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Special promo !

o.O..another special promotion from Stars Fashion Mall…and this is a dooozy..”Madness Stars” is the name and for another few days its available for only 99L…and YES…you get everything you see me wearing above…mmhmm..the boots..mesh jacket (which is superb and has the funkiest design on the back) socks..dress..bargain !

Close up…just to show you the jacket and my sooper little necklace from the Kawaii Fair..its a freeb..and if you click it..it lets out a pufff of lemony perfume ! By Cute Bytes..sweet …

Stars Fashion Mall

Stars Fashion promo outfit market place

Kawaii Fair

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Promotion !

The Stars Fashion Mall has another special promotion for you this week…a glorious outfit in plummy pink tones called “Vivacity”…darling little mini dress with plaid on the big buckle belt…plussss

….to complete the look a pair of matching  boots ! Love that the plaid accent is carried down to these also..nice and easy to fit…the whole style is yours for just 99L for a limited time.

Vivacity outfit: Stars Fashion Mall

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I’ve been to “Stars Fashion Mall” a while back when I spotted an outfit on promotion whilst flicking through the market place…its a vast place crammed full of outfits of all genres…youd have to have an iron will not to spend here ! Had a chat to the owner a Mr Atlante Guerrero,whose philosophy seems to be to find the best creators and grab them for his place hurrrah! He very kindly sent me this fabbo denim dress thats on special offer for just 99 of your Linden bucks- get it while the going is gooood! Dark denim with traditional toned wood style buttons…plunging neckline and a casual wide open effect prim belt…great prims..non of which required any fiddling from moi to fit yay!

Hipnotic denim dress promotion: Stars Fashion Mall