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Have a drink on me, cos I am FREE.

I would have sworn DRD (Death Row Designs) was a paid for group and maybe there is a VIP Group which is but what did find was some creepy decor items for the Free DRD Group.


The chair comes with 2 wearable brollies, I’m not showing you them because I’m taking this picture completely nekkid lol.  Lovely holely brollies which is keeping in the theme of this “Acid Rain Stadium Chair”


Just look at the details! I have used some camera tricks as my piccies turned out so dark you couldn’t see the details as clearly as I had wanted but DRD is a quality shop.  You will probably know them more from The Arcade Gacha event but they have a big shop and it’s been a long time since I had a wander around. So once back in world I’ll be putting some keks on, clothes, and popping back for a better look around.


This table is another gift, comes all linked and click the tray to get a cup of poison to slurp.  A pretty decent drinking AO in this I have to say.  Drinking movements in SL are still pretty basic but this is one of the best.

Although low in prims it’s nice to see that you also get the tea tray on its own as another gift.  Exactly the same and gives you the same little drinkie.


The 2 other gifts is a box of rugs one is for the normal group and the other one is an old VIP group which is why I believe there is a 2 group system.  If this is the quality of the Free group I wonder what you get if you pay to join?

DRD(Death Row Design)