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I♥Puking Rainbows.(Freebies).

This is a reblog but a worthy reblog.  I was rezzing decor in my house when I came across the folder containing the rose curtains I bought from a shop called “Puke Rainbows” and as always I had to TP over to check it out as I remembered that this shop had/has gifts out.

Everyone will know these designs as they’re beloved by shops and events for creating stunning decor and so blinking low primmed!  The “curtain” version which is about 4/5 strands of hanging roses is only 1 prim, the scattered roses on the floor again only 1 prim, the shelves on the wall only 1 prim each, the scattered petals….I’ll let you guess the prims for that.  Because of the low prims you can rezz away like mad and in the picture I’ve done just that plus I’ve used the ones which come with scripts but you can’t really see it but there is twinkling going on.

TBH Purple is one of my least fav colours but since the pricing in this shop is more than reasonably I’ve actually already got these items but in a shade, I do like.  Make sure to check the whole shop out as behind the main entrance is some Lucky Chairs, I won the balloons!

Puke Rainbows


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Give a Little get a lot. Nepal Fund Raising.

Can there be anyone on this Gods Earth who hasn’t heard of the horrible tragedy which is still happening in Nepal.  This has struck a dagger at the heart of an already impoverished country and basically they NEED our help.  The wonderful people of SL are pulling together and the fund-raising has started with the “Join Hands For Nepal” event.  A whole load of SL designers have come together to raise funds and this gown called “Starry Nights” is Ever Wonders offering for the cause.


I’ve not edited the picture in any way so you can see exactly what your Lindens are paying for and check out that sparkle!  Only cost 150lds and 100% of that goes towards the charity.  A 150lds in real term is COPPERS, PENNIES, DIMES etc really! so even the poorest of us can give a little, a little always adds up to a Hell of a lot in the end, and in this case you get something, apart from a warm cosy snug feeling, you get a quality dress to wear.


My sim setting and the skybox will have added to the whole look but again I’ve deliberately not fiddled with the picture so you can see how glorious it is and of course you don’t have to have a such dramatic skin as mine it will look stunning on any skin.  You can of course try on the demo for yourself.  I was so taken with this whole look I almost forgot to mention that there is a blue option as well.  Actually if you also check out my last post, those shoes will look amazing with this as well.


I’ve put the More Than Ever  shops LM as well and you can see the 2 dresses she has for this fund-raiser and there is a sign for you to click on that will give you much more info about this event and LMs but if you want to go direct to the More Than Ever dresses the second LM will take you there.  Go with some Lindens to spend! I’ve managed to have a quick walk around but had to leave but what little I saw was enough to show me that this is GOOD stuff or as I call it Shop Quality Stuff.

I’ve also added a link to a donate site that accepts PayPal.  I for one do not like to use any sort of card to register even with charities and so this PayPal one was perfect but please use whatever one you want to AND although all of them use preset donation amounts you will also see a box that allows you to add as much or as little as you can afford. If you have a roof over your head, food in your pantry, clean water coming out of your tap and a Doctor who can give you medicine to keep you healthy then you are truly rich because these people have nothing.

More Than Ever

More Than Ever@Join Hands for Nepal

Donate Here PayPal (or anywhere as long as you do)

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I wish I wish…

….that this tree was free because that way we could all light up SL but it isn’t.


Both of these pictures are taken in our Sims setting and I’ve not fiddled with the photo in the slightest because I wanted you to see how even in a pretty standard sim setting it Glistens.  You can also see the lit “shadow” on the ground.


So again using only the sim setting and with one of Faiths backdrops to show off the star bursts which make up this stunning tree.   I’ve managed to control myself and only rezzed 3 so far but at a single prim I might just go APE and make a whole forest of these things.

Priced at a reasonable 149 esp since it’s copy and mod.  If star burst isn’t what your after then there is a row of them to choose from some come with swags.

This comes from Botanica who have a Christmas section added to their sim.  I’ve put the LM to where the tree’s are but I think you may end up in a landing area in which case just walk ahead or open your map and you can see that a quarter of this sim is white with Christmas Decos and tbh it’s really easy to find them.

Botanica Christmas Store

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Group gift non mesh. Hat included but not the necklace.

Group Gift non mesh. Same dress as above but with the Gatcha crown.

Group gift non mesh. Hat, beads, shoes all free.

Group gift non mesh. So much Tulle.  Ride on the sim.

First shop is called Sugarcoat and from there I got the amazing Gatcha crown for a cheap 40Lds.  Enough bling to make it pretty and not enough to make it nasty.  This is also the shop to go to for the sparkling grasses, coloured grasses, floaty soap bubbles, glittery lights and such prettiness for your land and home and pretty darn reasonably priced and a small selection of floaty dresses.  There is a couple of smaller shops with skin and wings which are just so lovely.

Sugarcoat. How inviting is this shop?

Worlds End Garden.  The shop is  small and perfect.

Worlds Ends Garden.  Nearly everything you see can be bought right there.

The first picture shows Sugarcoat and when someone spends time, money and imagination making their shop and land look that pretty you know you’re in for a treat.

The rest of the pictures (apart from the framing there is no photoshopping involved) is The Worlds End Garden.  BEAUTIFUL!  The shop is small but almost everything on the sim that you see is for sale.  So much easier and nicer to buy from where you see it in place and not have to TP somewhere else and find it.  I’ve not shown everything on this stunning sim but so well worth a visit just to calm the soul and maybe get a few pictures for your invent (as well as the dresses). WOW I’ve just been back to get the LM and found a secret TP to a little bit of heaven in the sky.  VISIT NOW!


Worlds End Garden