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Shoe – gasm

KoiKoi - Salsa Raspberry 21 for 21

Time to get excited its the new round of 21 Shoe event *squeeee* ! What could be better than Shoes, its Friday anddddddddd KoiKoi are in the mix? Two more edible designs are up for grabs. This round and they are both for the Slink High foot (which you need to own to wear these shoes) I hafta say, the high feet are my favs, so I was sooper chuffed *beams*. Above is Salsa in raspberry. I really dig the spikey stiletto heel on these and the slight glitter effect on the fabric. So crisscrossy and glam.

KoiKoi -

The other pair is Tahiti pearl, and wowser these are SO on trend. They reminded me of those Hollywood starlets who always had these, the saucy peeptoe and pearlised patent leather, so retro. You get both pairs in the box for just 295L, and don’t forget this offer is limited to 24 hours ! Thanks Eku ❤

Deco - Fifty Linden Friday Paraboots

Just slip these boots in from Deco while I’ve got a moment as they are also a time sensitive buy. These are the Paraboots, and for Friday just 50L. There is this brown tone and also black. You get three sizes in the box, small (thats the one I’ve got on) medium and large. Brilliant texturing and I sense will be really useful .

The 21 Shoe event blog



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Lazy Sunday

KoKoLoReS Lazy Sunday dark tshirt pack - works with Lola tangos and slink hands !

KoKoLoReS has a great deal on for this round of Lazy Sunday . There are two packs of this tee to choose from – darks or brights. In each set you get five colours that come on all system layers plus the ability to use the sleeve extenders on your Slink AvEnhance hands ! Price per set is only 75L so might be wroth snatching up both while the going is good. Brilliant little shirt for layering with mesh and non mesh clothing. Im wearing this deeelicious red tone with a mesh pair of jeans, and as you can see it sits really well for that tucked in look. (btw I don’t use Slink hands, but you can still use this shirt and it looks awesome!)


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Budget Beater

Paradisis New ! Budget outfit!!_001

Paradisis has another budget outfit yay! This is called “music girl” and comprises of a sweet pink mesh top that has netted inserts…mesh black really short short SHORTS!

Paradisis New ! Budget outfit!! Music Girl - 59L !

Also matching arm warmers with buckle fastenings. Plussss….a pair of really sooper cute headphones, check out the ear covers, they flash and change colour – Hooooooo!!! There is a pair of darling pink knitted long socks to complete the look…and dayum…all this for just 59L…*faint*…

Paradisis main store

Paradisis market place store

Paradisis blog

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Legs Eleven

Legs Eleven…or I should say Legs fifteen…mhm thats right…The “Envy” shoe is new from ArisAris…they are kinda like pumps with thee cutest ever socks…and get an easy to use HUD that contains fifteen variations! I predict these will be massive during the winter…some really jolly colours, spots & dots, chunky hunky knits…fahhhbulous!

You get different sizes, so you’re bound to find a great fit for your leggies, theres colours and patterns to suit all moods and occasions…really terrific. I especially loved the dotty ones of course ! The Argyle pattern is also scrummy…whats not to love? ! Head over to ArisAris inworld or shop on the market place…  Saving the best news till last…..these will set you back just 199L at the moment, as they are on a special promotion hoooray! Thanks Ariadna ❤

ArisAris in world store

ArisAris market place

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So much – for so little

Stars Fashion Mall always has a few great deals…theres three out at the moment…two of which Id like to share with you. Above is “Night Princess”, a really COMPLETE outfit ! You get the mesh boots (modify yay), mesh skirt, mesh jacket and a sheer tee….phew…The jacket has some really lovely detail on it…gold zippers dotted about…absolutely perfect fit for me in medium, the skirt I went for a small (as I have no butt)…all this for just 99L….and only on special promotion for one week…

I also loved this set “guitar queen”, a little more rawrrrrr ! Included is the breast tattoo, bra, mesh shirt, cut off shorts, fishnets and the same boots as the outfit above…again, amazingly this is only 99L , and for one week only…market place links below, dash!

Stars Fashion Night Princess

Stars Fashion Guitar Queen

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Weekend Offer

Great news babies..Candymetal has a special offer on for this weekend…the Ninette outfit you see above is just 25L ! You get the shortie shorts…and the scrummy sheer corset style top andddd the bra (with added nippliness) It’s on offer in a few shades, I really like this brown…a little bit retro lookin…not one scrap of mesh involved, which is good news for those of you not into it…YET ! My shoes are also from CandyMetal…the “evil pumps v2” in gold…pretty yummmy huh? Head on over, join the group so you don’t miss out on more special deals anddddd grab up your november group gift ! Thanks Emychan ❤


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unhinged – a festival for Eku’s head

Today is the long-awaited and much-anticipated opening of the “Unhinged Festival” event…the doors open up at 8.00am SLT…and boy-oh-boy, you’re in for a rare old treat ! I’ve got heapsssss to show you…theres gatcha machines *squeee*  stuffed full of goodies. Anyyyywayyy before I get over excited about the stuffage, you really should know a little more about WHY this event is happening, right? Sooo..(copied from the unhinged web site)

“There is this great person named Eku Zhong. She is funny, talented, kind, and also quite ill. Not ill as in awesome, ill as in sick. Not sick as in super cool (well she is that too) but sick as in very, very ill.

Her struggles started with MS. Then they found thyroid cancer, and through poor treatment it turned into bone cancer.  Over the last seven years, literally countless surgeries, radiation therapies, bone replacements and marrow transplants later, the stress of repeated surgeries has left her skull fragile and yet more surgery is needed.

The area where her zygotic arch meets the temporal bone is severely compromised.

Literally there is a risk that her zygotic arch could lift off the temporal arch and push the temporal bone into her brain. Actions as simple as chewing hard food or yawning the wrong way could cause this.

There is hope. Another surgery could correct this issue, but it requires the purchase of a prosthesis to replace the damaged bone. This is where myself and a group of people who love her dearly come in, and you as well should you choose to help out.”…read more HERE

Photo’s above & below show two of the fabbolicious mesh skull dresses from SAKIDE…loveloveLOVE these, they come in a twin pack, so you get two different colours. Easily worn as a top, not just a dress, tried mine on with leggings and trousers, looks sooper. My boots are from Lassitude & Ennui…only 60L a pop on the gacha machine! On the side of the boot is a gorgeous stitched skull design, don’t worry if you’re not into skulls, it’s not overly skully !

Apart from clothing, there are also all manner of things to buy. Such as my top hat! Its got a bunch of fibre optics attached at the side, that wriggle about and look pretty, heaps of colours to grab…and I SO love the cane by Misty Harley…now if you don’t snatch up this (or the dagger which is equally as awesome) you will deffo miss out…its a one off special for this event. Brill poses and the cane is so so SO pretty ! I’m also wearing a makeup by Beautiful Freak…there is a selection to win on the gacha…this one is gold…dramatic and I adore it.

It’s not all about shopping…there is a lot of FUN to be had…for the opening couple of days live DJ’s will be manning the decks and shooting out the tunes (did that sound hip enough kids?!) Heres the schedule for you, don’t miss it…its going to be a partay to be seen at ! Okkkk I’ve got bundles more to show you later…this is really just a teaser to get your juices flowing…an hour or so head over and get your dancing boots on, might see you there ~waves~

Unhinged Festival

Unhinged blog (with all the gosspi and info)