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Lok down

Loks subscribo gift FREE!

Nope, thats not a spelling error in the title, this post is all about the goodies & treats on offer at Lok’s, see what I did there huh? huh?! Above is the latest subscribo gift. Just join up and slap the board. It’s such a lovely couch, big and comfy. Lots of poses crammed in. If you look carefully around the landing point you will also find the leather black cat set out as a gift for you. The other lil kitty is part of the Falling Leaves hunt prize….

Loks Falling Leaves Hunt gift

…and this superb bench is the main part. Low prim and loads of great poses, whats not to love? Toodle over and take a gander, there is sooo much low prim loveliness on offer at very reasonable prices ! (I’ve shopped here for donkeys years, brill place !)


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One for the Guys

FATEwear  Gift !

Dont ever say that I don’t think of the guys ! FATEwear sent out a brill subscriber gift today yippeee, its called Leon and its rather “gadety”. You get the hooded top and it’s just uber cool…sort of thing the guys would sling on to mooch or hang out in.

FATEwear - FREE gift!

It also comes with a HUD, now this is the magical part ! Wear the HUD and select jacket/coat then you can choose an array of colour tones for the main part of your top, then go to the t-shirt tab and there are two further pieces you can change the colour on…the changes are endless, really, I played with it. You can still grab yourself this splendid bit of kit by going to the FATEwear mainstore and joining the subscribo , thats sooper cool, thanks Damien ❤

FATEwear mainstore

FATE wear blog

FATEwear market place

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Dutchie Subscribo gift - wringer FREE!

Absolutely beautiful subscribo gift from Dutchie today, the vintage wringer. Its mesh so you will need a mesh enabled viewer to see it correctly, it’s also made utilising the new “materials” type thing..which Im told gives added realism to objects. But not to worry, if you don’t have the graphics card that will run advanced settings, this little item still looks fahhhbulous in the usual viewers ! Li only 7 !


NB: It seems you could only get a copy of this subscribo gift if you were already subscribed…better join up now so you dont miss anything else !

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Its written in the stars

Freebie American Bazarr Clara mesh dress FREE!

OhHaiii! I’ve got some lubberly jubberlies to show you! This nifty little dress is by American Bazaar, it’s called Clara and is 100% mesh…really fab styling, jetted pockets and a sharp thin belt set it off nicely…its also 100% freeee!

STC Nora mesh dress FREE!

Another freebie to get your paws on is the latest subscribo gift from Sweeter Than Candy, called Nora….lovely leaf print all over in a darling baby blue tone. My necklace is from Eclectica, its part of a set which comes with earings & a ring. I found it in the discount section for a ridiculously low price…didnt know Eclectica had a discount section! Some heavenly deals in there – go check it out!

Bubblez NEW! - Vanilla skirt & top NEW!

Last up is a newwww release from Bubblez ! “Vanilla” is a skirt and babydoll top combination. Love sets, means added flexibility…I tried the top on with jeans, looked brill…the skirt also goes well with a multitude of t-shirts & tops I already own. A mad combo of spots and flowers which just WORKS ! Thanks Milo ❤


American Bazaar dress

Sweeter than Candy


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Useful & Gorgeous

Loks inventory organiser FREE! DandelionWine subscribo dress FREE!

I whipped over to Lok’s a couple of days ago to snatch up the gift for the Cookie Jar Anniversary Hunt…its a “storage dresser”, and boy-oh-boy do I need one of those ! Its dead nifty, comprehensive instructions are in the box so you wont get confuddled at all, I SO need to sit down and store away the trillions of  bits of furniture I still have from the rental homes . Each drawer can be named (its hover text, so you can’t see my labels in the photo). Eight drawers to fill up with gear, all those things you wanttttt and neeed but really don’t need everyday that clutter up your inventory. When you land at Lok’s there is info on all the hunts currently running. Oh! Almost forgot, my frock is a free gift from DandelionWine, join the subscribo and voila its yours. Such a pretty little thing it is too…frothy,lacy and girly ! Definately a store to keep an eye on, heaps of new releases and the quality is greaaaaat!



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Fizzzzzz !

percent seltzer  bottle subscriber gifty

I have some sooper subscribo gifts to share with you ! This is the subscribo pressie from %Percent (free join hurrah!)…an old-fashioned seltzer bottle. I’ve got one knocking around in my real life home (somewhere) So retro and always kinda glitzy. The new range of these comes in a zillllion colours, but this bright blue is the gift, brilliant ! In the box you’ll find a 3 and a 4 prim version(with our without shadow) Place it on a bar or outside on your patio table, little touches really make your home shine.

LOK subscriber monthly gift 3 prims_0012


If you sign up to Lok’s update service (free join) you will receive little boxes of happiness every now and again. These darling tables arrived in my inventory the other day. You get both, one with an arrangement of potted plants and the other with some casually flipped open magazines…at 3 prims they are perfect for livening up your space !



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London calling

ohmaii….what lovely news to wake up with…coldLogic have a limited time subscribo gift for us! It’s this plummy classy dress..with a chiffon layer and one shoulder bared…called “London”…you get the range of standard sizes in the you can be sure to find one to fit you..thanks coldLogic team ❤ My hair is also a gift, from D!va, named “Naomi”…set out for you to collect on the second floor of the store, it’s the 20,000 members gift (group is free join)