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Coming to every blog near you. (Freebie).

From the crowd at Promagic I can see that this gift is going to be popping up everywhere.

This is actually a subscribers gift from Promagic and since it wasn’t automatically sent to me I had to unsub then resub. There are five heart themed patterns in the hud and yet even so as you can see from this one example they can be worn anytime and not just at Valentine’s.


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Whats in the box? (Free Hair & Dress).

The box I’m holding is the delivery box for the free hair I’m wearing and I wonder how many of us will be getting boxes like this for RL Christmas gifts? (Make mine a Soap & Glory Gift).

I won’t lie I was hoping this gift from “Pink Hustler” was going to be nails as I’m loving their range of nail varnishes especially the ones with little froo froo things stuck on them. I am so pleased I tried the hair out as I think it looks really good on me and has such an interesting style.

And I know I’ve played with the colour in the picture but it was definitely a case of “Ooo that’s interesting”. You do get a hud of colours and although that pale shade on the left always remains the same I thought this pink option for the other side looks really good.

The dress is also a freebie which I suspect I have shown you it before and there is also an interesting bathing suit which again looks familiar and totally blog-worthy. This dress comes with a big hud of colours and you can wear it with a chain and/or a leather harness.

PS. The hair, if I remember correctly is a subscribers gift so find the board and slap it.

Pink Hustler. (Hair).

Lecastle. (Dress).

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In and Out.(Freebie(ssss).

My first thought when I opened this subscribers gift was I can’t wait and I have to log out and do a post.

Only 1 prim for this cutie and the orange, black and white disk decor items are 2 prims.

If you’ve not subbed to the Madras shop then it’s time to sub. The Madras group is also free and I spotted some new decor items which I’ve just swiped.


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Be a Pro(magic). (Subscribers Gift).

I try not to look at other blogs for the simple reason I like to try to find something different and today I have FAILED TWICE!!!

I do watch some youtube channels for inspirations, updates on what’s going on, events, tutorials and occasionally links to gifts and I cannot believe that just today not only this excellent outfit I felt so chuffed finding they also show the Hilly Haalan Gift Shop!!!

Even my AV looks a bit hacked off.  Never mind because in the end no matter where you see it or read it when the gifts are this good who cares we’re all after the same thing.

So this is a Subscribers gift if like me you’re already subbed then unsubbed and resub and it’s sent to you.

PS. Big fat juicy hud and comes as separates.


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I wasn’t but I will. (Freebie(s)).

I wasn’t going to show you this dress only because it comes from a shop we all know for its fab freebies and should already be on your regular goto places to visit when you’re in need of a new outfit and so you probably already have it but I knew I didn’t so I was wearing it till I find the next freebie and decided to just take a snap of it and do a post in any case.


BTW You can’t see it but the sleeves are delicately slit so your arm shows through or if you’re not keen on that you can wear the non-sleeved version you get of this dress.

I can’t swear to it but I do think there are a couple of new items on the wall of the “Subscription” gifts.


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Trust me it’s monday, I know because Alexa told me it was monday. (Freebie).

Onsu has sent out as a subscribers gift a skybox.

It has one large area which at first made me think it was more like a large shop than a home but on further wandering through it nope this is definitely very homelike.

There is even two sets of staircases and various rooms that can be turned into bedroom, bathroom, slave room etc.

I know that you also get a version with or without an outside surround plus I think some texturing options in a hud.

In all honesty, since this was just under 100prims, I slapped it down on Faiths platform, took a few piccies and then picked it up again before she came inworld and wondered WTF had all the prims gone lol.

I did a quick TP over to the Onsu shop and yup just click the sub board and this home is yours for totally free.


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There is no shame! (Freebies).

Admit it people who have owned Crocs love Crocs.  I too am a closet Croc lover, sadly I caved into public pressure and the sniggers of my loved ones and my Crocs hit the bin years ago, I still miss them.

Of course, SL is different and if we can walk around as a furry/doll/hamster/baby or 7 feet tall with tits and ass big enough to float a barge then we can wear our Crocs with pride.

These are both a freebie (subscribers gift) and a reblog as these have been set out for us for quite a long time.  You do get a pair for him and her, awwww how cute a couple of Croc wearers lol, and a hud of colours.  The fact that to me there are also some new gifts is my excuse to show you these again.

OH Bugger, ignore the breakthrough.

I thought that these and the other boots I picked up were going to be for men only but nope you get both M & F fits.  The ones I’m wearing are the female ones, obviously, and they’re still a bit oversized for me.  I can’t edit out that breakthrough but if I had spotted it then I would have just removed my feet as these aren’t made for a specific foot shape.  There is an easy to use Hud and I ticked the “bright” option because that way you see the detailing better. Before I logged out I had a quick try of the hud to change the size and a simple tweak made them a much nicer size for my feet.

The other boots are bigger and chunkier and they too look better with the “bright” on.  There was also some sunglasses and gloves on offer in the Gift room.

The reason I went over to the A&D shop was the notice that there is a new outlet section, at least I think that’s what the notice said, so I went over to check that out.  Most items in that section seem to be priced at 50Lds but they’re also mainly men’s clothes, yes there are women’s fashions but just not that much as the A&D shop is mainly for men’s wear.

The subscriber’s board is at the LM and to find the other Freebies/Outlet Dept it might be easier to hop on the TP board.

A&D Clothing