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Candy Land Freebies & Discounts

Ever Green @ CandyLand

Some really whimsical & sweet items are out for sale at Candy Land ! All things sweet & cute with huge discounts. Above is just one of the items Ever Green has on offer – yes you are not seeing things – it IS a donut plant ! Now the really interesting thing is you can set its growth rate and of course because its Ever Green every part of this little gem has a texture menu yay! Priced at just $88L its a winner. I had a go on the candy floss machine while I was there – its just £125L and you go from making it to eating it ! Have a go on all the items at Ever Greens booth – its fun!

Free flowering garden panels & Free seating area !

A lot, if not most, of the designers have a little gift for you (just join the Evil Bunny Hunts group – its free) Above are a couple I thought might interest you. Firstly Ever Green has these flowering trellis panels, you get two sizes in the box and also some wall flowers on their own. Large panel is 3Li and the smaller is 2Li – of course you get a texture menu for both flowers, trellis and leaves – making it dead easy to blend in with your space. The large heart shaped seating area is the gift from Storax Tree which is 11Li, single seated animations built right in. I made a little private area with my Ever Green panels for it.


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Strut Your Stuff Hunt – Free

Amidst the packing for holiday I had to grab a couple of items to show you from the Strut Your Stuff hunt! This sweet pigeon on a stump is animated and head bobs, dead cute, just 3Li and is from Storax Tree – easy to find as you can collect it at the landing point!

I haven’t had anything from Prism in years but WOW spotted this dress in the hunt and knew it was for moi! You get two versions in the gift, this one with the sheer top and a more modest one that isn’t. A whole host of fits included. Clue is on the hunt board, link to the hunt web site below for all prize photos and hints and LM’s.

Strut Your Stuff Hunt

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Works of Art.(Freebie n Dollarbie).

As soon as I get an update note from Loordes of London I always read it because I love the clothes and shoes and often they’re on at special events and even more importantly at special prices.  As it happens the lady who owns Loorde’s has a RL sister who owns Storax Tree and her shop is packed with home and garden items and like her Sis, she too has a lot of offers/discounts etc on offer which leads me to this painting.

The reason I had to get this is because when I set up my new home (Hardwick House)  I need big and bold art work so this with its illuminating light just hits the spot, geddit? LOL.  The painting and light are linked and still come to just 2 prims.

This is the size it rezzes at but I spotted that there is a resizer script so I’m gonna guess you can make it bigger or smaller depending on the size of your home.  Although this is a “Hunt” prize you don’t actually have to hunt for it as the LM takes you to a room where all the events and hunts that are going on are on the wall for you to see, so just find the poster for the “Masters of Style” hunt and buy it for a single Ld.

For those who want something a bit more modern then you might just have spotted the star shaped light at the top of the picture.

This is a new gift from a shop called Goose but this is the SL frees & offers(sic) free group gift.  A simple 1 prim star wall light, or just have it floating around your home and sim.

There is a lovely GG set out for the Goose group members and that’s only 50Lds to join so check that out.  I only scanned the note that was sent out but the long and short of it is that the person who owns Goose has been busy in RL but is now back and getting Goose back up to speed.  Goose is yet another Home and Garden shop packed with delightful stuff for your SL home.

Sorry, I am a bit vague with shop/designers names in this post but time is short.


Storax Tree (Hunts and Events Room)