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Rambling Rose.(Freebies).

I was over at the Flawless Sim because if you remember a couple of posts ago I mentioned that there was a cart sale and a strawberry hunt just about to start and it’s started.  This isn’t as cheap as The Wash, cart sale but on each cart is some items priced at under 100Lds and of course there are lots and lots and lots of hidden strawberries for you to buy for 0Lds.

Having said that this isn’t one of the prizes.

1 Hundred has a cart at this event but I decided to pop over to the main shop instead.  I know this is an old gift because I remembered that I didn’t go for it the first time it was called out in the blogs as it’s a system layer/Omega Applied outfit and sometimes even Omega doesn’t work but as you can see it has this time.  A nice slightly washed out sleeply set.

This is actually just one of a few gifts for different Free groups, as always the invites for the different gifts are right there.  The 1 Hundred shop also has a really nice gift out and as you can tell you’re just gonna have to go look at them all for yourself because I’m logging off for coffee and to apply more balm to my poor scratched bod.

Flawless Sim for Cart sale & Strawberry Hunt.

1 Hundred


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Moving in.(Freebies).

I evicted the Elf and moved some basic furniture into my new rental.

TBH at 50Lds I might actually rent it for a couple of more weeks just for shitz n giggles.

Now for the Freeness.

I can’t remember the sizes of this new Entice gift but I do know it doesn’t contain my SLink fit, however, it’s not actually a bad fit for all that.  You get a small hud as well.  You find this new one in the main entrance but head towards the back of the shop, behind the glass case with the Unicorns in it, and there is the Lucky Boards and other GG’s which aren’t very new but this is new to me.

I don’t just love the fact it comes in all fits inc my own but look at that texture and the contrast of the dress and bow.  Really nice and different.

Make a note of the LM even if you’re not interested in these freebies, but remember there are others there you might not have seen before, but tomorrow on the Flawless sim, the one Entice is on a cart sale starts and I did spot Strawberries which suggests to me from past experience that with the bargains on each cart there will also be a Strawberry hunt.  Not 100% but pretty sure thats whats happening and tomorrow I will be checking it out for sure.


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Alas Poor Faith

Faith is MIA (missing in action due to raging toothache) I am MIA because RL is draging me kicking and screaming back to reality but I found time to snag this lovely freebie and yet more special offers for my FAV shape maker in SL.

Snapshot_016Sadly only the sky box is free, happily the shape I am wearing is on special offer.  I was mooching and came across Quark Fallen’s profile which brought me to a weird looking skybox, Arbres Obscurs.  Followed the instructions and clicked the subscription button and then reclicked and checked the history and then snagged all the free goodies that Quark Fallen had put out over the past year or so one of which is this sky box.  Very textured walls with a  door that does open although only onto a narrow corridor a  painting on the wall and richly draped curtains in the centre of the room is a slightly raised dias with a draped canopy over head which is begging to have a throne or a bed place underneath.  A very armospheric and beautiful room and not only free but only 28prims! But don’t ignore the other freebies as the Easter flower cross is gorgeous and the simple pot of Lily of the Valley is so sweet.


Not doing the shape justice because of lack of time but I’ve only just done some Anna shapes and I wasn’t planning on doing another one so quickly BUT she has some brill offers on at the moment so it was hard not to give her a mention again.  She has a shape out at Flawless for only 50Lds! and if you hunt down the strawberries on the barrows you can score yourself some freebies as well.  The other shape is from the new round of Designer Circle When I get released from horrible RL I will be able to do the shapes justice but until then you have my word that they are the best shapes I have found in all my years SLing.

If by any chance you have some spare time them spare a thought to visit this beautiful sim.  Because I’m doing a rush job I’ve not checked but it looks like a delightful place owned by Quark but open to all to wander and enjoy.


Arbres Obscurs

Leroy Lovely Sim

Anna Shapes at Flawless

Designer Circle

Anna Shapes Main Shop