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everHOME loft furnished Step inSide_007

Ohhh you’d be very very foolish to miss this sale… *Step inSide* have all their decor & furniture for just 50L at the moment, until the 31st march. I wandered over to take a peek and found this amazing FULLY furnished home , and yes…it was 50L *faint*. When I say furnished…I don’t mean a few pieces…I mean totally…crammed with goodies ! Above is the bedroom area, the bed is animated (PG only but some lovely cuddles and kisses and friends poses) The exposed brickwork on the wall totally rocked my boat..a real sense of warmth pervades the whole build …

everHOME loft furnished Step inSide_005

What am I doing ! I dont know…but…theres so much space I had to twirllllll around and make the most of it..this area is just inside the entrance…a space to watch tv…entertain…hang up your coat…tall windows bring in much light…lovely detail of the steel bars lend it a modern style, yet not losing the cozy feel…

everHOME loft furnished Step inSide_008

Ahhh but it had to have a bathroom right?! It doesn’t disappoint either…very glamorous. I especially liked the water effect in the bath…both sinks are animated…on my right, which you can’t see is THE biggest double shower eva ! What I so love about buying something like this (apart from the brilliant sale price) is you can use or remove anything…or use parts in other places..move stuff around and really personalise it…I have neither added or removed anything , everything you see in these photos is what you get if you buy it..good huh?

everHOME loft furnished Step inSide_002

The kitchen is through from the main lounge, its got a bar with stools…a longggg kitchen counter with stove top hob and sink (both animated)…lovely space to hang with your mates and enjoy a coffee or…five.

everHOME loft furnished Step inSide_004

They have even managed to squeeeze in an office space under the stairs…what a space saver !

everHOME loft furnished Step inSide_001

Last of all is the glorious main lounge..a showstopper of a room…large yet warm and comfy…the fire effect is gorgeous and with two large couches plus a chair, you’ve got plenty of room to invite guests…This home isn’t on display, which is why I took so many photos to try to show you, however there is a 1L demo you can grab if you want to get an idea of sizing for your land (it also works really well as a sky home)..dont forget…all home decor is marked down to 50L until the 31st of this month !

*Step inSide*

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Finding my inner T*RT!

“Finding my inner Tart” is not a relfection of my personality but a SL hunt that I almost missed.  However I do digress slightly as the Mesh Bikini I am happily modelling wasn’t a hunt item but never the less at 50Lds it is just so reasonable.  Half the problem you will find it picking the right one as Etchaflesh do not stint on choices of colours and patterns in all of their amazing corsets, bustiers. clothes and now a new range of Bikinis.  I’ve ranted and raved about them before because of the amazing waist sinching gorgeousnes and fits for the Busty, Bustier, Bustyest and You Got To Be Joking size of chest so a fit for all. Now you can buy all their loveliness from their MP shop or if you feel the need for some inworld shopping then you will also be able to snag your inner tart pressie and if I can find it then YOU can although a small SEWING hint wouldn’t go amiss.
Thought I would sneak another picture of the lovely bikini but also show you another Step Inside skin.

How much would I love to say that this was a RL photo of me on my holidays but I live in the UK and we don’t get weather like that, no comment about lack of a bikini body.  So yet again another set of skins from Step Inside called Tash.  I rarely ask for any samples but I am poor till the end of the month and as soon as I saw these samples I just had to ask because I love love love her skins and happily she sent me the 2 samples I wanted to show you.  Usual comments such as great details where it counts, nips, collar bone etc but she does great lips!

I hope my photo does the skin justice.  This is the Tash  Rosy-Pale 10 cl skin.  The lips have a touch of orangy pinkiness and are plump and pouty without being clown like, eye makeup is dramatic and yet also played down.  Sneaks in that although I adore the make up the fact that all the MOCK make up layers I tried on fitted so well so it adds an extra dimention to the skins in that you can chop and change the make up. Now obviously I’m wearing this with my shape and so things will always look different on everyone but the clarity of the skin tones and great eyes and lips always make the difference no matter what AV Shape you wear.  And of course it goes without mentioning that if your waiting for RL paid day to treat yourself she is one of those people who makes sure you can have a great treat at either no cost, LCs, Group Gifts, Dollarbie or her bargain offers for 99Lds which are SHOP QUALITY SKINS! not cheapo nasties.  Remember to check out her small selection of furniture as well and pretty soon I will get around to showing you her stylish and excellent textured bathroom suite that I had to buy.

Step Inside (skins)

Etchaflesh (bikini and Hunt Item)

Etchaflesh Marketplace