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Look Away Faith!

I was checking out some old LMs for a place to take some pictures and I stumbled on this absolutely simple and yet stunning rental sim.


The sim  is called Baja Norte and it’s a blogger, moocher, beach lover, renters delight.  I haven’t rented a property here because for a small fee of 250Lds you can join the Baja Norte group and not only use the stunning decor items but also rezz your own props and poses if you feel the need to.   It would be good to join as the fee which is a one off helps towards this great sim but it’s not compulsory as you are free to use the facilities even if you’re not a group member.

Obviously it goes without saying if you do decide to join the group so you can rezz poses and props to watch the prims! and OMG clean up after yourself! Faith and I used to run a very successful and enjoyable rental sim but the cleaning up of other people’s prims was a pain in the bum.


Although there is more than enough places for people just to sit and chat and chill  and so you may never need or want to rezz anything.


I had a mooch around the homes the note that is  sent out does ask you not to enter a rented property which goes without saying but there are some vacancies esp the ones on the top of the hill.  At 250 a week these are bargain prices homes and although you only get 50Prims you will just not need them at all.  The whole sim is your playground and all you need is a few prims for some personal items.


Now I’m not a 100% sure if all of the homes come furnished already I’m pretty sure this was one of the Vacant homes and this is the standard to expect, it’s all quality items.  I’ll be back and I’ll have a recheck.


All these photos were taken in the sims own Windlight setting which is subtle moody and beachy at the same time, you of course can use whatever setting you want.

As I said the reason I’m not going to rent a home here is because I’m going to join the Baja Norte group and  now since our own sim is very much Autumnal and grassy I  have somewhere to flash the flesh and surf. This is a busy sim with plenty of people wandering, sitting and probably mugging for the camera and yet it is so quiet and people are just having a relaxing and fun time.  I sat on a log with my new log and even though there was 2 male AVs near to me we just sat and did our own thing.  If I didn’t rent my own sim I’d move here  and I know fine well Faith would also in a heartbeat.

Must mention the brilliant person behind all of this because she won’t be making money from the rentals here as she’s asking for so little so basically she’s done this just for the joy of giving to people in SL.  Lauren Bentham is her name and her surname might be familiar to a lot of people because she’s the owner of Bentham Manor and more.  I can’t believe that high is the sky is a packed shop/forest/woodland/build of spooky and ethereal items to buy for your home although most things are set out in a themed setting ie a spooky woodland most of what you see is for sale but check out her Flickr link as a picture shows you much better than I can write.

Baja Norte

Bentham Manor



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Spooky. (Freebies)

For my third attempt at taking this picture I decided to keep it simple.  Did have fun with poses and windlight with 2 other pictures but in one I looked too much like a victim and in the other which I liked till I realised that I looked less like I was swooping through the sky and more like “where have her legs gone!” so I decided on the simple approach.


Shot in my Optimums Nams skin and prim setting this is actually a really pretty skin which of course is battered and bruised and the bloody hand prints covering the boobs  are also part of the skin.  My preference would be for a more spooky, ethereal, vampire look which is easily done with weird eyes but of course the choice of how you wear this skin is yours.

FREE from Lori Stanton’s  Marketplace shop Corvus but because you can only find this in the Adult section you will have to log in then search for the shop Corvus and the skin is called  Zara) remembering to make sure your setting is set to accept adult and you should find it.  Lots of cuts and bruises for role playing or fun and all so pretty reasonable.  This isn’t the only freebie on offer as well.

PS because I spent, wasted, so much time I am still posting my other 2 pictures to my Flickr account if you want to check them out.

Corvus Zara (skin)


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Smashing Pumpkins (Freebies,Gachas and Spooks).

HangStart at the bottom of this sim and work your way up.  Loads of great spooky places to hang around in (boom boom) lots of props and poses and great settings and Pumpkins. When you see a pumpkin, and there are many of them dotted all around the sim, sit on it (best turn off your AO for this) and you get to punch it’s lights out and you will either get a pressie, a LM to a pressie or strike out and get nothing but a puff of green smoke.  Then half way up you come to the Redrum and Death Row Design Halloween Gacha event.  Lots of in theme gacha items from some great SL shops but more than that again some more great posing potential, stalls and freak shows to simply enjoy.

Next to this prop is a cage with freeness which inc this skeleton (there was also a couple of outfits but if I remember correctly they were women s so I didn’t open them).  I didn’t grab all the freebies but got this and the Redrum stuff which inc bullet wounds and an autopsy set up.

Snapshot_075This is half way up but if you walk all the way to the top of the hill you will find a sign post one way is Redrum and even further down what looks like a small village made up of small shops, and the other way is DRD (Death Row Design).  I did notice that Redrum has a whole row of LCs and MM boards so when I log in to get LMs and other things I will be plonking myself in front of them to see what I can get although most items do seem to for women there is a couple of male items.


Redrum and Death Row Design (DRD) Gacha

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Bubblez has a new event going on…dash over there and see if you can find this superb Halloween Nurse outfit…seriously scarey ! The wealth of detail is just amazing…mesh dress that fits well in five sizes so you can get a great look. All blood stained for that oh-so-professional nursey style *winks*…theres also a terrific hat and mask

Ohhh musnt forget that sinister looking  syringe that you wear in your hand (I think its got a typing animation in it also) I REALLY like wearing this…I have NO idea why but it’s just sooooooo SO cool *laughs*…best Halloween outfit so far for 2012- ❤ milo

Soooo all you hafta do, is head over to Bubblez…and find the ONE ghost that contains the prize…simple huh !