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Perfect Ten & a cheap summer !

New round of Perfect Ten and it got me thinking about searching out some cheap & free items to do some summertime decorating. I’ve been working in my summer-house for a week or so now in my real life, so gave it a go to replicate in SL. First off the Beach hut with deck is actually  FREE! It’s from The Beachstore and is 16Li, in the box I discovered some further little huts in a rainbow of colour – how lovely. The retro looking ice box is also a freebie and only 2Li. For just $10L you can snap up the chairs & table set – 10Li in total, but you don’t have to use the whole set. All other decor are dollarbies listed below for your convenience. The cactus plants are by Zinnia, various prices and LI.

I found this sweet skirt and top on the MPlace for $10L, lots of mesh body sizes included and the cutest ever sandals at Kirin on the lucky board – mesh feet and standard sizes.

Now this is the paid for piece and its well worth shelling out for. Lunar Seasonal Designs “Get to work desk”, it’s all a bit magical as their pieces often are! So, you sit , then you can choose colours of each piece (worn and shabby textures included) Then you can select what decor you’d like to be on display – Li 2-9 depending on what you have out. Fourteen single poses and five cuddles – had a lot of fun playing with this!

The curtains behind me are coolio – only $5L and you can open or close them by touch – super pretty!

Perfect Ten

Old ice machine

Beach chairs & table $10L

Kawaii bunny vases 

Curtains $5L

Mouse on paper $1L

button hanger $1L

Beach hut & deck

Skirt & Top $10L

Zinnia’s for cactus

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Summer Living

Ete Summer Cabin @ collabor88 $88L NEW!

A fresh new round of collabor88 has begun – and yet again I’m knockin on the door and can’t get in ! No worries though because I can share the build from Scarlet Creative with you ! This is the Ete Summer Cabin, it comes in at a tiny 34Li, and has such sweet design details. Snap one up for only $88L, yes that’s right – $88L ! It looks like a summer cabin that has aged, one that’s been loved for many generations and years. As I stood in the doorway and looked at the floorboards, I could almost imagine the laughter and smell of sunshine that must have touched this little space over time. Very nostalgic indeed. Looks like some renovation might be happening with a few boards leaning up at the front.

Scarlet Creative @ collabor88 Ete Summer Cabin

Hanging each side of the opening are antique lace drapes, so delicate and sunworn, the floorboards are worn and soft, the windows and panelling might need a lick of paint at some point, absolutely delightful build. Is a versatile wee thing, stuff it full of old couches and chairs, perhaps set up some candles and make it a romantic space…so many uses. Thanks Charlotte ❤