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Early Bird.

Hat11Sadly it’s too early to use my Mistletoe but I finally found a beanie good enough to make me pull my finger out of my lazy ass and edit a hair to fit a beanie.

Hat222As you can see in this picture the fit is close to the head so you don’t get that “helmet” look.  You get a resizer version as well as the standard fit so you got a  big head NP you got pin head NP. Hat and snood are one purchase (150Lds for both) but each comes with its own 8 colour hud which means you can either make them match or have them 2 different colours.

SF Designs still caters mainly for the non mesh market but doesn’t lack in quality and styling for it and of course not everyone wants or can use Mesh, however swaffette Firefly is now creating her own mesh and this beanie and snood are prime examples of it and if you want to see more of her Mesh items then look higher on the walls.  This hat/snood set is in the main entrance but the other mesh items are higher on the walls with also hats and hair and other items.

There is what looks like a matching pair of gloves to go with the hat/snood but that’s a group gift. Not free to join (100Lds) but this is a group that doesn’t forget to put out monthly group gifts so you certainly get you’re moneys worth for it.

SF Design

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Tell no lie.

As I said as soon as I rezzed inworld right in the middle of FATEware and right in the middle of the sale I started to buy.

suitYou really need to try the demos to see what it is you get because some of the packs not only come with all the sizes as standard but so many layering options it’s really hard to describe (at 9.20AM and full of cold that is).

long coatThis long ..duster style coat is a prime example because you can wear it on it’s own or as in this case with the shirt and tie inc in the pack.


OK I stuck to the more safer colours of greys and browns but there is a range of colours to chose from.  Sorry I would try to take a better photo of the gloves and would have loved to have taken one of the socks but RL time restraints means I haven’t had the time and the time on this sale is running out.  If you like the idea of SLinks hands but don’t like the expense or the skin matching then these gloves are perfect.  Again I picked a safe shade but there is not only a variety of shades but also some more “wintery knitted” style ones.  The icing on the cake is you get a whole load of hand poses from casual to holding and the price is slashed to 150Lds.  So good Zan is comming in to try out the demo and see if the XS size will look good on her.  It’s the same with the socks they come with feet shapes in them and of course plain for wearing with non SLink or any mesh shoe.  Winter, bedsocks also available.ShirtLast photo before I take myself back to bed (I haz a cold) but I wanted to show off the slim line look.  Obviously the bulked up shoulders and “manly” chest are big in SL but so is the more natural look which is one I prefer.

Sale is in full swing but the clock is ticking.


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Breaking the rules.

Faith doesn’t have many rules but the one which I am breaking is blogging something that is a demo, but my excuse is I’m waiting for the FATEwear, FATEplay and Cold Logic 48 hour sale to start before I start to grab as many of the brilliant Damian Fate’s clothes that I can afford.

FateSo I’ve logged off standing in Fatewear because it is Monday and when I relog back in I should be right in the middle of the sale and I have my shopping list all prepaired.

As I’ve said this is just for 48 hours so don’t be late.


FATEwear Blog

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In from the Cold

FATEwear Feb 2013 2 Final

Don’t I wish! I am quite sick of Summer and am looking forward to the upcoming cooler months (not that it gets really cool here).  At any rate, cool or warm, I’m glad to be back amongst these pages to show you guys some new brilliance from FATEwear.

The Edward suit is the first thing I’m going to talk about and there’s not enough that I can say – there’s just too much to mention about this suit. Firstly and most importantly, the look of it is just fab. As you’d expect from FATEwear, the texture is fantastic and every detail is accounted for wonderfully. There is a great selection of colours to choose from and we’re just scratching the surface of this suit.

FATEwear Feb 2013 Final

Can you see what I mean? See how in the first picture I’ve got a hand in my pocket and this one the jacket is over my shoulder? Course you can see that! They’re not my poses though. Nope, those are animator attachments that came with my suits. You see, the Edward suit is a collection of different looks, seven of them, individually packaged and they are labelled (A) to (G) to make it easier to work with them. This is why I earlier said that I couldn’t say enough about this suit, all you need to know is that it looks awesome and that there’s so many options to play with, you have to check them out next time you’re down at FATEwear (which will be soon right!?)

FATEwear Feb 2013 3

Last but not least, a new coat! How many times over the years have you heard me say I love coats? I’ve lost count myself but it still holds water, I can never get enough of them and FATEwear’s Lando coat is a great one. Check out the detail on it, so so good, I just love the belted style. The texture, wow, you can almost feel it just to look at it. The addition of the turtleneck to wear underneath just gives it that little bit more awesomeness but you can choose to go without it if you’d like. As always, the range of colours is fantastic so you’re bound to find one you like.

There you go, some super new gear from FATEwear that you should definitely check out as soon as you can! Thanks Damien!

Get the gear here: FATEwear

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Smith Versus the Volcano

I’ve shamefully fallen behind in my blogging and for that I apologise, but my friends, there is a bright side to that. While I’ve been somewhat inactive, there have been a few new releases from FATEwear that I am itching to show you all.

Damien Fate has released his very popular and extremely awesome Smith suit in the fiery Volcano colour that you can see above and below. The pinstriped blazer, pants, matching tie and black shirt are all meant to be worn together and boy do they look good!

The detail is amazing and the texture, shading and creases all look fantastic. The colour is just perfect as well, the striking red offset by the black shirt, it just looks right. This smart suit comes -like all of the gear from FATEwear- in five sizes so you’re guaranteed to find one that will fit you.

FATEwear have also released a couple of sweet hoodies for you guys. The one I’m wearing here is the Slim Jacket in Ocean but there are a huge range of colours to choose from for this and for the Marshall jacket as well. I love the look of this hoodie, it’s really cool and casual and the hood has a great, slouchy look to it as it rests on upper back and shoulders. You can wear these with or without the tees included but I like the difference the t-shirt makes and so I tend to keep it on.

If you haven’t paid a visit to FATEwear yet, why not!? No seriously, you definitely need to head on down and check out the gear that he has for sale, there is some really sensational stuff. Great colours, super designs and variety, all at brilliant prices. What more could you want?

Get the gear here: FATEwear


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Mod your Monday

With today’s Monday Mania item from SF Design being a fabulously gorgeous pair of dress shoes, I thought I’d take the opportunity to show off swaffette Firefly’s amazing 60’s Mod Suits. You may remember the style from the Vintage Fair but now they are available in four colours: burgandy, bronze, grey and blue.

These suits are so awesome, the texture is so good and realistic and the new colours look fantastic. I love the look of the slim tie and lapels, I think swaffette has caught the British mod style really well with these.

Of course, these suits look just as good if you decide to go without the jacket and wear just the shirt and you can either wear it tucked in or add another pants layer and get the messier look if you prefer. There is also a flexi tie version that you can wear if you go without the jacket as the other tie is meant to be tucked in. All the attachments for this suit match perfectly and fit like dreams. The only editing I had to do was a slight touch up on the shirt collar and the resizer script made that oh-so-easy.

Finally I come to the Monday Mania item from SF Design which, as I said earlier, is this gorgeous pair of shoes: the ‘anniversary dress shoes’. The detail on these are great, I especially love the pattern on the top of them, adding just that extra little bit of style to them. These shoes are so simple to wear, I needed no editing at all, just put them on straight out of the box and off I went on my merry way.

For L$25 they are an absolute steal so while you are down at SF Design checking out the Mod Suits, you should pick yourself up a pair of these shoes while you can. Just remember that they are only available at this price for today from the Monday Mania board located just inside the SF Design casual men’s section.

Get the gear here: SF Design

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Grey Havens

You might remember that not too long ago I blogged a fantastic mesh 2 piece suit from Kauna. Well, now he has it in this super grey colour.

This is still an awesome-looking suit with fantastic details which I think stand out even better in grey than they do in black. The creases on the trousers are especially well done. Included with this suit are: two versions of the jacket – one with black buttons and one with white – in three different sizes, four versions of a crisp white shirt – one to be worn with the jacket and tie, one to be worn with the jacket unbuttoned and the two others can be worn without the jacket. You also get the gorgeous trousers in two versions: one with a coloured belt and the other with a leather belt as well as a professional-looking grey tie.

Phew, that’s a lot of gear you get with this suit and that’s not including all the added extras you can purchase to make it look even better like different shirts and tie packs (like I’m wearing in the first picture). You also get (yes, there’s still more!) a HUD with this suit that lets you change the colour of the jacket trim and the coloured belt.

For this suit jam-packed full of awesomeness, it will cost you L$799 and while you’re down at Kauna you should definitely wander around the store and check out the super cool mesh menswear he has on offer.

Get the gear here: Kauna

PS: The tablet that you can see in the two pictures above is a freebie from Kal Rau that I came across on the marketplace. It is very, very cool. The pose is built-in and you can also change the display to a number of different options. You can grab it here: