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Mega fun !

Aphrodite Shop Mega St Patricks Party set - 10L mesh romper & headband

If you’re looking for some things to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s day, look no further. I found this sweet mesh romper suit with headband on the market place for just 10L from Sugarbutton, its über cute and fitted really well – nice change from all those frou-frou gowns huh? Aphrodite shop has the biggest,hugest most mahoosive party set you’re ever gonna need! Seriously its got everrrything from balloons to food.


Aphrodite new_0044

I set up a lot of it (but by no means ALL of it) out as a little Paddy’s day party venue at home. On the back porch I used the drinks table and the Irish hat which has a variety of poses for you to use as a fun photo prop.

Aphrodite Shop St Patricks Day mega Party Pack

Inside I set up the foodie treats – SO many! Such a delight to look at all the themed items temptingly laid out. There are balloon arches, single balloons, a mesh rainbow, shamrocks to scatter over the floor and lots more. Here’s the low down:

Take a look at the lovely video, it will give you a better idea than still photos : Video Link

♣ Leprechaun hat with 5 funny St Patrick poses for pictures 2 LI ♣ Mr St Patricks funny leprechaun balloon 1 LI ♣ 5 different round St Patricks balloons 0.5 LI each ♣ Clover shaped balloon 0.5 LI
♣ MESH Rainbow 0.5 LI ♣ Rainbow colors Happy Sr Patricks day arch with sign 5 LI ♣ Shamrocks arch with Patricks day sign 5 LI ♣ Happy St Patricks day sign 0.5 LI ♣ Round dressed tables green & silver 2 LI ♣ Banquet table for buffet (rectangular) 2 LI ♣ Happy green day balloons bunch with over 10 different models 11 LI ♣ Green beer bottles bucket 10 LI ♣ Green beer can ice bucket 3LI ♣ Guinness beer bottles bucket 5 LI ♣ Guinness beer can bucket 6 LI ♣ Green tinted white chocolate fondue 3 LI ♣ Dark chocolate fondue 3 LI ♣ Patricks day petit cakes platter 2 LI
♣ Patricks day Petit fours platter 5 LI ♣ The lucky clover cake 6 LI ♣ Patricks day lolly pop dispenser 3 LI ♣ Happy St patricks cookies platter 1 LI ♣ St Patricks centrepiecesilver & green 7 LI
♣ St Patricks day green soup “pot o gold” 3 LI ♣ St Patricks day green pasta warmer, clovers shaped pasta on filetto sauce 7 LI ♣ St Patricks rainbow sandwiches 7 LI ♣ St Patricks deviled eggs 4 LI
♣ St Patricks snacks, vegetarian canapes 3LI ♣ St Patricks leprechaun sandwiches platter 6 LI ♣ Triple fun platter: rainbow sandwiches, clover sandwiches and popatoe snacks with spinach cream 8 LI ♣ Appetizers platter with cucumber leprechaun hats, and spinach filled breads with tomato and green sauces 6 LI – PHEW!

Aphrodite Store

Aphrodite market place

Sugar Button romper 10L

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Room 69 March

Aphrodite Irish pub NEW - dollarbie dress It’s the first day of Spring yipee! Thats totally not related to this blog post but I thought Id mention it. Aphrodite have released this pretty fabulous Bar, it’s aimed at St Patrick’s day but because the Irish themed items are not hard linked (meaning you can remove them) its great for everyday use too. The stools have some neato poses in them, perfect for the budding barfly or poser. Aphrodite Irish pub detail Lovely detailed work as is usual with Aphrodite, I simply adore this whisky set and might use it elsewhere in my home on a side table. The bar items are scripted to give wearable drinki-poo’s btw. This set is available at the new round of Room 69 only. Argrace hair NEW - Dollarbie dress My dress was a market place find, I wanted something for St Patrick’s day that wasn’t shouting shamrock and neon green – et voilà this little number popped up as a dollarbie. Zan said it looked nice & fresh – which I will take as a compliment (you can never be sure with her lol) Ohhhh musnt forget my new hair-do – its by Argrace and is called “seri”, pretty close to my own real life hair actually.

Room 69

dollarbie dress


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Jacked (Freebie)


I know Zan has a couple of Brianna Passiflora’s full pack outfits but she is a lazy cow and hasn’t blogged them yet, but because this mesh jacket is a gift for St Patricks day I thought I’d better get it done soon.  You will find this just outside the front door of Brianna’s shop Brii but her mens wear it hidden on the top floor. There is a dress for women and boots as well.

Brii Underground Wear


St. Andrew

Being from an Irish background, I’m a little ashamed to say I did nothing for St. Patrick’s Day. No green beer, no Guinness, nothing. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate a day later by getting hold of this group gift skin from *Sacred* and showing it to all of you.

‘Andrew’ is definitely a very Irish skin. Pale tone, red goatee, eyebrows and even freckles. Also a little blood trickling from each nostril, perhaps resulting from a Guinness fuelled disagreement. As always from *Sacred*, this is a good-looking skin with lovely details and musculature. Even if you’re not Irish or in any way related to Ireland, this is wicked little skin and worth joining the group for (as well as to keep up to date with the latest releases and other group gifts).

After you’ve grabbed Andrew from the group notices, go and check out the mainstore and gander at all the skins and shapes on offer.

Check it out here: *Sacred*


Donuts, Coffee & Lucky you

Jane *Lucky you" gift & Kusshon "First lunch in spring" bench

Bag full of “awwww” for two such beautiful gifts …I’m wearing the latest gift from Jane, the “lucky you” outfit, comprises of two tee’s (one milk, one powder) neat cut off shorts and a pair of those gorrrrjusss lil piggies darling socks ! (two versions of those also) One pair of socks has teeeeny rainbows on the ankle cuff, the other a little clover…smushyyyyyyy -love clothes thank you Janie! If you’re wondering where the donuts & coffee come into play, it’s the bench! Kusshon has left this out for us all , it’s called *first lunch in spring”. I placed it out in the garden at home, amongst the blooms and right in the fledgling sunbeams…perfect. Stuffed with great animations, touch the food and you receive a wearable munchable donut (with sprinkles yay!) and a coffee ..just right for a break from doing the chores ~strrrrrretch wriggggle~

..Take a good wander around Kusshon sooo much to see !.

Go get the goodies : Jane (group gift)  Kusshon


The subtle shamrock

Pink Label Shamrocks Skirt Set 10L

If you’re lookin for something a little less greeeny to celebrate St Patricks day look no further than Pink Labels releases ! I spoke with Talena Carissa owner & designer about her two shamrock outfits a few days ago and got a sneaky peek at the photos, was verrrrrrry excited about them and here they are ! Above I’m wearing the Shamrocks Skirt set, gentle beige tone with just  a hinttt of shamrocks around the edging of the skirt,coupled with a plain cream corset shirt…and thennn….

Cream Linen and Shamrocks Babydoll Dress & Boots

The Shamrock babydoll dress which is completely gorrrjusss and flouncy and swirrrly ! A neutral beige that you can wear not only on St Paddys day , edged with those baby shamrocks plussss booots! They have theee sweetest teeeny tiny shamrock on the ankle strap awww  and are a dream to fit …each outfit is just 10L and the boots are 45L   bargain!

Go get shamrocked : Pink Label


The Luck of the Irish

Poised Lucky - St. Patrick's Special 100L

With my partial Irish heritage I used to dread St Patricks day…green makes me look ill in real life and every year during the celebrations, my mum dressed me up in green from head to toe *inward groan* BUT here in second life I can relishhh the day with no fear of people thinking I need to be hospitalised hooooray!!! Poise Collins dropped this smexy little number in my lap today (squidge for her) and it completely rocked my boat…acid greens are cooool…subtle shamrocks curllll over your boobies..snug short skirt and adorabubble long socks complete the look ! All this can be yours for just 100L…btw…there is a cart sale outside poised..go take a gander…HUGE box of gifts from Poised for St Paddys day (I ❤ the balloooon!) and some groooovy gear ..

Go get greeeny : Poised