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Warming and Welcoming (mdrm)

This is the most perfect fireplace for everyone.  We’re talking about such low prims and because of the options in the menu you have you can literally furnish a whole small room or cosy nook.  So you get the basic fireplace which including the books, plant, ladder etc adds up to a small 10 prims however when you click on the fire surround you get a whole selection of seating to suit all tastes and also a lovely fire surround/bench. This photo shows the fire, bench and the old fashioned chairs.  Not a vast anount of poses but enough to keep everyone sitting happily.  You can rezz 1 chair or even more and once rezzed move them to any position you like.

This is the sofa and I love it’s unstructured and yet shaped soft plump cushions.  Limited poses and yet they’re not the bog standard and have been made to  make you fit so well into the sofas folds.

Last option is the stools which you can see are big and padded and only 2 prims each!  Again you have the choice of how many you want to rezz and once rezzed you can move them to anyplace you want.  Now I can’t find poses in these however at such low prims you can easily use a lovely cushion or add a pose ball.

Now my home is small and yet even with all of these items rezzed it leaves me so much space so this is a lovely set that will fit into either the smallest home or a large home which is begging for some warming up for the comming Autumnal months or as we call it in the UK our Bloody Summers!

All of this will cost you a more than reasonable 280Lds and mdrm is the name of the shop and naonao ellils (naonao2.ellils) is the name of the owner and you really should check out her stuff it’s innovative, reasonably priced, quality and prim friendly.  There is downstairs as well and make sure you check out whats on the beach.  The second LM takes you to her bike shop which are so retro with cool poses and riding aos.

[mdrm] main shop

[mdrm]bikes n stuff