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Free classic shirt

A little amble through the market place scored me this rather beautiful free pinstripe blouse from Apricot Paws. A huge array of sizes included plus a Hud to change the colour of the bow and buttons. Its actually inspired by the early era of women’s cycling – gorgeous. If you visit the inworld store there is a wall full of gifts at the back of the store – mostly I think for the furry community(?) I’ve paired it with a pair of Spirit ribbed pants – linked below.

Free blouse

Apricot Paws inworld store

Pants by Spirit “Nona”

Hair by Magika “Willow”

Boots by Hilly Haalan “Kira”

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Merry Christmas 2020

Wow what a year ! I just wanted to say Happy Christmas to you all and a big thank you for reading our little blog. I’ve been largely absent in big chunks due to work & real life – Zan has really kept it all going ! I’m hoping to have more presence in 2021 instead of the occasional “guest spot”!

The photo above is showing the last gift from the Spirit Advent Calendar – beautiful glittery & sparkly dress ❤

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Happy Weekend Sale Early

I was sneeking about at Spirit earlier this morning and noticed that they already had their Happy Weekend Sale item out yay! This is the “Augusta” pants and top. Plenty of colours to choose from including plains and patterns, and a discounted fatpack. Each item is just $60L and comes with a Hud to alter the piping colour on both. Shhh dont tell anyone its out early ❤


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The Saturday Sale Comes Early

So glad that Spirit puts out their Happy Weekend and Saturday Sale items out on a Friday ! I cranked open my purse, choked on the moths and stumped up $70L for the top and $70L for the pants. Bloomin good discount and of course as they are seperates you can mix & mingle them in with other stuff you have. You get a Hud with colours for the stud work, laces on the pants and the lower band of the top – dead nice ! Obs the full list of The Saturday Sale items will be on Seraphim tomorrow, link below .



Hair by Kuni – Halloween hunt gift

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Spooky Hunt @ Masoom

Oh wow I went to the Spooky Hunt & Haunted House at Masoom – brilliant ! The house is dead creepy and as you wander about look out for the little white ghosts. They are dotted about everywhere and are free to collect. I found most of my prizes inside the house but there may be some outside too.

I wanted to show you these two gifts I found from one of my fav stores Nerido. The roller skates are in black with a Hud to colour change the laces and toe cap, you also get a fantastic roller skate AO to wear – LOVE IT ! I also stumbled across another gift from Nerdio, these black leggings. V. nice and perfect to wear with the skates. My cup was another hunt gift (I found quite a few of them) by Dark Secrets, all have fun mottos on them and a good hold pose.


Spirit Bra Top Aiza

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The Saturday Sale & Gotta Getcha Gacha

My favourite sale of the week – The Saturday Sale ! SPIRIT always has their items out early so I hopped and skipped over there earlier today and snapped up a couple of items. This Aiza jacket is SO gorgeous ! All woolly and snuggly – of course I bought it in pink and because I’m so predictable I bought the co-ordinating bra in black. You can get a fat pack of each at a reduced price or singles for $75L each. I am supping from my Gotta Getcha Gacha seasonal frappe by Cinnamon Cocaine for today just $35L a pop !


Cinnamon Cocaine

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Ahead of the Game – Saturday Sale

I’ve had a rubbish sort of day so to cheer myself up I thought Id take a peek and see if Spirit had their Saturday sale item out early – and they did ! I snuffled both items up and I am dead chuffed with them – the only thing is I didn’t spot the nipple bars in the top (the bars have a colour change Hud also) ! I thought perhaps you could hide them via the Hud – but nope. The pants have a fitted belt with bag – its dead cute and comes with a hud for colour change – I will prolly use these pants a LOT as we head into the cooler months with boots and sweaters. Just $75L per item and a discounted fatpack!

Lots of colours available in both items, I am showing “ginger” ❤


Boots – B.D.R The Nocturnal Combat

Hair by Doux “Vel”