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I’m a hot mess! (Super Cheapies & a bit of rambling).

Sometimes I don’t know why I bother to pull a “look” together because no sooner have I dressed my AV when I have to take it all off again to show off a new outfit. The jeans I’d put on reminded me to check the shop out I got them from just to see if there was new stuff and I can’t remember seeing this 5Ld outfit.

I was hoping that the gunbelt was an addon it’s not, in fact, it the jeans, g-string and top are linked but the boots are worn as separates.  Obviously, you can’t see the boots, I couldn’t be bothered to change out of mine,  but of course, you can see them in the seller’s picture.

You will have to shop for this on the Marketplace and I totally 100% recommend you buy the 10Ld “Skinny Jeans” as those were what I was wearing, a 10 colour hud, just great go-to jeans.

Lots of other 10Lds items, I think I previously blogged the hoodies, I also think you can get the demos for everything inc the cheapies.

Now for a bit of blab!

Look at the mess behind me! All of that shouldn’t actually be there and there is more than what you can see as I keep on rezzing things and not getting around to pick them up again! Even worse is that apart from a couple of items the house I’ve chosen to live in is basically empty.  So today I think I will pull up my socks and sort my sh*t out and stop being distracted by GG’s, Special Offers, Hunts lol at least until I’ve cleaned my act up.

OH, PS, I forgot I’m wearing a NEW Mina!  I have no idea of where it’s for sale etc but you know I will let you know as soon as I do.  I do know it has a new hud layout and also although this simple tied back ponytail is not unique to her range it has more strands of colour to it which I think we will start to see in her new stuff…time will tell.

The Sin. (Marketplace Only).

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Take your own sweet time.(Freebie(s) & Discounts Etc).

I really cannot believe that the weekly “30Ld Saturday” offer is celebrating its 10th year in SL and by celebrating and we all know what a birthday celebration means in SL…FREEEEBIES…and discounts.

I only grabbed a couple of the gifts which inc this dress but my computer was missing whole chunks of SL out which just happens sometimes.  So I decided because I don’t want to miss anything out I will just show you this dress then log back in later and I know that everything will rezz perfectly.

PS.  I had to log back in to grab the LM and yes everything had rezzed properly so I’m looking forward to a nice quiet afternoon wandering around the whole event checking everything out when I’ve got a mug of coffee.

30Ld Saturday 10th Anniversary Event