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And now for something completely different

Hunt Gift - clothes stand rezzes many items !

I’m always on the look out for unique finds for my home, so I was stoked to find this from Cedar Bay in the Steam X Steam the dream hunt.Its a valet and wardrobe rezzer, nifty little thing it is to. It will sit as is quite happily in your bedroom at 3 prims, but if you touch it you get a menu of items it rezzes to make a complete scene. It has a gentleman’s and ladies set, or you can rez bits and bobs as you wish. Sometimes you can find that the rezzable items add up to a lot of prims, not so with this, the items were around 1-2 prims a piece, so you can have a lot out. I’ve just given a few examples above but there are heaps !

Cedar Bay

Steam X Steam the dream hunt blog