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BOO!.(Freebies, Cheapies, Gacha’s ‘n’ Spendy).

OMGFG is this not freaking ADORABLE! Takes a slurp of coffee to calm myself down.

Whilst I was on the Marketplace yesterday I picked up a bargain bucket of stuff from a shop called cinphul(sic). That cost me 10Ls but it was well worth it and once I’d unpacked all the junk I TPed over to cinphul and found that the 10Ld items are actually in the shop for FREE but I ain’t mad because the MP price of 10Lds is a pittance.

I must state that this adorable ghostie is NOT inc in the free items but more about it later.

This is all the free stuff(or 10Ld if you buy it off the MP).  Some great clutter, all pictures were just taken in my Nams setting so you can see the quality.

Now for the “cheapies” but this time ignore the sink, more about that at the end.

The Ghostie and the other items in this picture are Gacha wins.  I know the Ghostie one is only 35Lds and that cloth covered bench is from a 10Ld Gacha.  All the prizes are on show so you can see them before you take a chance.  I ended up taking quite a few chances lol.  I’m too easily tempted by these bargain-priced Gachas.

So that’s the “Freebies, Cheapies, Gacha’s” and now for the “Spendy”.

I think this sink cost me 149Lds and it was worth every Ld.  You get 2 versions, this cluttered one for 5prims and an uncluttered one for only 3prims.  I won’t admit to how many sinks I own but I don’t have a corner sink and that’s why I snapped this up.

PS. Not GG’s but Subscribers gifts so slap the sub notice and go into history, select “Deliver all” and get all the stuff from the top picture and more because I haven’t shown you everything.


cinphul MP shop

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Broken links broken heart (Freebies n stuff).

I’ve just noticed that a link I provided in a previous post is  broken but fortunately I’m using a prop from the same place so I can relink you.  Honestly I hate it when that happens.  OK first the FREEBIE.

In my last post I showed you some jewels which are gifts from Zuri Lyric’s small shop Lazuri @the Cosmopolitan shopping event, easy to find this shop as it’s right on the corner next to the main entrance of the Cosmopolitan shop and it has some lovely yellow flowers in the window.  I was so impressed with these gifts this morning I logged in and TPed over to her main shop and found some more FREENESS!  Actually there is a free item to all and then if you slap the Sub board you get sent even more freebies and then because I was so impressed with them I even joined the Paid for group which costs 250 but I thought you get your monies worth back in spades with the 2 full sets you get and I know I have some outfits which these necklaces/earrings/bracelets etc will just look stunning with.

First one of the Freebies.


It’s the necklace, and earrings which come in the other freebie pack.  Comes with a really BIG menu which allows you to change everything from the stones to the bling or in this case the “glow”.  A stunning chunk perfectly fitting piece, although the menu allows you to change the size it fitted me perfectly. The other Freebies are much more subtle and everything comes with that full menu.


This is one of the paid for Group Gifts, a full collar of precious stones and metal.  Again that menu allows you to change everything about it.  You also get the matching bracelets, earings and 2 rings for both hands.


I had to take a selfie because I took these pictures in my new bathroom and everyone knows you take selfies in bathroom.

So OK I’ve had fun with the pictures, and my bloody appearance, normally with paid for items I like to leave them untouched but since you can get the freebies from the smaller shop@Cosmopolitan, I’ll put the link below, and the Sub and freebie from her mainshop you can use these to judge the quality for yourself before you cave in like me and treat yourself by joining the group.


The broken link is for Linus Humphrey Marketplace shop and costs a single Linden!  I’ve previously shown you the Urban warehouse but I also went back and brough everything else, from the Steampunk windmil to the old fashioned bakelite telephone not because at 1Ld they’re cheap but because they’re 100% QUALITY!


Just like my pictures of the warehouse I’ve just framed this picture and not changed it in any other way, the texturing is that good.

PS Yes I’m going to be wandering around SL dressed like that hunting down the next freebie.

 Lazuri Mainshop


 Linus Humphreys


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Just a quickie.

As I was wading through my notes a surprise package came through from Luziefee and although I’ve just blogged about this shop and the new row of Lucky boards there I decided to unpack the goodies and found this.


Luzie Cheng has been so nice and to all her Subscribers, and I’m going to assume her Group Members, and she has boxed up all of last years Group Gifts and sent them out.  I rezzed a few which I’ve blogged previously but as soon as I rezzed this mesh skirt and system top I knew exactly the hair, hat, make up and although you can’t see them even the shoes which will make this whole look stunning.  The skirt and top are separates and I’m sure the top come with different styles but sorry I had to log out and I’ve forgotten.

So because this is a Freebie I have had fun with the windlight, COS I CAN, but even in my normal nams setting the skirt and top are made up of lovely burnt orange, earthy yellows and olive-green colours.

bliss hat

If you like the hat then it came from Bliss Couture.  OK will say that Bliss Couture has been holding a closing down sale for at least a year now LOL BUT that so works in our benefit because it means this and all of her other amazing hats are only 89Lds.  I don’t have many Bliss outfits as the style is non mesh and high fashioned which again for those of you who aren’t into mesh means it’s the perfect place to grab a ball gown or flouncy dress.  If like me you love your hats then you will love them here, I think I have just about all of them in my invent but sadly not all of the colours only my finances and conscience stops me buying the whole lot I love them so much.

PS when you go to Luziefee to slap the Sub board once you’ve done that click it again and chose History and then the number 1 to get the package sent to you.


Bliss Couture