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Are you ready for Spring?

Hanaya NEW!

Its time to start thinking about having your coffee (or tea) in the garden, get out there and watch everything coming to life after the winter. With that in mind Id like to share a new release from Hanaya. The Spring Garden Dining set is ready to roll ! I really loved that in the box of the complete set (you can also buy individual pieces) there is one set all soft linked and ready to place out – one thing I simply detest is having to line things up and I never get it right ! If you get into edit mode, then drag the linked set out – you can then move it around all together to its final position hurrah ! Everything is copyable so if you need more chairs, or want to make a feature with a few table out – go right ahead. Its all mesh and so low in prims you don’t need to worry. Here are all the details:

The set consists of a glass topped table, 2 types of chair, 2 different place settings, a texture change flower bouquet and a base to set all on. All is copy so rez whatever you need.The chairs have menu-driven poses divided into Girls and Guys. There are a total of 8 animations in each chair. The chairs rez wearable mesh props, which attach to your avatar on permission. Access security can be set in the chair menu. The place settings can also be clicked to get a folder with the props.

Here is the list of contents:

Spring Garden Glass Table – 2 li

Spring Garden Chair A – 2 li

Spring Garden Chair B – 2 li
Spring Garden Place Setting A – 6 li
Spring Garden Place Setting B – 6 li
Carnations Texture Change Bouquet – 5 li
Octagon Base – 1 li

Hanaya NEW!!

I didn’t need to use the octagonal base but its dead handy if you want a complete & finished look straight away. There are also two types of place setting, love love LOVE the cups ! The subtle decoration on the seat cushions is really pretty and just right for casual use, although I feel personally this is suitable for interior dining also. There is a VIP group to join which I believe is currently 250L, I’ve been in it for simply agessss and the Vip’s are VERY spoilt with gifts !

Hanaya store

Hanaya market place

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Flower girl

Bubblez NEW!

Bubblez have a beautiful spring release for you this week, it’s called Zily. Such a feminine outfit, covered in big happy checks, a lace hem and ruffled collar. You also get the floral hair piece, a garland of flowers to wear in your hand plus a flowery leg garter ! The floral pieces are all modify, so you can really get a great personal fit. Thanks milo ❤ Ohhh don’t forget, while you’re there milo has been sooper busy redecorating outside and around the store, it’s just incredibly romantic so make sure to wander !


Bubblez Blog

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Spring fever has me in its grip…and Ive got more newness to show you. This time from Arisaris..”Chloe” is a simple yet detailed mesh skirt and matching prim shirt. Very very light green & beige background with a smattering of poppies across. There’s also a belt to complete the look, nice tassle detail !  The skirt comes in size S through to you should be able to find a great fit. My jacket is by coldLogic, and if you don’t know by now – (because lately I’m alwaysss wearing it!)- it’s called “cole” and is one of my essential wardrobe pieces ! Chloe is on special promotion (not sure for how long) at just 190L..grab it while its hot ! Thanks Ariadne xx

Arisaris mainstore

Arisaris on the market place