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Cover Me.

Canopy 3

A quick mooching on the MP found these very handy canopies.  A total of 9 colours which are copy and mod for a promo price of only 49Lds.  Makes for a dramatic look.  Only 3 prims each.  Only come with 2 and not 4 poles a small but maybe important detail if you want it to go over a stall or anything like that but tbh easy to make your own poles or have them as intended which is to be attached to a wall, home or shop front as show in the next photo.

Canopy 4

I have to confess that this is a quickie post as I have to rush back to RL but I have also checked out their freebie of Dry Ground Prim and was most impressed so check out their MP some real bargain priced rustic decor items.

Starmark Creations