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21 Shoe – its almost time !

21Shoe 0 YS & YS

One more day to go before we can dash around the grid snapping up all the bargains from 21 Shoe ! Today I’m showing the offering from YS & YS “Monaco”. Of course because it’s the 21 Shoe event you get two pairs for the price of one – only on the 21st March and only for 24 hours. Monaco are a gorgeous pair of stiletto heels, towering thin heels with lotsa strappy action going down. You get Fuxia (pink) and Ivory (below) These shoes are suitable for SLink high feet, Belleza and also Maitreya.

21Shoe 0 YS & YS NEW

I was just having a bit of fun with my stripper pole poses (as you do) , these shoes are super classy and would suit SO many styles of dress. My favourite is the sweet beige ivory, very versatile.


21 Shoe blog

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21Shoe – Love me some heels (gift inc.)

21Shoe free gift! Anklets by Sax Shepherd

The next round of 21 Shoe is almost here yippeee! It really has become one of my favourite events – no waiting for hours to try to get in – you can zap around to the stores you want to buy from easily. So there are changes “afoot” (I know bad pun) The 21 Shoe group will have a free gift each month – just for group members, above is this months gift from Sax Shepherd – gorgeous anklets that come with a zippy HUD to colour the gems and metals – really SO much choice. The group is free to join until the end of this month – so if you’d like to hop in now for free – do it – after this month its going to be $150L to get in.

21Shoe Sax Shepherd NEW

On to the treats for your trotters without further ado, this is the offering from Sax Shepherd “Lupa”, really different from his other items, totally lush with teeteringly high heels, as is usual with the 21 Shoe event, you get two pairs of these for the price of one – good huh?! (these are for Slink high feet btw)

21Shoe SSD Lupa

You will find a HUD in the box and one pair of shoes – in the HUD are the two colours, the frivolous Mardi Gras  and the steel grey above. Both have ooodles of options on the HUD for gem tones etc.

Don’t forget : 21 Shoe is for 24 hours only and opens on the 21st of March !

Sax Shepherd Designs

21 Shoe blog

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All the pretty things (hunt prize inc.)

Eclectica Bella Platform pumps for Slink high - coldLogic hoyt pants - gretel fur jacket purplemoon creations - Tableua vivant my love hair c88

I am such a happy shopper, not only alone but even when I’ve been called to look at something totally unrelated, I find myself seduced by a little trinket or two. Zan asked me to go see this suit she was thinking of buying (which she did) and as I was walking through Purplemoon Creations I happened to see this darling fur jacket called Gretel  , its faux fur so no animals were harmed in the making of course. I snagged it in beige and at only $85L I might go back for a few more colours. Worn over my coldLogic “hoyt” pants I think it looks darling ! I also tried it on over a dress and a camisole tshirt – both worked fine.

Bella Pump Eclectica NEW! (many other colour options)


On my trotters are a new release from Eclectica (thanks Tiffy!) These are the “Bella” pumps and they come in a zillion yummy colours. These are for Slink high feet btw. I love that Tiffy doesn’t make the heel so so thin, yes they are stilettos but yes they do have a good-looking heel not something that looks like it might break on your first step out the door.

CIRCA  - Cyprus Escape Bench - Mediterra Mix (28 pos) NEW!

Something new from CIRCA also today, the Cyprus escape bench and wall art (other pieces included in the prize box that match). The bench is choka block with poses for singles and couples and has some gorgeous plump cushions to get comfy on at the back. There are twenty-eight sit poses in total, you wont get bored relaxing on this for sure.  Unbelievably the whole set is only $20L – mmhmm its the prize in The House Hunt ! Hint is at the entrance to the store, you are looking for a heart in a box, there are also decoys planted to confuse you! (Say hello to Mr. Mint my Siamese pussy cat ! ) Thanks Cherelle ❤







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David Heather – two for one deal

21Shoe - David Heather

Bear with me, I’m on a bit of a roll with shoes ! Two days until 21Shoe opens its doors for another manic twenty-four hours – there are some sweet deals to be had – basically you get two pairs of shoes for the price of one at each designers store. Above I’m showing the rather decadent sandals “Homard”  by David Heather. In the pack you get a midnight blue and a black pair as part of the 21Shoe special offer. These are for Slink high feet – you need the feet to wear these shoes. My coat is by coldLogic, I found it as I was rummaging and boy-oh-boy its a scene stealing look. Great coat, you can choose to wear the skirt and shirt underneath also – “halfred” is the design name and its comes in heaps of colours.

21Shoe - David Heather NEW

Close up look at the shoes, each has a metallic scorpion climbing up your foot, really unique look. Dont forget, 21Shoe is beginning on the 21st January for twenty-four hours only.

David Heather

21Shoe Blog

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21Shoe – Tease me

21Shoe - Sax Shepherd - Tease - exclusive colours - BlackLace lingerie Rousing with heaps of appliers 99L

A new round of 21Shoe opens on the 21st of January – for ONE day only ! Yes yes you need to be speedy to snap up the offers. Sax Shepherd has a fantastic special on for this round – two pairs of “tease”, in a gorgeous pale blue and a beigey apricoty sandy tone. I adore this open toed style, its Princessy and delicate.

21Shoe - Sax Shepherd - Tease - exclusive colours

I dont know why but with Sax’s shoes , they make me feel so sensual. I tend to buy new lingerie to showcase them and I did this time too. Its from BlackLace and is called “rousing”, not only traditional clothing layers but all sorts of appliers too. It also comes with a mesh corset which Im not wearing because Im feeling a bit sluggish after a rather huge lunch date. Just 99L for the set.

21Shoe - Sax Shepherd - Tease - exclusive colours - 2 colours for the price of one!

Heres a close up of the shoes, to-die-for huh? The hud has the two colour options in it, plus different colours for the jewells – nice touch. These are for SLink high feet btw, which you need to own to wear these beauties. Thanks Mister Shepherd ❤ DONT forget this event is only on for 24 hours and begins on the 21st !

Sax Shepherd Designs

BlackLace lingerie


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Absolut Vendetta pants & jackettop - Opium Jess Bots (multi colour) Mina hair Lena

It took me quite literally hours and hours to open my Christmas gifts in SecondLife – yes, I was thoroughly spoilt ! I will endeavour to share as much as I can with you over the next few days. Above are jeans specifically made for the SLink Physique mesh body. High waist style, but they do sell other variants. I popped over to the store and noticed they sell versions of these pants for other mesh bodies also ! Naturally I had to treat myself to the matching mesh jacket, you can wear it with or without the sweet tube top and both have massive amounts of colour choice on a handy dandy hud. These are by Absolut Vendetta, which appears to be part of the Vista brand – I had NO idea Vista made clothing! My boots are from a store I haven’t been to for agesss, Opium. The interesting thing about the boots is the colour packs. You choose one range and the Hud gives you a glorious amount of colours within the range you’ve selected – great value! My range was brown to red, but as you can see it includes a LOT of colours in between.

Beautiful Dirty Rich Group Gift 3 in 1


Onto a gift that came through a few days ago from Beautiful Dirty Rich – gawd its an enormous package ! You get all three outfits above, plus appliers for most of the mesh bodies on the market at the moment. Group join has always been free so I believe it still is.

Freebies ! Thallium greyscale shoes

My favourite of the lot is the leopard print sweater, super classy in the gray and white option no? Ohhhhh my shoes are by whatever, and are an absolute steal at 69L ! I thought Id bought a black pair, so was pleasantly surprised to find upon opening the box, I had actually got four different pairs from white to black, blimey. These are available at The Dressing Room Fusion event that ends on 1st January.


Ohhh look its me inside our gorgeous newwww home ! Its going to take weeks, maybe even months to set it all up – so we are currently living in our little apartment. This is the group gift complete outfit in the BDR package. The appliers are plentiful and Cameron has designed a new all-in-one HUD yay! Actually I was reading her blog and saw what she wrote about her group gift policy – which was really lovely, I hope you don’t mind me repeating it here:

“I get asked often about old group gifts, even once someone asked me why there isn’t a “join group fee” due to the quality of the gifts (*blushes*), I appreciate it tho, but no, the point of a gift is that it’s free, that you can get some nice stuff without paying ;D (who doesn’t like that?)
Before creating *B.D.R.*, I used to help girls with advices and stuff about SL, most likely new residents and from my own experience I know how hard it is to start here and specially without buying L$. Unfortunately after creating *B.D.R.* it was pretty much impossible for me to keep helping new girls, since then group gifts have been the best way for me to do it, this is why I put so much effort with gifts, because I want you to have something nice and I’m glad to help, specially new girls, so if I start charging for a fee, those girls wouldn’t be able to pay for it, which is not what I had in mind from the beginning.
Sooooooooooooo after thinking about it for a while I decided that I’m not going charge for a group fee, however, group gifts released from 2015 are not going to be fully exclusive anymore (which has been the policy since 2009). Group gifts are still going to be an exclusive color from a new outfit/release or it can be a fully exclusive outfit/design, but the gift is not going to be removed anymore.
Short words, once I change the gift for a new one, the old gift is going to remain at the store and available for new group members to grab it.”

Beautiful Dirty Rich

Absolut Vendetta

The Dressing Room Fusion



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21Shoe – are you ready?!

KoiKoi - 21Shoe !

Yes…yes…yes its 21Shoe time again! 21Shoe is an event where you HAVE to be speedy, it lasts for just 24 hours from the 21st of the month . Each participating designer has two pairs of fabulous shoes on offer for the price of one, for just 24 hours – don’t miss out!

koikoi 21shoe

KoiKoi are in this month, and have two styles for the Slink high feet on offer. On the left is “Candy Snake”, slip on mule style with a cross over front. Such a perfect pair for summer, whats not to like about pink shoooz! On the right is “Little black shoe”, grab these – you will wear them a LOT, classic styling, for all seasons. Thank youuu eku ❤ Shout out to ZOZ for the “elegant curve”  SLink pedi and to Somnia for the “Chevron” pedi on the left – love them !

KoiKoi mainstore

21Shoe Blog