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Sorry I hate to do this.(Freebie).

Via Fulo is a tiny shop but often a lot of the biggest shops in SL start off as tiny shops so it’s one to keep an eye on.

What I “hate” is having to do pictures like this.  Yes I am in the picture wearing it but you will have probably guessed that I couldn’t get it to fit my SLink shape and I had to take my bod off and although the picture isn’t doing it justice, it’s one of those things which looks better on than off, it’s worth a TP over to snag esp if you have a Maitreya shape.  You do get a 6 shade hud as well.

This is a quick post as I’ve just remembered I promised to go trim the ivy in our back garden, how exciting can RL get! Hope you all have a fabulous day.

Via Fulo

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Humph!! (Freebies)


AH don’t we all just LOVE Second Life issues, struggling a bit to do an amazing hunt but I’ve put a Jira in and I’m hoping I get some help with sorting that out but until then I have some other goodies for you. A sweet basic and pretty pair of checked mesh shorts from Ruby’s Closet, you do have to join her free group to pick this up as well as another group gift.  This left me rummaging through my invent for a top and as fate would have it I got a notice from Eyelure about their free Spring top so I TPed over and grabbed it.  I’m not actually doing the top justice in this picture.  It’s a double layered top, bra underneath and the over top is split up the back showing of a sexy amount of back and with the bra ties and top ties it is cute and well detailed.  Set out in the entrance way and you don’t even have to join the group to grab it.

Since I’m in such a Humph mood with the issues I’m having I wanted something sweet and I was so pleased that I not only still have this cotton candy cart from Follow Us but it’s still available from Laurent83 Waco shop but tbh it’s not really surprising as this is such a “sweet” detailed decor item I have a feeling that it will be one of classic range for a long time. I chose pink but it was a hard decision between that colour and the blue one.


Thanks to one of our regular visitors to Pure Eggs & Spam asking about one of the hairs I was wearing in a previous post it reminded me that it’s been a long time since I’ve visited Love Soul and if was also an excuse to show off another hair from there.  This one is a paid for hair but the one in the last picture and the OMG so adorable Noodle Mouthie are Lucky Chair wins.  Love soul is packed with hair, prim nails and so many adorable and unique items, wearables, accessories and just plain fun stuff.


This is the free hair from the Lucky chair outside of Love Soul.  Called Milk Cow and the visor has cute moo cows on it.  There are 3 Lucky Chairs outside and they have a board which shows you what you can win and there is some adorable cute items such as the noodle mouthie but I sooo wanted the wearable soap suds!  One of the most relaxing things I find is plonking myself in front of really good Lucky Chairs and just going through all my notes and groups and scouring for any signs of freebies as I wait for my initial to pop up.

Love soul is the largest shop in this small but select shopping mall and even if you’re not interested in a new hair do it’s worth it to just pop over as there is another of our fav shops here, Ribbon, and of course you could also try your hand at the Lucky Chairs.

Love Soul

Eyelure (top)

RC Ruby’s Closet (Shorts)