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Christmas Wishes (freebies inc.)

coldLogic sweater NEW - Mina hair - wintertime bike by what next boots Storm Crow Designs colour HUD inc 100L !

It’s no secret that I just adore Christmas is it ? I couldn’t wait to get my mitts on the sim and make it over for winter ! My paws are dead tired now after humping stuff innnn and outtt of my inventory – but its done . So, I was thinking back to a few years ago, about a lovely thing that happened to me. Long story short I was sent a gift from “Santa” after writing him a letter at one of those Christmas places. I didn’t ask for anything they could actually give to be honest but they sent me something lovely – I was stoked and it made me smile. In the spirit of “giving back”, Id like to try to replicate those feelings in some of YOU , I know right? DEAD exciting ! Dreamworks is our home sim, you will land at the hot chocolate machine, grab a cup and follow the board walk to the snowy tunnel. This leads out onto the skating pond. At the far end Santa is waiting for you, complete with comfy lap to sit on. To the side is his mailbox, with easy to understand instructions on how he likes his mail delivered.

High length Boots Storm Crow Design 100L colour change HUD inc.

You can wish for anything in your note and Santa will try VERY hard to make it come true. Obviously he is a pretty busy boy around this time of year, he might only be able to do a few ! anyhooo onto the main feature of this blog NEW pretties. I helped myself to some fingerlickin gorgeous boots, they are by Storm Crow Design and are on offer for just 100L at the new round of Designer Circle. Bloomin lovely, choice of high (as above) or shorter length, you also get a HUD with quite a few colour options yay! These are for Slink high feet btw.

Freebies Frogstar (mostly 1 prim!)

My sweater is from the new range of wooly pullies at coldLogic, darn it I cant stop wearing them. This one is “wayne”, and comes with a contrasting scarf that I haven’t added on , because you know…long hair effect. (although, the scarf does come in various sizes) hair is an old fav from Mina which was set out on offer a few weeks ago, DUH bought it twice. It’s a real keeper though, especially for winter. The hat has a few pattern/colour combo’s in a hud, handy-dandy. All the décor you see above is from Frogstar and it was one of our blog readers who nudged me into action with a note to go get the gear. Brilliant stuff ! Pictures, mirror,bench that’s stuffed with SO many poses and the sweet thanksgiving table, some are dollarbies, some I was given as gifts for joining the subscribo – I’m confused as what is which – so take a peek . (Thanks Sparka <3)

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

Designer Circle


what next (for bike with poses)


Dreamworks Sim to send your Christmas wishes !

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Elegance Personified

Most days I tend to slouch around in pj’s or a jeans and a tee…or whatever I’ve just taken photos of…I’m lazy like that *grins*…but today I was lucky enough to catch a hold of some newness from [Amarelo Manga]. One thing you’re sure to find me wearing in real life, are pants suits…I just love them..and Amarelo Manga has them down to a fine art. Above Im wearing the “Overall Marcelle”, Crisp black pants, with neat flared cuffs, over them a wide suede look belt with huge silver buckle…complimenting this is a sleeveless snug shirt and the most adorable sleek fur collar / cape.

The whole feel is seductive, glamorous and very of the moment. Fur (synthetic for moi please) is very in right now, gone all the old days of half a herd of rabbits and in comes the statement collars and trims…this is sooo right. I wish I wish I wish I had this in real life ~sigh~..

Another pant suit that won my heart is this..called “Miranda”…adore the subtle large plaid on the pants….another fantastic wide belt that gives a highwaist look…and a stunning deep red satin blouse. The blouse has a very eighties feel to it…decadently ruffled sleeves and a gorgeous scarf / choker to wrap it all off…chic and feminine !

If you join the instore subscribo, as an added bonus you receive this darling sequined black highwaist skirt and blouse…it has the prettiest detail on the back…and scrummy sparkles on the skirt..perfect for all those Christmas parties !

Take a look around the main store, it’s not a vast collection , but I suspect it will grow…whats there has a quality feel…I noticed a couple of fantastic coats…quite a few casual outfits…swimwear (outrageously pretty!), jeans & separates plus oodles of evening wear. If you’re looking for something that little bit extra special and different from the usual run-of-the-mill…Amarelo Manga is a great place to start looking.

All clothing: [Amarelo Manga]

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I was meandering through the market place yesterday and came across this freebie from BUKKA…Id never heard of the store before so wasnt sure what to expect…I’m sooo glad I nabbed it ! The box contains this sooper pair of worn denim shorts , they have terrific turn ups and a deeelicious belt…you also get the tee…it does have a prim body which is pretty nifty but I wanted to show you the belt so left it off. Was so chuffed with my find I decided to explore the inworld store…

Shockingly one of the lucky chairs was on ? , I’m rarely moved to run in SL but this time I did ! Scored with this brilliant Tshirt I’m wearing above…slapped the subscribo on the way around and was given a gift of this fantabulous leather belt bag…yay!  Lotsa lucky chairs to prowl, long wait time but totally worth it for the goodies they contain. The store took an age to rez but I was patient and wandered about to view the rest of the items…great collection of girls & guys wear..seperates, casual…the ponchos really caught my eye…go look!

Market place for shorts & tee : BUKKA gift

Mainstore: BUKKA

Poses: hate me eat me

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Be Cynful

Into my hot little paws this outfit was delivered today ! It’s from Cynful, which if you havent been there before is stuffed with smokin hawt gear..the group gift consists of the Eve britches & Zone’s off the shoulder top. The pants are get a choice of skinny cuffs or chunky ole flares..I ❤ the top verrrry much..superbly crafted bell shaped sleeves that sat perfectly with no adjustment and a great torso prim with the tiniest little button detail on each side…thanks Cynful for a deeelicious gift!

Go get hawt : cynful

For the curious: All poses by Magnifique poses , necklace by Krash

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Lifes a beach

Another box I received today is from Lelutka..bronze tone sarong wrap & bikini…plussss the hat with hair. The hat is mod so I fiddled a bit with the colour…you receive eight versions of the hat/hair…awesomesauce! Just head over…join the subscribo..slap it again for the history and select the number one in the menu…thanks for the gifty Letlutka!

Go get beach fit:Lelutka


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Taste The Rainbow

Oh Haiiii! Gosh I’ve been a little busy with uhm “things”…but here I am again…bad penny etc..Sooo I found this dress…its dotty & spotty…its twirly & girly…with a sooper fresh pure white background…this is the subscribo gift just for joining up…go slap that baby !

Every now and again you come across something that makes you go ” w o w ” and here is mine for this week…this is the HoX  gift for the “sour pickles hunt” and its shockingly pretty..I cant show you in a photo just how this dress moves around you..but it flows…and swayss…and the silver petals seem to be suspended all around you…~happy sigh~…its a keeper. You have to find a little orange fish for this gift – hint..”take the weight off and rest your feet”…

Go get girly: HoX