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Luxe Paris new new new

Another new release from Luxe Paris for you today, and I really enjoyed wearing it allllllll day yesterday. Black linen look pants that are nicely tailored & tucked at the waist, plus a frilly fitted jacket to go on the top. Perfect for a warm day or evening! This set is suitable for standard avatars as well as the following:  Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies. Thanks Luxe team ❤

Luxe Store

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The Girl Did Good, (A mix of Free ‘n’ Non Free)

I have NO idea of how Faith managed to squeeze even her extra skinny AV ass into the Shabby Chic event!  If like me you’ve tried, tried and tried again it’s time to give up and let it calm the Eff down! However when you do get in there check out the New Mina hair called Aimee.


You may have actually spotted that I wore this hair in my previous post as well.  I really should have put on one of the many other shade options you can choose from but I forgot which is a shame because although I have a tendency to stick to the browns, Mina hair comes in not just everything from blonde to dark brown but a lot of hairs come with amazing whites and blacks and the Ombres! and of course as I always say Mina does the best Gingers in SL LOL.

And YES Mina has a gift set out for us@Shiny Shabby, it is this hair but in a never to be repeated shade and I’ve seen it and I’m not going to show you it so you can have a surprise.  As always I’ve put the link to Mina’s mainshop because you can not only TP straight from there to the many events her hairs are at this moment but even better try the demo on at your ease and not in a crushed laggy sim.


A bit of the back of the hair so you can check out the scooped back top layer into a small pony tail.

If you read my last post I mention about the brill shoes which I thought for only 50Lds, SLink High Hooves needed, was not only a bargain but very unusual and stylish and here they are.


Folder over satin/leather? petals.  As soon as I spotted them I knew I needed them.  But remember these shoes are to be found in the market area just outside of PurpleMoon.  In my last post I showed you some of the exc Hunt items to be found at this little pretty hunt but sadly I’ve still not found the other hunt items and then of course as soon as I snagged these 50Lds off the PurpleMoon stall at this event I TPed home.

But again as I say save the “Lindens to spend the Lindens” and this is a repost about the suit I am wearing.


Loved this suit so much I actually paid the FULL price for it LOL.  This suit is why I was pleased the mini “Cherries on Top Hunt” wasn’t inside the main shop as PurpleMoon has some real quality clothing items to tempt even a meanie like me to part with their Lindens.  I bought this suit quite a while ago and I can’t remember the price but whatever it was it was worth it so once you’ve checked out the Hunt outside I DARE you to go inside and resist!

Last but not least a little Freebie for your home, I quickly scanned a note I received from La Galleria and then hauled ass.


Looks a bit like an oversized choccie to me but then again I am on a permanent diet and everything looks edible to me.  You have to hunt this freebie down in a way but the note I received made it quite clear where to find it.  Just walk into the Sedona House and check out the bathroom and I only noticed this when I went back to LM grab that if you check out the shelf above the bath there is an ornate egg on a stand as a gift for us.  Just click and pay 0Ld for each item.

I have to say that although these large almost brash houses aren’t to my taste I had to admire the quality and spaciousness of these homes.  Big homes for BIG personalities and I really enjoyed mooching around the many designs of homes on these sims, every time I walked out of a house thinking it’s time to get back to note clearing another home would tempt me and in the end sometimes it’s just nice to wander and yes even day dream a bit.

PS the LM for La Galleria will take you to the Sedona House.

Mina Mainshop (to try the demo)

Mina@Shiney Shabby

Purple Moon

La Galleria

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Fancy Pants.

OH Lord I’ve burned my hand but fortunately the pain killers have started to kick in and I am finally able to show you this.

As much as I love to show off the Freebies sometimes you have to spend a few Lindens and to make me spend my Lindens it must be something really worth it and that’s my exact thought when I tried on this “Fancy Pants” outfit from Entice.


How gorgeous is this whole look.  Comes as a one piece but the addition of a Hud which allows you 3 texture options for the jacket, shirt and shorts means you can chop and change.


Going to confuse you now.  You will find this discounted item under the 55Lds Thursday sign, turn to your right and go in that way, but in fact it cost me 100Lds however the full priced options are 300Lds so this is a definite bargain.  There was another discounted pack which had more glittery/disco textures which sounds awful but I loved that one as much as this and it was a struggle which to get. The demos for all of the colour packs are there and you do have to pay a Linden for it but it gets paid right back to you.

Special mention to the hair and skin because in my previous post I only mentioned them in passing.  The hair is one I’ve previously blogged but it’s now available at the latest round of Kustom9 but in the whole colour colour palette range inc Ombres.  While you’re waiting for that event to calm down then this skin is one of the old Lara Hurley Group Gifts which I mentioned and this one does come with the Appliers.  Again I adored the New Free to Join GG’s skin and if you do have a few Lindens then 150 to buy the Applier Pack is not unreasonable at all.

OOKKAAYY pain killers have definitely kicked in so I think I’m having an attack of the munchies!


Lara Hurley


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Me Sew Sexy

MSS @ Cosmopolitan - Mina hair Jacky I trundled over to the new round of Designer Circle today, and saw an outfit that quite took my fancy. It’s by MSS and is called ” Cecilia Cami Top and Leather Pants”, bargain price at the event of just $100L  – that includes both top and pants. Choice of colours, I plumped for this stunning metallic beige/bronze. The top has some gorgeous detail on the upper back (that I helpfully didn’t take a shot of yay me!) My hair is by Mina “Jacky”, comes with a HUD for the headband , I fell in love with it straight away. MSS complete suit! - Mina FREE hair As I often do at events, I picked up the stores main location landmark and headed over to see what else might leap into my hot little paws. Saw this complete outfit called “Spring Floral suit” and had to grab it – at only $125L its such a bargain, or as we’d say here in the UK “cheap as chips”! The jacket and Tee are all one part, the pants separate, so you could mingle each part into other outfits you already own. My hair in this shot is again by Mina , I joined the VIP group recently and this was in the group gift – it’s for guys but I really liked it on me. The group isn’t free, from recollection $200L? However you do get two hair-do’s when you join up, this one Tristan and one I had actually already bought called Ilse . MSS Shoes for SLink High feet My shoes were also another purchase at MMS and are for SLink high feet. $150L isn’t a bad price at all, especially as you can see they are sooper pretty and snazzy. Btw, thought Id mention it but the prices in the market place are different from inworld, not sure if there’s a sale on or something, so if you wanna get the spring suit, best to buy it at the mainstore. Designer Circle

MMS mainstore


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“Suits you Sir”.


Occasionally Faith or I find something so good we have to get the other one in to check it out and as soon as I put on the demo of this suit I had to get Faith over so she too could admire it and once she agree’d it was stunning  the next hard decision was which colour to choose.  The demo comes only in black but even in that dark black you can see the great detailing of this suit however there is a whole rack of colours to choose from.  From the black to light pastels and if I could afford it I would have bought the Fat Pack.  In the end I plumped for a safe brown.  Faith had a little wander around as I was trying to make my mind up and I know for a fact she picked herself up a little something which I’ll let her show you but I too was most impressed with that and might go back for it myself.

It’s been a long time since I’ve last been to Poulet Koenkamp’s shop Purple Moon and I’m glad I’ve refound it.  A large shop with a bit of everything and since there is an automatic gift giver which sends out a pressie to a random AV every 10 mins I’m heading back there to have a good mooch and see if I can get a random pressie as well, Faith won one whilst we were there getting this suit but I don’t know what it was.


What makes this suit stunning is that it’s been designed using a template for a female AV shape and not as many seem to be a suit template for a male AV cut to fit a female form.  As you can see there is no barrel chest and no exaggerated boobies.  A perfect and elegant and very sexy suit which is an amazing fit.


I’m not showing you the shoes, although they do look great, I’m showing you the quality in the hems.


Such attention to the fit and details.


Not free but at 200Lds and for such quality I couldn’t resist.  I just think it’s pure sexiness. I’ve not only kept the pictures simple and in my nams setting I even changed my dome colour to a natural sky colour so this picture is exactly what you see inworld (as long as you use the windlight setting of Nams Optimums skin n prim).

I think the LM will take you to the landing-place and not directly in front of these suits,  if it does you will find this suit in the “Casual Bottoms” “Casual Tops” dept and there are TP Boards to take you near to where you want to be.

The hair I am wearing is called Milou and is just one of  the new hairs from Mina but this one is only available @Romps Winter Fair which means you’re going to have to be an “adult” to get in there.  You get 2 choices in this pack and I went for the one with that cute little flick the other doesn’t have it.  I’ve been safe with my colours and chosen a light brown one but in her hair colour packs you can chose much more zingier reds to darkest blacks.  I always seem to forget to mention that in Mina hair packs you get “material” and “non material” hair.

I’ve also put the link to Mina’s mainshop so you can see all the hairs which at present are available at special events, quite often these are offered at a discount but not Milou, sorry.

I’ve not had time to mooch around at Romp as at the moment it’s only open to bloggers and Elysion Adult Lounge Group who get to have first dibs but don’t panic by the time I press “Publish” anyone will be able to go.

Purple Moon

Mina@Romp’s Winter Fair

Mina Mainshop

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Always waiting

FLG Guys gift FREE

Poor guys, you always seem to be waiting for us huh? Outside stores, inside cafe’s…such is life…I can cheer you up with a little Saturday free action though. FLG has this brilliant free gift for you, it’s a limited time offer so scoot over and grab it up fast. The group is free to join , and if I were you Id stay in it as the gifts I’ve seen so far have been of top-notch quality. This outfit is called Winsome and comprises a jacket with roll back cuffs, shirt and shorts. The fab bit is it comes with a HUD and you get three choices of colours for the jacket & shirt combo…great huh?! Dash over, join up and get some stylish togs for the weekend. (Oh almost for got – there is also a pair of snazzy sandals in the box !)

FLG Store

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Get suited

Have you noticed, the new craze? mmhmm..its all about suits lately..more specifically mesh suits..cause they just totally rock in mesh ! SF Design has some new ones out..fresh from the hands of Swaffette Firefly…Im wearing the taupe version above, its such a pretty shade and just right for this time of year…gives the outfit a soft femininity…

I also loved this soft grey…business like but not tooo much ! Adore the fabric detailing on this, great creasing and shadow effects makes this an outfit you really don’t want to miss.

If you havent swung over to the mesh revolution and want something fahhbulous (or even if you HAVE and love a pretty outfit) check out another new release by SFD, if you did the womens stuff hunt, you’ll recall this pants & blouse set was the gift…now its been made up in some new colours yay! I was sooper happy to see it in this rich cocoa …my fav…you get the peplum blouse, belt and pants…

The blue version is gorgeous too..Im not normally into blue..but this is divine. The tweed texture on the trousers is set off perfectly…check out those cuffs too…thanks Swaffette ❤

See it all here: SF Design