (Hunt).


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Very cheap and dead posh

shawtey lowkey $10L dress

I was mooching on the market place the other night and came across a new-to-me store called “Lowkey Shawty”. I was super chuffed to see some top-notch clothing for notta-lotta-dosh! As it was so inexpensive I whacked a load of gear into my shopping basket and paid. Voila! What a massive find this turned out to be, not cheap and cheerful but really gorgeous! This darling little belted dress was just $10L and came in the standard sizes, the medium fitted beautifully over my Slink Physique body.

Neve denim shorts - £10L tee

I also nabbed this cute surf print tee-shirt for $10L and shoved it on over my Neve denim shorts – which for the record haven’t been off my lazy butt for like weeks. (They fit SO perfectly, no alphas required, full range listed below)

shawtey lowkey $10L top & skirt

Another fav I found at Lowkey Shawty is this boho skirt and knotted top – skirt $10L, top $1L. There are a squillion other pieces to lust over and for those of us on a tight budget its a brill place to fill our wardrobes.

LowKey Shawty market place store

Neve shorts

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ArisAris - NEW!

It feels like summer..and all the fashion in SL is getting summery yay! I lurve this sooper sweet new release from ArisAris…the set comprises of a fresh & crisp white cotton blouse top, with a darling floral print and big bow at the front. Also included are the matching white cotton shorts, simple and sweet with a real vintage appeal style. This will keep you looking glamorous and cool all day long !

ArisAris mainstore

ArisAris marketplace store

ArisAris blog

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Gawd, I’ve got soooo many polo shirts in real life..youd think I actually played (or at least hung out with the players!) It’s a real classic…and today, and this day can get your hot little paws on a navy blue one for just 25L …head over to SF Design…and find the Monday Mania board inside the chicks voila …its  a great deal..comes on many layers..plusssss plain or hooped two shirts for one price hoooray! Thanks Swaffette ❤

SF Design


We’re all going on a summer holiday

I’ve had a mini vacation in SL the last 24 hours…I was tired and needed a little recharge, sooo I hung out at home on the beach, talked to friends and dug out all my beach toys..and well…just loafed about really ! To get into the holiday mood I chose some outfits from =blu=, casual gear that’s all perky and FUN…above Im wearing the bikini beach set in purple plaid…remember I showed you a while ago the vintage lime version of this? The set comprises a sooper cute bikini, the fabric on this set is just mega pretty…a towel to toss over your shoulder, sunglasses and a sweet pair of slip on sandals that match ! (hat is from Indie Rose’s June gift)

This pair of low rise summer shorts in lightest khaki are effortlessly chique to slip into, no prims makes it a fast change and looks just perfect with one of the comfy cami tops..huge range of colours in the tops but I adored this delicate lilac,great silky fabric ..the shorts also look brill in black if you want a dressier style..

I love love love the summer punch range  of tops, cute & fresh, with a gauzy midriff  and teeny tiny bows on the bodice, I couldn’t resist showing the raspberry version it’s just so juicy!

Got a TP from a friend to check out some shoooooz  (ooo which reminds me, =blu= have some darling flats check them out!)- so slipped into this girly swirly outfit called “good girl”, in PINK plaid yay! (other colours available) Frosty cool white tank over a ditzy little plaid skirt, nice touch with the prim tie too…great for those dress down days…but you can heat it up with some torn fishnets and boots for an edgier appeal…dabbed on some of my LpD free cherry lipgloss (group gift that I can’t live without!) and I was good to go

Rushhhhhed back to get on my jetski that has been dust sheeted for about 2 years (omg!) and hopped right into this uber cool crochet bikini, if you havent tried =blu= bikinis, you gotta! This revealing little scrap is just adorable !

Booo my surprise vacation is almost over…sun is getting low..but I feel great! This sundress has real nautical appeal with its bold stripes and raa-raa inspired skirt..great belt & bracelet comes along with it too! Go take a look around =blu= and discover your summer wardrobe…prices are a steal plusss, if you’re into piercings & tattoo’s & collars there’s some awesome finds – oh maiii even unicorn horns!! Dont forget to join the group for future news & gifts, and Dooo pick up the group gift while you’re there ! (its mega deelish) thank blu-slush xx

Go get ready: =blu=  Shop on the market place here :


Bathing suit..swimmers…..what do you call em?

Ohhh I’m on a roll with swimwear today..SO many gorjuss ones around at the moment..this ones called “Tabitha” and is a group gift from Monroe’s yay! Its shineyyy and silvery white and makes me feel SO sexy…(thanks Shandi Faith for giving me the heads up on this!) Just head on over to the store, join the group and voila..its all yours…

While I was there I noticed another gift hidden, its Monroes prize for the depraved summer nights hunt..youre looking for a bottle – I wont tell you where cause it was pretty easy peasy to see and it will also give you a chance to browse around the lulliness ! Great denim jeggings, with cuffs and a sweeter than sweet midriff top with lacey chest insert…

Go get sexy: Monroes

For the curious: Hair by curio,necklace photo one by Dark Mouse (remember me) basket photo two from Jill (now sadly closed sorry gals) manicure by Awesome Designs


Here comes the sun!

Alexohol: Hawaiian Sea Breeze Bikini 60L @ Chic Boutique

So another one of my faaav places to shop is Chic Boutique!  Right now they have their 7th collection out.  They are a discount shop that features many different designers from around SL!  Each designer drops one or two items, ranging between 40-90L!  Amazing quality items for such low exclusive prices!  Check out some of the squeeee-worthy summery items I grabbed while I was there!  Alexohol has some great bikinis that make me suuuper excited for summer! Be sure to follow the landmark to the mainstore as well! Each piece of clothing is named after some type of beverage, and some even come with recipes!  Such an awesome idea!!  In the mood for a Seabreeze? Well I’m absolutely loving the Hawaiian pattern and colors on this bikini, and even has an adorable little prim tie in the back!

Alexohol: Sex on the Beach Bikini 60L @ Chic Boutique

How ’bout a nice refreshing taste of a Sex on the Beach?  Both bikinis are only 60L at Chic Boutique!  What an awesome price!  Love love LOVE this pink bikini!  Falls just right around your hips, perfect for just lounging by the pool or showin’ off at the beach 😉  Again…awesome exclusive price of 60L!  Can’t beat that!

HolliPocket: Summer Splash Top 75L @ Chic Boutique

Another fabulous find was this Summer Splash top from HolliPocket.  Only 75L at Chic Boutique! It blouses out to give you a breezy look and goes great with a simple pair of denim shorts! The peachy color also looks fabulous with a tan 😉  Oooo I can just feel the warm weather comin’ in…..

Divine: Pin-Up Outfit 40L @ Chic Boutique

Aaaand finally, I found this smexy lil Pin-Up number from Divine…..only 40L and exclusively at Chic Boutique!  You can combine any number of layers, wear them seperately, or all together to get this great pin-up feel!  I absolutely luuuurve the accents of the black lace bra and detailing around the waist.  Totally adds an edge to the whole outfit…. 😉 And for only 40L?  Come onnnn!  Make sure you check out the other items in the shop, and feel free to check out the designers’ main stores also!

Stay Chic: Chic Boutique