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I kid you not! (Freebies & Credit).

I found these pants in one shop and then almost 2 mins later a notice came through for free credit for subscribers so I TPed to one of the shops involved and right there on the subscriber’s board is this top and it matches the pants perfectly.

The lacing on these pants really do stand out so to get them as a Freebie made me chuckle with glee.  They come from the PD (Pearl Design) shop and although that is a paid-for group these pants are set as a freebie, or at least you pay 1Ld and it’s returned to you.

For the top and credit, I went to the  Sweet Temptation shop.  You will see this subscribers board and near to it is an info board about the credit.  Basically, the 300Lds only applies to 1 shop so it’s up to you to visit all of the shops and check out to see which one has things in it you’d like to treat yourself to and sub slap the credit board in that shop.  The shops involved are Sweet Temptation, Gaall, Vaxer, Chic & Shoes.  I suspect they’re all actually on the same shopping sim but you can get the LMs from the info board.

Anyhow as soon as I log back in I’m going to have a nice leisurely walk around and find something for meeee.

PS. The balloon is from the shop in my last post, Muggleborn, and it’s one of the Freebie.  This wearable is so cute and when you walk you hold that position.  There is a blank version but the ones with slogans on are cheeky, I like the “Nope” one and so next time I’m pulling poses and some chancer IM’s me with a “Hi” I’m going to wear my “Nope” slogan lol. Oh, and you do get a rezzable version.

PS.  Slap the info board and it will give you the link to the shops involved with this giveaway but I suspect they’re all actually close by.

PF (Pearls Fashion)

Sweet Temptation(For the top & 300Ld Store Credit)

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Big ‘n’ Baggy is in.(Sub gift).

This sub gift fell into my invent when I logged in which has given me a great start to the day.

I’ve been in and out of the Rapture shop a lot of times as they do have a distinctive range of clothing which means the Group does come with a price tag so to get this “freebie” sent was a nice treat.  So pop over, slap the sub and then check out the shop.


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Only fit for the bin! (Freebie).

In my “Thrift shop” dress and bare feet I’m feeling a bit like Cinderella as I have no shoes!

So why are they only fit for the bin? You get one size only and since most of the Promagic range comes in Maitreya I think it’s safe to assume these are for Maitreya feet and although they would make for amazing decor items at 21 prims I can’t even use them for that.

This is a Subscribers gift, I had to unsub and resub but as soon as I did it was sent to me.

The sub-board is to your right as you go in and REZZ not wear the package.


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Quick start.(Freebie).

This is a very bright, zingy subscribers gift is from Graffitiwear and I was pretty sure I was already subbed but it turns out I’m not but I am now.

When I slapped the sub button I waited and waited and waited and it wasn’t sent to me so I decided to click on the large sub-board sign and as you can see it was then sent to me.  The sun I’ve used in the picture has brightened the colours but this is a lovely zingy patchwork dress.  Lots of fits as well.

As I’m pulling poses I’m deleting them like mad, old ones, new ones, cheap ones and “you paid how much” ones but when you have 1000’s of the damned things and some of them are as old as me its time wasting trying to find the right pose.  I think this one might end up in the trash.



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Quick start. (Freebie).

Picked these up yesterday just as the call went out but I was just too bleurgh, with a mild but irritating cold, to finish a post so you will have probably already seen these in all the freebie posts/groups etc and there is a good reason why…quality!

To get these you have to subscribe at the Promagic shop.  If like me you were already subbed but didn’t get them sent to you automatically then just unsub and resub and voila.

PS.  Only 3 prims if you want to use as decor which is pretty shocking when you see the detailing in them.  Plus these are to be found just inside the front doors but there are some great bargains, you will recognise them, on the wall to your left, the big pictures.


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Slap a Sub, they like it!(Freebie).

OK, a quickie but there might be updates.

This post is for the dress which was sent to me, and everyone else of course who is a subscriber of Busty Boutique. But you’re not subbed to Busty Boutique or you are but haven’t been sent this dress, and shoes, then pop over and unsub then resub and it will be sent to you after a couple of minutes.

I did briefly mention shoes but since I wanted to do a close up of the hair n face you can’t see them but they’re perfectly designed to go with this dress, very Halloweeny.

I’m gonna log in and check out the balloons and scary face to see if they’re still available and still free but the hair is one of my all-time Mina faves and I love this time of year just because it allows me to wear Blair more often.  Not that it can’t be worn at any time but those “wings” just look AMAZING!

Sorry, it looks like the balloons and scary clown face are old gifts and I can’t find them.

I felt bad and so when I logged in to do a bit of sorting out I decided to pop on a pose ball and show you the shoes which come with this outfit.

They come in 3 mesh feet fits and I didn’t mention that the dress also comes in a variety of mesh body fits.  I feel better now so I can return to my pose ball in the sky and start rummaging through my invent for more goodies.

Busty Boutique

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Sporty n Spicy.(Freebies).

This is obviously the “Spicy” look.

I snagged this from the “Desire Boutique” shop and it’s actually the Subscribers gift!  Such a damned good outfit for just slapping the sub board.

You can crank up the sexiness by removing the bra.

Comes with a pretty generous Hud which allows you to change the colour of the jumpsuit and bra separately and 3 options for the zips. The same can be said for the shoes, a big Hud but I bet you know what I’m going to say?  Those extra tall soled shoes are just not my cup of Chai Latte but you may love em or simply don’t wear them.

Then I came across this “Sporty” outfit which is a Free for all gift.

Yes I’ve possibly shown you this short ‘n’ shirts set before as it’s a very common SL design BUT I’m not sure if it’s this exact set because just as with the other gift this comes with a really big Hud and some of the options for the top are ones with logos on and I don’t recognise seeing them before.  Anyhow this is where SL and RL collide because you can never ever have enough gym clothes esp when they’re as good as this.  So sorry if you have seen this outfit before and not sorry if you haven’t.

You will find these upstairs and also 3 other free to join group gifts but check out all the paid for Group Gifts, not bad too shabby at all! For just the 100Lds joining fee, there seems to be a really nice selection of tops, dresses, shoes etc so you get a lot back for such a small outlay.

PS. Forgot what exactly but these gifts come in so many sizes there will be a fit for all.

Desire Boutique