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It’s a moochy sort of day.(Sub gift & Mention of Cheapies).

Now that I’ve done a couple of what I think are really good finds I’m treating myself to a moochy sort of afternoon which is how I ended up at Gato.

This top has been a subscribers gift in the Gato shop for XXX amount of years and it’s the same for the other cheapies.  It’s such a shame that I can’t see anything newer to reflect the shop’s contents better because Gato is full of bold colours and textures.  Make sure to check out the top floor as well.  I do think though that the cheapies, 3Lds, 5Ld etc are still as good now as when they were first put out and for that price, I’d buy them but they are Maitreya fit only so I hummed, hawed and then went next door to try out some new poses instead lol.

Poseball maker kit

As for the poses, as I’m working my way through my invent I’m starting to bin those poses that just don’t work or I just don’t use before I start to buy new ones.  Next door to Gato is Le Poppycock and I’ve been posing like mad and I like what I’ve tried but again until I know what I have and what I need I won’t be buying yet.  I did notice on the table near the entrance is a paper bag with a free “Poseball maker Kit” which doesn’t really need to be explained.


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Gearing up.(Freebies).

I was pleasantly surprised at this rather nice Subscribers gift from Gaall.

Once you’ve grabbed this don’t run off as when I was LM grabbing I spotted a Group Gift of a dress.

I have to add that when I logged in this shirt has gone from a really nice gift to a keeper.

PS.  This is Aprils Sub gift which might just change sooner rather than later so don’t delay.


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Don’t you DARE Judge me! (His & Her FREEBIES).

I swear to God only last week Faith and I confessed we once owned…CROCS!  Fortunately, as far I know no one actually took a photo of me wearing them so I can’t be blackmailed.  I was randomly TPing old LMs which brought me to “A&D Clothing” and these beauties.

I did giggle slightly madly when I put them on as my love of Crocs is still a guilty pleasure not that I would ever wear them again….in public at least lol.

This is a fab gift from A&D Clothing.  You get 2 sizes, one for him and one for her.  They don’t come in mesh feet fits but you get do get a very easy hud to use and the hud also inc 12 great colours.

Ignore the fact it says it’s a men’s clothing shop as it does have women’s fashions BUT this is a Subscribers gift and that board is just outside of the entrance so slap it and wear your Crocs with pride.

A&D Clothing

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Oops I did it again! (Sub Gift).

Two clicks and my old house has gone and in its place, my Apple Fall Farmhouse has been rezzed, I have an addiction and if you try to stop me I will CUT YOU!

As I was stood there trying to shoehorn the stuff from my old house into the new house and going through my invent I came across some items from a shop called Funky Junk.  One profile check later showed me that not only was Ulaa still inworld but although her profile says her shop is “temp closed” it’s not it’s actually opened for business.

Before I started to wander around the shop and houses which are for sale I, of course, slapped the Sub-board and it turns out this is the gift…oooooo very nice indeed but booooo not mod lol.  What you can’t see is the butterflies as they flew out of shot just as I clicked.

There seems to be more builds/homes than decor items but I spotted some pretty pictures and a set of washing lines which I think I may return to buy but I decided to pop home and see what the sub gift was and of course, it’s this.

Funky Junk

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I bought Lindens so I could buy these.(Freebie ‘n’ silly).

It’s just been one of “those days” a day of stupid little niggly annoyances so I’ve locked the front door, turned up the heating, poured myself a very large Baileys and there is even a brand new Judge Judy on TV and so I logged into SL and out of RL.

Go on guess what I spent my Lindens on????

I don’t know why but these feet just tickled me, or the Baileys is stronger than I thought, but at 45Lds I feel just like stomping around SL.

The sweater is a Subscribers gift from Luzifee and in fact, this is the second one in 2 days they have sent out.  Yesterdays one was really nice but today’s just so happens colour coordinated with the leggings and the beanie I was wearing so I’m just showing you this one but when you go to Luzifee slap the sub and check the history and get note 1&2 for today’s and yesterdays lovely gifts.


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Too hot for me.(Sub Gift).

A hot start to a very cold and foggy day.

I knew from the name of the folder what sort of dress it was going to be so I wasn’t surprised by the colours.  You get 2 version, this red one and a pinker one…didn’t try that on.  So if you’re not subbed to Byrne then pop over slap the sub and check the history if it’s not sent to you.


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Only fit for the trash! (Freebie).

Nooooo these Sub gift shoes from Promagic only come in a Maitreya fit.

So once I’d tried them on, just to make sure they didn’t fit I threw em in the trash.

These are a sub gift and if they’ve not been sent to you then you will know by now to unsub and then resub and voila.

PS.  Still working away, still struggling with slow internet but hoping for some more downtime over the weekend.