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Happy Hippy (Sub Gift/Group Free Gift)

As someone who is always short on Group Space I for one am always grateful when a shop sets out a gift not just for its group members but will automatically send it out to all its “sub slappers”.  I’m not sure if there is any benefits to joining the group ie a group discount but you will certainly be kept up to date on New stuff and also maybe events, special discounts, sales etc or like me slap that sub board and just sit and wait for those sub/group gifts to be automatically sent out to you and check out this little beauty.


Called Lupe a fringed boho/hippy cardigan/top combo and it’s so good, such good quality and things like this are always a lovely surprise when you least expect it.

So of course when I LM’ed grabbed I checked out The Beautiful Ones, the sub gifts often come through labelled as being from “TBO” so if you do sub or join then don’t fret if you get a parcel sent to you from “TBO” but don’t panic if you reject it just TP to the shop and you can simple have it resent.

One of the best things about sub/group gifts is it’s a prompt to remind you to pay a visit which is exactly what I did when I went to LM grab and I have to admit that I thought “TBO” was a “tits n ass” sort of clothing shop but I’d gotten it mixed up with another shop so again sending out samples of your wares is pretty beneficial.  A lot of good outfits from basics to gowns but the one thing that makes them stand out and are more tempting is that a lot if not all of the items here come either has full outfits or with colour huds as standard which makes your Lindens go further and of course I did price check and it’s very reasonably priced so once you’ve snatched this great gift check out the rest because we all love top quality clothing in fat packs.

The Beautiful Ones

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Slap that sub(Freebie).

Slap the sub board at AnaMarkova and if these SLink High shoes aren’t sent to you automatically then slap it again and check the no 1 in History and these will be yours.


These are a gift for 500 Subscriptions but I have to say I’m surprised that they have so few subs at the moment as this is a pretty nice shop indeed.  There is a GG also but this is a paid for Group.  Cost a 100Lds to join and in the notice that was sent out I can see it’s a lovely white Grecian style wrap over dress with silver belts around the torso.  It’s in the bag on the table on the reception table. There is a picture of it in one of the notices sent out so when you’re grabbing the Sub gift grab the notices as well to see a piccie of it.

PS if you don’t like this shade then there is a whole wall of different colours and at 99Lds not badly priced.



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Pressies Sorted.

partyThats what I look like after a single glass of wine which is both sad and funny at the same time.

tableYet again Laurent83 Waco  has come up with something to make his decor items stand out from the rest. This time the table and chairs are all copyable, everything apart from the chairs and plate settings are linked so one click and your Christmas table, candle sticks, baubles, food etc are all there even a mini Christmas Tree.  The backs of the chairs have draped tinsel on  and little festive bows but because he’s left the plates as separates it means you can rezz as many of those as you wish. So if you’re Christmas table is a cosy one for two or a more social setting for four, five or more people you simply rezz as many plates as you need.  Each place comes with an easy to use menu with 4 options.  The plate in the foreground has the starter which is a little gift and the linen napkin, next course turkey with all the trimmings, a desert and then coffee all in perfect details.  I have the white cottagey table but there is a darker wood version available in his lovely Christmas cottage setting.

aapromJust in case you didn’t notice it’s not an actual dress but an apron I am wearing (and not much else).  you can only get this on the Marketplace from Apponos.  I’ve not tried it yet but you do get the 5 standard sizes so I’m pretty sure you could get one to fit over a dress if you wished.  Demo available to try if you want to make sure though.

I’ve added the link to the Follow Us Marketplace shop and it should start at the lowest price first so you can see how many things he’s has priced so so many can enjoy items from his shop. Ooodles of loveliness from a single Linden, 10, 29 etc and all excellent quality.  You may not be able to go the whole hog with Christmas decor items but even simple trays with hot chocolate and whipped cream will cheer up any room but for example he has a Christmas Fireplace which has everything on it from baubles to stuffed socks AND only 50Lds.  Looks like all items on the MP can be sent as gifts as well.  Follow Us has items that I haven’t seen anywhere else and would make great pressies esp for the man in your life.  Vintage camera’s, punching bags, wash, clothes racks with mens clothes on it, all with a manly touch.  Most things esp the non copy items are also trans so if you want to buy something and box it up for a loved one then this is the place but of course always double-check that.

Follow Us

Follow Us Marketplace

Apponos (Apron)

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Sadly yet again SL is being screwy with poor me.  Fortunately I grabbed these pictures a few days ago so now I’m in a land void of mesh I can still look at what I had.

DamnSad little ole me eyeing up cakes that I can’t eat in RL or SL.  We all have our fav shops in SL and this is another one of mine.  It is what I call “idiot proof decor” (I  also inc EoD in that description) which to me means that if you don’t have the time, vision or money to wander around SL shopping for your home comforts  then let someone else do it for you and Laurent83 Waco and his shop Follow Us has done all the hard work for us and with just a couple of clicks you can have your whole home set up and look gorgeous.

Damn2Everything is linked apart from the chairs which come with such decent poses that I’ve even used them in the pictures.  You have the coffee toolbox, napkins, forks,  pots of jam, cherries etc etc it’s a real spread which will appeal to both men and women.  Now it does add up prim wise but it’s all there all set to go.  As I’ve said some people love to be forever moving and changing, adding this removing that others want to unpack and go and as a hardened SL home owner I for one would think you had great taste if you had this in your house.

TrayBoys this is the best way to a girls heart, or a boy if that’s your choice, hot chocolate, buttery croissant and a lovely fat rose on a tray will get you more than just a good morning/night kiss.

Follow Us

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Alas Poor Faith

Faith is MIA (missing in action due to raging toothache) I am MIA because RL is draging me kicking and screaming back to reality but I found time to snag this lovely freebie and yet more special offers for my FAV shape maker in SL.

Snapshot_016Sadly only the sky box is free, happily the shape I am wearing is on special offer.  I was mooching and came across Quark Fallen’s profile which brought me to a weird looking skybox, Arbres Obscurs.  Followed the instructions and clicked the subscription button and then reclicked and checked the history and then snagged all the free goodies that Quark Fallen had put out over the past year or so one of which is this sky box.  Very textured walls with a  door that does open although only onto a narrow corridor a  painting on the wall and richly draped curtains in the centre of the room is a slightly raised dias with a draped canopy over head which is begging to have a throne or a bed place underneath.  A very armospheric and beautiful room and not only free but only 28prims! But don’t ignore the other freebies as the Easter flower cross is gorgeous and the simple pot of Lily of the Valley is so sweet.


Not doing the shape justice because of lack of time but I’ve only just done some Anna shapes and I wasn’t planning on doing another one so quickly BUT she has some brill offers on at the moment so it was hard not to give her a mention again.  She has a shape out at Flawless for only 50Lds! and if you hunt down the strawberries on the barrows you can score yourself some freebies as well.  The other shape is from the new round of Designer Circle When I get released from horrible RL I will be able to do the shapes justice but until then you have my word that they are the best shapes I have found in all my years SLing.

If by any chance you have some spare time them spare a thought to visit this beautiful sim.  Because I’m doing a rush job I’ve not checked but it looks like a delightful place owned by Quark but open to all to wander and enjoy.


Arbres Obscurs

Leroy Lovely Sim

Anna Shapes at Flawless

Designer Circle

Anna Shapes Main Shop