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This is me not giving a flying f**K.(Mention of FREEBIES).

I went over to Space to grab the freebies, a sheer dress, lacy sneakers and other stuff but I couldn’t be bothered to even unpack them yet because I wanted to be a lizard ballerina instead….we wants what we wants!

Ain’t I sweet.

So what happened was after I’d grabbed some of the goodies I spotted some Lucky boards in both sides of this shop and I rather liked the contents.  So I had a wander as I waited to see if I got lucky but although my initial didn’t come up I spotted this for sale AV with the outfit for just 35Lds.  OK OK I know people aren’t going to be rushing over for this AV but although I’ve not unpacked the freebies I picked up they’re well worth the TP over.

PS.  The gifts I picked up were in the Space shop but they’re Third Life gifts I’m not 100% sure but I do believe the Space group does cost but it’s only a piddling amount.


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One day I’ll get BANNED!(Fun Freebie).

Sorry Faith and esp PD cos it’s his car I’m burning up but the damned thing wouldn’t rezz properly and I wasn’t going to fiddle with my settings so it’s BURN BABY BURN!

Anyhow, I was binning away and came across this War of the World Tripod freebie and thought what the heck.  You get 2 versions this one which has amazing effects and if you want you can thow yourself on the pose and instead of it burning up PD’s car it can be you.  I didn’t bother checking out the other model or the inworld shop as yet.

(One day when I TP over to Faiths home to use it as a prop I’ll find her security orb booting my AV ass to the other side of the sim LOL.)

Urban Spirit (Marketplace)

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Wow Factor (inc a Wow Freebie).

First the non Freebie,  to think I almost didn’t put “Blair” on because I’d already done a male/unisexed hair but I couldn’t resist and WOW this has to be one of Mina’s more outlandish hairs but yet again how good does this look?  XXXBlair

I took so many pictures of this hair and all the shades I had and in the end I went with the brown but in all the shades it looked stunning.  Check out the shade Mina uses in her poster blue/purple it’s pretty darn…no not going to use the “S” word again LOL.  Honestly I know I repeat myself so much but I just love her hairs they suit not just me but anyone who wears them so much.  Her hair is like a lot of the top brands you can spot people wearing them.

This hair is only available @The Tres Chic event.  I did this last time and was looking forward to the new stuff.  A lovely elegant shopping mall with stalls of new and fresh designs, poses, decor items and a cute GG of a quality bag what more can you want?


OK Now for a Freebie and this had another WOW factor and not just because it’s a Freebie but for its quality.  In my last post I showed you a teaser of a sky globe and hidden inside is a detailed and Sci Fi home/workplace/RP building

OK at first a bit of a weird shot but let me explain, although from the inside the walls are opaque from outside they become transparent.  This shot is pretty good at showing you the whole layout.  Outside of the build is a rocky moon platform and the dome around gives this a very remote feeling.  The main body of the build has 2 distinct areas, the completely grey walled area and one with the pink colouring.  Top left corner is me just hiding there to give you some idea of the sizes.  This is a BIG build but not a massive one.


The doors to the entrance tunnels opens and so do the windows but you can’t walk outside on the surface of the moon however simply rezz a prim stretch it to make a platform turn it invisible and it means you can even use the outside.


I did play with Windlight and although the Windlight setting does change the inside its subtle but to show off the texturing and quality this is taken in my Nams setting. You can see some hidden lights, a modern ornament or 2 and some shelves already there.  XXXSpacestation5

Room with a view.  Sorry I forgot to prim check but I believe it’s around the 50prim mark and it is editable but I’ve not tried it and I’m not sure what you would want to change about it but I’ve just had an idea! There is no reason you cannot remove the globe and actually set this on the ground.

To get this space station, home, RP you need to go to the Geeks “N” Nerds event.  The LM given will take you directly to the Isil shop and this amazing freebie is on the back wall but I get you cave in like I did and try your hand at the Zeppelin Gacha.  I haven’t had time to unpack mine but I know I won an “uncommon” which I’m assuming is another way of saying rare LOL.  There are a couple of other space themed builds here for sale and once I get turned around I’m popping over to Isil’s mainshop to check out their stock.  I always think that when a place gives away such a quality build then can you imagine how good their paid for items are?  As it happens if you want a bit of spacey furniture then there is a selection here as well but again I’m going to guess that the mainshop will have much more.

I’ve given you the direct LM to the Isil shop on the Geeks “N” Nerds sim but I did spot a couple of other freebies, check out Izzies and Neverwish, and there maybe more but I’m not going to gie you the LMs.  You need to go and enjoy this shopping sim.  A lot of time and effort has been made into designing this to make it extra special with lots of clothes, decor etc items and it would be a shame to just TP in grab and run.

Tres Chic



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Good, bad and OMG (Freebies).

When you see shops like this you know you’re going to find some kick ass stuff and I’m hoping that you agree that not only is this kick ass but esp because it’s FREE. Renns*TRAUM* shop is a space station in the sky packed with Mechanoids, monsters, humanoids, weapons, wings etc

Urbaine boost

Admit it this thing hovering over your home would be enough to scare the c**p outta you.  This is in fact a mesh AV called Grasshopper.  Comes with a HUD.  When you fly the legs automatically lift up when you’re walking you stride along making all the mechanical noises you would expect from such a large machine.


This is it in all it’s full glory. I’ve not really had the time to fiddle with the hud so not sure what you can do all I know is that it makes a stonking great sound as you stride across the land.  You can just about see me sitting in the cockpit (naked because I lost all my clothes as it attached) it does come with a “recommended shape” I assume this is to make you fit in the cockpit better but my shape fitted perfectly in any case.  You can’t really miss finding this freebie because it is pretty damned big but what you may miss is this…


EVIL personified.  OK cute evil.  I’ve been a bit OTT with the special effects but it’s hard to make something so cute look so evil.


Say hello to Orph and this is the good side.  Even comes with a cute splat shaped hud which allows you to change from Evil to Good in one click.  Each character comes with suitable AOs’  The cuties does things like blows kisses, waves, snoozes, says hello and all cute things whilst Evil Orph rages, Pfft’s,  screams and more (still adorably cute in a stroppy way).  He’s free but if you fall in love with him then pop into the shop he’s outside of because there are a whole lot of add ons.  Not free but most seem to be only 20Lds.  There is also an adorable hover car he can ride for only 35Lds.

Groups. Renn Yifu has this in his profile “Renns VIP Group: 3K to join a group are a lot money!  not if you know you can get all Renns TRAUM products with 90% Discount
+ a VIP Group Limited Avatar Mutant Collection for free. any questions? dont be shy.. IM me  :)”  I have NEVER heard of a massive 90% discount ever! so if your a mech head or love changing you whole style then really this is the place to check out.

PS there is also a more basic group which costs 200Lds but it too seems to be pretty generous in what you get for your money and if you zoom up into the small room over the main shop there are some lucky chairs.  I won a pair of metal spiked boxing gloves which again come with a kick ass HUD.

Renns Traum Mainstore

Renns Traum (hopefully will take you to Orph)