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Two times the free

LQC have a fabbo group gift out at the moment – just on your left as you enter the store. A complete outfit, pants, top and shoes ! The group is free to join.

I also picked up one of their Stay at Home Club gifts – another complete outfit. Jeans, shoes and a top plus a pair of sunnies. Finding these has made my day a little brighter yay!


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Day at the beach – I wish ! Freebies

Its so very hot here in the south of the UK – wish I was spending the day at the beach, but I am actually going to spend it in my garden .

Anywayyyy I was scoping out the Stay At Home Club and spotted these two little frocks at Vips – Zan touched on them yesterday but I thought Id show them to you. This sweet dress comes with the wedge shoes – absolute ton of mesh body fits included plus a Hud with quite a few fabric changes.

Also this dress with a darling waist bow and frayed skirt. Again a Hud is included with lots of colours and fabrics. Just pay the board $1L, you get a refund and the item is yours. I’m really enjoying trying out a few new-to-me stores with this stay at home club offer.


Hair By Mina “Carian”

Poses & props by Amitie @ Shiny Shabby

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Breaux Willow Free Gifts for 7 days !

After receiving the free gift from Breaux Willow at the Gacha Garden event – I was so enamoured of it I decided to visit their inworld store. Jump off the platform you arrive on, follow the path and you’ll find a sign about 7 gifts for 7 days. Now I missed day one but I took day 2 (no group to join) and its this seriously lovely glamping bed! You get a child version and an adult version in the box – and its only 3Li. I’ve decided its a keeper for me and will use it in the garden at home as a sun bed – the textures are super sweet. Right beside this is a stay at home gift of a floating drinks dispenser – also V.Lovely ! I did also notice a hunt is happening until the 22nd May – each store on the sim has 2 crisp packets out to find, more info about it on the sign in the entrance to Breaux Willow – I found the prizes in Granola which was a sweet child’s outfit and a wearable puppet – the stores are primarily child orientated with some adult items in the mix.

Breaux Willow

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Well Hidden by Wellmade. (Freebie(s)).

Can you see me? OK I’m not that well hidden but I did have fun taking this picture.

What you can’t see is that this bodysuit with a thick hood comes in just camo patterns. They are really top quality texturing/patterns but most of you know camo is one of my least fav patterns.  So I will leave this outfit as a nice surprise and show you the “The stay at home club” gift instead.

Just a nice simple dress, you get a small hud which gives you 2 colour options for the top part and 2 pattern version for the dress part.  I prefer the blue as you can see the lines and wrinkles better.

Forgot to mention that you do get quite a few camo patterns in the hud and as for the hat it’s obviously one of the other Mina baseball cap style hat/hairs.  This one doesn’t come in just a camo pattern I only chose it as it was a pretty good match to the other outfit I was wearing.

PS.  Lots of other Group Gifts in the Wellmade shop but well blogged not just by us but many other blogs so if you don’t like what you see still check the shop out.


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Stay at Home Club Market Place Finds !

Just decided on the off chance to input “Stay at Home Club” into the market place search bar – et voila! I found two gorjus outfits with shooooz from Alpha Female for free. This is “Bad at Love” bright white jumpsuit with a matching pair of white boots. Fits included : Maitreya ,Slink,Hourglass,Physique Belleza – Venus, Isis & Freya, Tonic. The bots have fits for : Maitreya, SLink & Belleza. I’ve decided this is my outfit of the day and am currently swanning about feeling rather fresh ❤

This was the other outfit that Alpha Female had for free ” Strawberry Shortcake” Its just dead sweet, not in your face pink but a lovely subtle shade with great detailing. I adore the shooz!! On trend style, little heart dangling – whats not to like! Fits: Dress – Maitreya ,Slink,Hourglass,Physique Belleza – Venus, Isis & Freya, Tonic. Shoes: Maitreya,Slink, Belleza. Oh! There is also a necklace in the pack – but it wasn’t for me – might be for you though! Totally free – go grab it.

Strawberry Shortcake outfit

Bad at Love outfit

Hair Livia by Truth

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Free – I always wondered !

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be one of these wind men things – and now I know. This made me chuckle – like really chuckle for a few moments – and that’s precious these days no? This is free from S2 as part of the stay at home club, you just add it – its an animesh addition, then use the hud to turn the movement on and off – it flails around wildly !

Whilst at the store I also noticed this group gift (located inside to the left of the main doors) of hand sanitiser units ! How handy. Touch the front and hey presto – they dribble out the cleanser.

1Li each, there is also a stand to place one on that is also 1Li. Group is free to join. I’ve placed one on the wall in my Second Life kitchen – adds a little realism !


Stay at home club

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Staying at Home

There’s more gifts out on the Stay at Home Club’s blog yay! Saw this dress by Emerald Couture and knew Id love it so popped over and snapped it up. It comes with a bewildering array of mesh body fits and its totally lovely. There are lucky boards here, group and non group, plus tons of group gifts – the group is free to join so be rude not too !

This was one of the group gifts, I nabbed it purely to show that this store has varied styles, might suit a bit of role play? Oh I did also pick up a gorgeous canvas print – its in the home & garden section. Some of the stores now have a few gifts out for this so its well worth rechecking the blog every few days to see whats been added.

Stay at Home Club Blog

Emerald Couture