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The struggle is real.

As yet no freebies but I want you to go here and then…..


I was LM hopping and came across a very interesting building and discovered it comes from a shop called No Signal so I TPed over and yup there it is but sadly it’s a Gacha Rare win and 2 attempts later I have a drinks dispenser and a pile of comics and no building.

No Signal shares the same sim as a shop called Vibes and although neither of these shops has a gift for us, damned meanies, they do have some really nice and interesting items. I was almost tempted…then I remembered my Gacha “wins” lol.

I also want to show you the sim these 2 shop share.  The shops themselves are on 2 separate heart-shaped islands, you just walk across the water to get from one to another but the windlight and landscaping of them just make for a great photo opportunity.  I just pointed and clicked and so again even if you don’t think you I assure you can take beautiful pictures here. Plus you may also cave into temptation and treat yourself.

No signal & Vibes

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Freaking MAD

MadPea is as mad as ever in fact I fear for its SANITY!  I’ve used no Photoshop or vaseline to make this picture all grey and moody this is exactly what you see when you get there.

Some of the scenery is vast and awesome.

As far as I know you can walk down that gaping mouth and sit right on the edge.  Freaky and yet awe-inspiring.  MadPea is what Second Life is about.  Yeah Yeah Yeah I know it’s also perfect boobs and hair and sex BUT for a lot of people SL is about using your imagination to take you to places that wouldn’t/couldn’t exist in RL (or if they do then we would never be able to afford to visit).

Me on the “spider”

This is a landscape of vast moody desolation and although there is a fun fair the fun is drained by the moodiness.  A wonderful sim.

MadPea is a serious hunt interactive adventure.  I’ve done one of their hunts before and I’ve been  frustrated and overjoyed at the same time.  The pleasure of working out the clues and finding the prize is well worth the brain cells that you will sacrifice working out the puzzles however just look at the imagination that they use in their sims (yes they have quite a few).  In fact the last post off me was taken on their winter snowy scenes and again I didn’t use any special effect to get that white misty look. Lots of seating with lovely poses and props.  Perfect if you want to snatch a winter snap for your Crimbo cards (thats Christmas cards to anyone outside of the UK). So lots of hunts (brain cell killers) and lots of sims if you just want to walk around staring at the wonderful sights.

Page with all the hunts listed


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