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Summer time..makes me feel finnnnne

If we actually HAD some summmer in England…this is what Id be doing….however we’re not so I can only dream ~le-sigh~…freshhhhh from CandyMetal is this beachy mesh kaftan….wear it without without something on your leggies….its just perfect for mooching about in….lotsa colours available and some pretty detailing on the front and the back….thanks Emychan <3…Uhmm…I had another go on the gatcha machines…you knew I would huh? and this time scored with a hat from Lasaki in “Blurple”, it’s a rare one! I also got luckylucky on the DUH clogs gatcha and snapped up some in purple….have a feeling these nifty little babies are gonna be SO huge this summer …


Summer by the Sea gatcha event

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Be “swift” and go to the event

Ahh one of my most favourite past times is gatcha machines..I really can NOT walk past one without giving it a whirl…The Summer by the Sea Gatcha event is paradise for me ! Id been looking for some summery type shooz in a particular colour of orangey -red to wear with my newwww fahhhbulous coldLogic swift shorts & jumpy set (only available atm at the FaMESHed event)…noticed one of my fav shopping haunts DUH had a gatcha machine out, naturally popped 10L into it and voila ! The perrrrfect colour beachy clog to wear with my outfit *squeeeeee*. Of courrrse I had a few more goes..because they are utterly amazing for 10L and uhm…well I just HAD too…

I was fortunate that Sanura Snowpaw of Somnia sent me a pack of her “coastal totes”, which are also in this event…Im almost as addicted to bags as I am hair and shooz…and these are just delightful! 20L a throw…with some rare ones thrown into the mix….Im prancing about with the goldfish tote…adorabubble! Most of the gatcha prizes are transferable…(actually I think they all are but check anyway) sooooo if you wanna be all sharey carey…you can ….or if you get any doubles…make someones day and send them ❤

coldLogic @ FaMESHed 

Summer by the Sea Gatcha event

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I have a new release from Bubblez to share with you today…its different from the usual style’s we see from Milo…but yet…still familiar…and this is why I adore Bubblez….always something different. Aya is partially mesh…the top of the gown is a simple shirt layer…the main body is the meshy bit…works very effectively….love love LOVE the way the hemline is sort of bunched up in parts….so charming. Thanks Milo ❤

My necklace and earings are from the “Summer by the sea Gatcha event”, made by snatch…and I just adore them…for only 35L you get a complete set..the pendant & earings…luck of the draw which design you get, but I was thrilled with the red poppy style I received !


Summer Gatcha