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Be Lovely. (15Ld Hunt, last day).

“Be Lovely” is the name of the sim the shops which are having a lovely “Spring Hunt” going and I’m standing outside of the Charcoal shop which as you can see from the board behind me is where I picked up these lovely jeans and jumper from.

I don’t know how many shops are involved in this hunt but I do know that today is the LAST DAY and I can’t think of a nicer way to spend a lazy Sunday morning than walking around and picking up some quality items for just 15Lds each.

PS.  Check the fits, I picked something up from another shop and I assumed it would have at least my SLink HG fit, it doesn’t but I ain’t mad as it only cost me 15Ld.

“Be Lovely”. (The shops involved have the poster boards outside).

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

One for Faith.(Dollarbie).

Like the proverbial “Bad Penny” Faith returns to the UK shores tomorrow and it will be the first time since she’s seen the sim so I’m frantically splashing as much colour over our sim as I’ve realised about 80% of our sim is green!  Green grass, green trees, green shrubs and even the paths and rocks have green moss on them and then when taking this picture I realised the jacket I’m showing you is of course GREEN and yes green is my fav colour😊.

I’ve also taken this shot just using our sims windlight setting so if Faith sees this post she can see a bit of what’s been happening while she’s been away…..and I’m even planning on moving the church because she CAN’T STOP ME!

So now for the Dollarbie and the question is “when is a hunt not a hunt” and thats when the hunt poster also has the prize attached to it and this jacket is the prize for the Spring Hunt.

It comes in just the standard mesh size fits, I also joined the MLM Frees and offers group which isn’t free but at only 5Lds it may as well be and I picked up the fashion trainers, you do only get the 1 fit and I’m not sure which one that is but it took nothing to tweak it to fit my SLink feet.  There are other offers/discount and freebies in the shop so a nice mix of stuff.

Loordes of London

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Calling all home owners.(Free Hunt).

Because I have some workmen in the house and I think my STRESS levels are going through the roof but once they’ve done the job it will be such an improvement it’s worth the pain of having your house invaded.

So I’m doing what all SLers do I logged out of RL and into SL, even if it’s just for half an hour or so, and I’m glad I did as “impro” as I think of her sent me a note with the details of a “Bunnies Spring Hunt” going on at one of my fav landscaping shops, Two Moons Garden’s.

So I went Bunny Hunting and I looked and looked and almost gave up when I find my first bunny and soon after my second so to see if this was worth continuing on with I popped home and unpacked and YES WORTH IT!

The Bunny in the picture is what you’re looking for, but at 1 prim it also makes a cute item. The white/yellow patch of flowers is one of the prize and the other was a similar patch of flowers.  SO PLEASED with it I will be returning for more Bunnies.

Two Moon Gardens is one of those shops where you can buy ready-made landscaping as well as builds/decor etc but Faith and I love fiddling and changing our sim constantly for many it just takes up too much time so to be able to buy a ready-made, reasonably priced/prim garden/pond etc and all you have to do is slap it down and enjoy then this is the place to come.

PS.  I decided to be methodical and TPed to the corner of one of the sim and guess whats the first thing I found…I found the GOLD BUNNY! There is only one gold bunny and I think it’s because that one has little scene set up for you to enjoy.

Two Moons Garden@Eden(15 Rabbits)

Two Moons Garden@Ferndale(16 Rabbits)

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Petite Mort & Oubliette $10L Hunt

I’m all flustered from doing this hunt – it was jam-packed and I just couldn’t find the blouse I wanted boohoo ! Anyway, this is the Petite Mort & Oubliette $10L hunt – some lovely things to find and at the start location you can see whats in the prize – so you knowww what you want to find. If you’re like me and are bloody useless at finding things – you’ll end up with everything apart from the ONE thing you really truly wanted – BUT no matter as everything is so gorgeous ! Soooo I bought the ever-so-useful shorts, which I know I will live and die in, and this tank, plus a pair of leggings. The basket is FREE at the starting point – its dead cute. My head is also newwww – but- I’m still fiddling with the shape, just after this was taken I tweaked the neck and it looked SO much better (you were right Brinlea – the necks are thin on those shapes!)

Hunt Start

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It’s Magical(Hunt).

Last year I did a hunt and it was fantastic it had everything that I think makes a great hunt: beautiful settings, relatively easy to find items, some little puzzling and of course great prizes and it’s back except this time it’s called Holi Hunt and I almost missed it! whats worse is that there is now only 2 days left of this hunt.

So I rushed over and took some quick snaps to tempt you to go visit and one of the best thing is that now it’s coming to an end it’s a lot quieter and so much easier to move and grab the little pot in peace and quiet.


The overall theme of the whole sim is of course very Wizard of Oz with some fantastic builds such as this and….


..this which I’m pretty sure is a new one.  You have to search in and around the builds to find the little pots of pigment which quite frankly aren’t hardly hidden they’re really just placed to make you have a good wander around the sim.  Once you’ve clicked on the pot it disappears and appears on the plate on your head.


Of course I have changed my Windlight setting, I think they have just left it in the standard SL setting so people can choose their own but personally I had great fun with windlight and it didn’t interfere with my ability to find the little pots.


I should have put this picture first as this is the actual landing point.  All you do is click that board and wear the plate on your head and you’re ready.


I always thought that this sim had been set up just for this hunt but once the hunt is over I’m heading back here as it would not only make a nice back drop for pictures but just a nice place to visit.


Although I will add the Links to the Ozimals website with all the instructions and piccies of prizes it’s pretty easy

I’ve only managed to snag a couple of the prizes as at the moment my RL is pretty darn busy so I’ve not really been able to do much but I’m looking forward to escaping inworld later and grabbing some prizes and quite frankly just having a real nice time sauntering around a well designed sim and relaxing.

UPDATE, I’m busy loading the pictures I’ve taken to my Flickr account and I wouldn’t normally do this but I’ve come across a picture done by another blogger and since she is showing off the prizes so well I’m popping the link here for you to see.

Kate, Flickr

 Ozimals Blog with Info

The Magic of Oz Sim

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Antiques Grid Show… Spring Hunt

Spargel & Shine HUnt gift_001

I do so enjoy the Antiques Grid Show Spring Hunt, and really look forward to searching out all the goodies. I’ve only had time to find one of the prizes so far and that was at Spargel & Shine. The prize is this deeelicious vintage little table, it holds a selection of toiletries and sat behind the tray is the most beautiful jug of babys breath….its won a place in my own bedroom, alongside my dressing table. The website holds all the info about participating stores, with landmarks etc…all prizes are quality items and will cost you just 10L…steal! (btw, there is a hint giver on the wall inside the store, makes it a lot easier to find)

Spargel & Shine

Antiques Grid Show – Spring Hunt web site